Chapter 1596 Is It Because Of The Serum?

Gaozhi was currently fighting against Qiao Luli. Qiao Luli was fighting barehanded while Gaozhi was using a blade.

Even though his opponent was three years younger than him and fighting barehanded, Gaozhi showed no mercy.

He kept attacking her with his blade, intending to injure her heavily.

"Qiao Luli, is your ability just like this?" Gaozhi attacked Qiao Luli while laughing mockingly.

Huang Hu's eyes were filled with flames of fury, and he grasped his spear tightly.

He was furious.

He was enraged because Gaozhi dared to bully Qiao Luli.

He really wanted to teach Gaozhi a lesson, but he could not do anything now. All he could do was looked at them.

Unlike Huang Hu, Wu Lei looked at their fight with a worried face. He felt hurt whenever Gaozhi landed an attack on Qiao Luli's body.

'She has been hit five time now. Should we surrender?' 

Even though Qiao Luli could still fight, but he could not stand seeing her being hit by Gaozhi.

That was why he suddenly wanted to stop the fight because his heart ached whenever Gaozhi hit his granddaughter.

Xiao Tian shifted his gaze from Qiao Luli to Wu Lei.

He sighed when he saw Wu Lei's worried face. Of course, he knew what Wu Lei felt, but Wu Lei was overprotective of his granddaughter.

He believed Qiao Luli would not be able to become a powerful martial artist if Wu Lei kept behaving like that.

Qiao Luli was a martial artist, so she needed fighting experience to make her stronger. No one could become strong if they didn't have fighting experience.

Fu Lim's lips curled up into a grin when he saw Gaozhi beating up Qiao Luli.

He was pleased.

He was delighted because everything went according to their plan.


The happiness in his heart grew bigger when he saw Wu Lei's worried expression.

'Good job, Gaozhi!'

He wanted Gaozhi to keep beating up Qiao Luli.

"Qiao Luli, even though we are on the same level, but the difference between us is like heaven and earth." Gaozhi stated. "I didn't know you were so weak like this. You disappointed me, Qiao Luli."

Qiao Luli wiped off the blood on the corners of her mouth.

'I need to calm down.'

Even though she was at a disadvantage, she did not give up because their fight was still not over, and she also believed she could turn the tables later.

"I will attack again!" after saying that, Gaozhi attacked Qiao Luli again.

Like before, Qiao Luli blocked and avoided his attacks, but she always failed to land an attack on his body.

Even though they were on the same level, but Gaozhi had more fighting experience than her, so it was normal if he had the upper hand in the fight.


Gaozhi kicked Qiao Luli's belly, causing her to be dragged three meters back.




Qiao Luli kept getting attacked by Gaozhi. 

Wu Lei could not take it anymore and wanted to stop the fight immediately. "Stop, we lost! Stop the fight now!"

The people from Solaris village said nothing because they also could not bear to see Qiao Luli get beaten up by Gaozhi.

Qiao Luli was still seventeen years old, so they did not want something bad to happen to her.

"Grandpa, I can still fight." Qiao Luli refused to surrender and wanted to keep fighting.

"No! Stop fighting now!" Wu Lei told Qiao Luli to stop fighting Gaozhi.

Fu Lim was thrilled after hearing Qiao Luli's words. "Wu Lei, she still wants to fight, so don't stop her. Let her fight."

"Luli, stop now!" Wu Lei raised his voice.

However, Qiao Luli ignored his words and kept fighting Gaozhi. She knew how important the duel was, so she had to win the fight.

Everything was for the sake of her village, so she had to win the fight no matter what.

Wu Lei was breathless with anger because Qiao Luli ignored his words. He told her to stop fighting for her sake, but here, she was not listening to his words.

"Luli, stop fighting now!" Huang Hu shouted. "Didn't you hear your grandpa's words?"

Like before, Qiao Luli behaved as if she did not hear anything. She was a member of the village guard, so she must not bring shame to her village.

However, she still could not defeat Gaozhi. She even kept getting beaten up by him. 

She hated it.

She disliked it because no matter how hard she tried, she could not defeat Gaozhi.

'No! I can't lose this fight. Everything is for my village. I have to win this fight.'

She kept repeating these words as if she was chanting a magic spell.


Gaozhi kicked Qiao Luli's stomach, causing her to be thrown three meters back.

"Uakkk…" blood splashed out of her mouth before she fell to the ground.

'No. I can't lose this fight. I have to win.'

She rose to her feet and rushed toward Gaozhi.

But the same thing happened again.

She was sent flying by Gaozhi's kick!

'No. I have to win this fight. I have to win this fight.'

Qiao Luli said the same words in her head over and over again until something hard to believe finally happened to her.

Her eyes suddenly turned yellow, and her movements resembled that of a wild beast.

Yes, she suddenly behaved like a tiger!

Her yellow eyes, her fighting style; everything resembled a tiger.

Everyone was stunned, especially people from Sanlow village.

'What's going on?'

The villagers of Sanlow Village did not know that Qiao Luli had been the subject of experiments in the past because Yao Huan did not say anything about this.

Gaozhi was shocked when Qiao Luli suddenly became much stronger.

'What's going on? How could she suddenly become stronger? And what kind of fighting style is that?'

He felt as if he was fighting against a tiger, not a human.

Previously, he could read her attacks easily, but he could no longer do that now. Her movements and attacks were unpredictable, and she acted like a wild beast now.

Wu Lei and the other villagers could not believe what they were seeing. 

They knew that Qiao Luli had been the subject of experiments in the past, but something like this had never happened before.

They only knew that she would feel immense pain every time the side effects of the serum kicked in.

They had no idea that the serum could make her act like a wild beast.

Xiao Tian and Xing Juzong widened their eyes in surprise.

'What's going on?'

They were stunned because Qiao Luli suddenly acted like a wild beast.

"Elder Lei, what's wrong with Luli? Why is she li-" Xiao Tian stopped his words halfway when he saw Wu Lei's expression.

He could tell from Wu Lei's expression that Wu Lei was also shocked like him.

"Is it because of the serum?" Xiao Tian suddenly suspected it was because of the serum that had been infused into her body.

Unlike Wu Lei, Yao Huan smirked when he saw Qiao Luli.

'Senior's experiment was a success!'

Yes, he was the one who asked the people from Sanlow village to catch Qiao Luli because he knew who she was.

'Ah…I really want to catch her and examine her body.'