Chapter 1177

But now there is no such need, Jiang Chen will not give himself more trouble to find things to do.

Jiang Chen also saw a more unexpected person, can't help saying: "this guy and the boss are really powerful, no wonder they haven't come to me for so long."

Nose ring brother suits straight, so with Jiang Chenming's side, wearing a pair of sunglasses, looks very powerful.

"Oh, isn't this handsome guy the one who has something to buy for us? I didn't expect that he was still such a big official. "

"It's true that people can't judge their appearance and the sea water can't be measured. It's really low-key for such a big boss."

"This little brother is very good. At the beginning, I thought he was not an ordinary man. Today, what he said is very true."

Ninety percent of the onlookers knew it, and they were very happy to meet such a big man.

At the same time, the heart of small activities also began to come out, since they are so familiar, then buy a house here in the future should be able to discount it.

Will be bought in a place, those people around in addition to be able to think of installing into a house, and will not have other ideas, it is impossible for you to use it as furnishings.

Zhao Yunting didn't understand what I said, but he also looked at the nose ring brother deeply, and immediately felt quite surprised.

The other side's momentum makes it look more like a famous university graduate. And it doesn't make any difference.

There are many such talents in the company. Zhao Yunting's momentum is almost the same as theirs, and even a little stronger, because each other's eyes seem to shine.

"Young master is almost there. Let's start." Nose ring elder brother looks at time, then respectfully says to Gu Ming.

People have arrived, reporters have taken a lot of photos, although there is no relationship with the above, but there is no need.

Gu Ming browed, nodded with a smile on his face, and then directly waved his hand. Dozens of excavators behind him started their work.

It's also strong and tall. The house is extremely fragile under such circumstances.

Unfamiliar people to see such a situation have to be afraid, wait for a stone will affect them.

But I really think too much about this situation. Gu Ming dares to let these people watch. Of course, he stands at a very safe distance, but it is inevitable to bear a little dust.

"Come on, there's nothing to see." Jiang Chen's eyes, after feeling it, said to Zhao Yunting.

Already know who will buy here in the end, Jiang Chen no one seems necessary, want to dig out the dragon scale thoroughly, still need ten days and a half months.

Even if you know the exact location, it will take so long.

Jiang Chen thought it was too troublesome at the beginning, and its efficacy was much worse than that of Xuelian.

Zhao Yunting didn't answer, but he thought it should have been so long ago, because it was really boring to look at these.

After a brief look, he got on the bus and left the place. At the same time, the Tianyuan pharmaceutical factory also officially started construction there.

Looking at the empty scene, Gu Sen's mouth can't help twitching for a moment, directly hit the expensive Rolls Royce door.

Suddenly, a big pit appeared. If ordinary people saw it, they would feel sad, but it was nothing in the eyes of rich people.

"Son of a bitch, don't you look down on me? There are so many people in Gu Ming's side. I don't have one here. " Gu Sen, gritting his teeth, said that the excavator behind him is twice as much as Gu Ming's.

However, because the situation here is different, most of them are empty, so we only need to dig, and there is no need to demolish them at all.

"What do you say? I'm not human. " An unhappy voice rings out, and another person comes down from the car. It's the mysterious boss Ye Ying.

I saw that he was very unhappy, and even he didn't want to look at it. If it wasn't for the people in his family who were waiting for him, he really didn't want to come.

Originally this place should be his, who knows Gu Sen to pull down, let him feel uncomfortable.

In addition to what Gu Ming said now, he almost wanted to leave, but also thought that it should not take long to see the results, so that he stayed.

Gu Sen's mood is much better. He glances at Ye Ying, and then says: "I didn't let you come. My nose is faster than the dog's, so I can smell it."

"If you don't know how to speak, just learn. Didn't your mother teach you?" Ye Ying glared, and her momentum was no less than others.

Of course, it depends on who you are facing.

Gu Sen turned his lips and said nothing, which also made his excavator start to work.

It's different from that side, which is known to all. This side is really careful and quiet.These places are under construction, and the new address of Tianyuan pharmaceutical factory has officially started to work.

It's amazing that this place is not far away from Jiangcheng University, and I don't know if Gu Sen is so cute that he is willing to take this place out.

”Boss, I'm afraid it's impossible to start this kind of work. " Hu Qingyue looked at the situation of everyone and the facilities inside, frowning.

Luo Kaiyan, on one side, has a cigar in his mouth, which is called red light all over his face. When he hears Hu Qingyue's words, he also looks around.

Although we have all kinds of equipment, many places have not been installed, and we are not familiar with it quickly. Of course, the speed of work has slowed down a lot.

”Since this is the case, we will be familiar with it today, and we must show me a good working condition tomorrow. " Luo Kaiyuan waved his hand directly and said with great pride.

Anyway, this pharmaceutical factory is not his. Besides, the batch of drugs ordered by Smith is not in a hurry at all, and it doesn't matter how long it will be delivered, because what they want to build is a relationship, not a real need.

Many princes and nobles are listening to what happened between Jiang Chen and Elizabeth.

If you don't believe it, you can't do it. Besides, it's the same for every company, isn't it?

When Hu Qingyue heard Luo Kangyuan's words, she couldn't help shaking her head. Would the other party be too inflated?

However, he is the boss. Even if Hu Qingyue knows, she won't say much. Anyway, the whole pharmaceutical factory is relatively smooth now, and her previous losses have been earned back.

Of course, the workers are very happy. If they didn't have any laziness, they would have been paid fairly well in Tianyuan pharmaceutical factory.

Although it is said that people can get paid for rest, many people feel very uncomfortable and feel like they are missing something.

They are learning everywhere, including Jiang Yunshen and won.

The two elders stay at home, and they don't go out to pick up things in order to make a living. Now they are in the state of providing for the aged.

Go to the park during the day and practice the movements in the martial arts script. I have to say it's very effective.