Chapter 1316 One Year Of Peace.

1316 One Year of Peace.

It didn't take Felix long before he got accustomed to his new environment and improve his lightning manipulation in addition to mastering new abilities and even restarting his training on the advanced ability, lightning transmutation.

Years gone by and before long a couple of decades were concluded...Meanwhile, barely a few months passed on the outside and the war was still in its preparation stage as neither party seemed interested in making the first move anytime soon.

While Felix was seeing an insane level of improvement in his lightning manipulation, the same couldn't be said about Noah.

"You are nearing your body's limitation and it will be getting harder and harder for you to get stronger just by a little."

Fenrir shared with an indifferent tone as he eyed his student who was huffing with great difficulty while lying on the ground in his werewolf form.

"..." Noah remained quiet and kept staring at the starry sky.

He didn't need his master to tell him this as he could feel it on his own in the past decades.

Werewolves' cultivation system merely helped the user to reach his body's limitations unlike replacement enhancements and other boosting methods that actually improve the limitation as well.

When Noah became an origin bloodliner, his limitation became capped at around 800k more or less and after all of his hard work in this galaxy, he was now at 695k BF after his latest test.

After all, he was considered a semi-primogenitor and his limitation should bring honor to that title.

However, because he had already entered the origin realm and could be considered reaching his body's full potential, he understood that it would be close to impossible to get stronger than 800k unless he received a miracle.

Right now, he was actually struggling to even hit the 800k mark since it was merely his new limitation, but it didn't mean that it was easy to reach it.

"You have to find much tougher opponents to defeat to keep ironing your muscles. You have already cleared out the north pole from any worthy challenges." Fenrir said calmly, "It's time to leave the planet and seek new challenges."

Noah nodded in agreement...He had spent close to two thousand years on this planet and mostly at the north pole, making him memorize every snowflake on this continent.

Since both of them hated nonsense and wasting time, they announced their departure to Elder Strauvis and received recommendations to other planets with much more powerful and monstrous creatures.

Miss Monaka gave them permission to go for it as she had already dropped her suspicion of Felix's party and gave them the freedom to do as they pleased.

'Sphinx, I need your help.' Fenrir requested telepathically as he sat next to her in Felix's consciousness space.

"Hmm, let me guess.' Lady Sphinx replied calmly as she continued reading her book, 'You want me to find a method for your student to have a shot at becoming a deity."

'Yes.' Fenrir narrowed his eyes, 'When he reaches his limit, I am certain he will do something dumb to seek out new ways to increase his strength.'

'My apologies, but I have already given it a go and found out that there is really nothing to be done.' Lady Sphinx shook her head, 'His DNA is considered complete and perfect now that he is at the origin realm. Even if I want to mess with it, I will just make his situation worse."

Lady Sphinx wasn't a miracle worker even if she seemed like it.

All experiments that she ran on Felix succeeded only because he still had room for improvement and his potential had yet to be tapped completely.

If he was also in the origin realm, she would have never touched his DNA.

'Is there really no other way?"

"Your boy's foundation was too weak, resulting in the final building not having that many floors. I can't do anything to add more floors without causing the entire building to collapse."

'I see..." Fenrir thought about it for a moment before adding, 'What if he found something that can break his limitation?"

'Like what?"

'I don't know, a heart, a bloodline, or anything.'

'Hearts and bloodlines won't work since his DNA is perfect as I said.' Lady Sphinx shook her head.

'We just have to find another method then.'

Although Fenrir knew that it would take a miracle for Noah to reach a deity level unlike Felix who could do it anytime he wanted as long as he breakthrough the origin realm, he still had no plans to give up.

He knew that his student wouldn't take no for an answer and would never give up on seeking new ways to get stronger, so he might as well help him out.

'Good luck, you will need it.' Lady Sphinx wished as she glanced at his disappearing back.

®KK Time went by swiftly and in no time, an entire year had gone by ever since the Battle of Tartarus ended...

The peace that had lasted for an entire year and it seemed to be on the verge of being broken.

The SGAlliance had finally prepared a much bigger army capable of attacking all seven demon realms at once while ensuring that their foundation in Tartarus was unshakable!

Though, their subtle final preparation hadn't gone unnoticed by the demons.

Inside a smoke-scented chamber buzzed with a palpable energy, the kind that sent shivers crawling up the spine of any mortal who dared come close, seven seats could be seen circling the table.

Each throne bespoke the unique nature of its occupant, a testament to their power, their proclivity, and their place in this sinister hierarchy.

This time, all seven princes were attending the meeting.

"The war is about to start for real and we have only one chance of winning without losing all of our territories in the process." Prince Satan remarked coldly, "So, respect your role in the plan, and don't f*ck it up."

"Speak for yourself." Prince Beelzebub spoke with a suppressed irked tone.

He was the biggest loser out of this war for now as he had lost all of his territories and was left with nothing but the capital.

"Stop whining already, when we win this war we will have more territories in hand, we will be giving them out for free."

Prince Belphegor said with a glint in his eyes.

After everything they had seen in the UVR, the princes were more eager and excited than ever.

More territories being available beyond the eternal darkness was already great news for them.

The fact that there were an unfathomable number of races on the other side made them feel like they were living in a closed-shut well.

"Don't get too excited, our hopes to win this war lays heavily on Lucifer succeeding in what he claims." Prince Mammon eyed Lucifer with a solemn expression.

When they heard so, everyone turned to look at Lucifer with the same expression.

Lucifer didn't seem to care about them as he had his eyes closed shut, appearing like he was meditating.

When they saw him like this, all of them had irritated looks.

'He is doing it again.'

'Is he actively trying to piss us off?"

'Arrogant prick.'

Ever since Lucifer had returned from his seclusion, he never bothered to say more than two words out loud and spent the entire time meditating just like he was before the darkness well.

If it was not for them needing his supermassive demon army, they would have already given him crap for his attitude.

Meanwhile, Lucifer hadn't heard a single thing ever since he sat on the chair.

"The day is getting nearer and nearer...The day of my ascension.'

He just kept murmuring those statements in his mind while envisioning Felix's face.

This was the only thing that mattered to him as he couldn't care less even if all the demons in the universe were slaughtered if it meant fulfilling his motive.

The six princes had no clue that they're merely pawns in his plan as they thought that he had returned to protect the demon realms...

"Are we all set?" Commander Nethreal inquired with a stern tone.

He was standing in the mothership's cockpit, overseeing the super universal army he had prepared for this very moment.

"All generals have reported back their readiness." His subordinate reported.

Commander Nethreal narrowed his eyes coldly as he uttered, "Let's start the second round and show them what we truly are made of."

As he said so, the gigantic mothership began moving forward in the direction of more than twenty lined-up wormholes waiting for the super space fleet army.

The grandeur of the armada was reflected in the cold void of space, an endless parade of steel and shimmering energy that stretched on as far as the eye could see!

A magnificent spectacle of formidable military might, it boasted dreadnoughts, battlecruisers, frigates, destroyers, fighters, and carriers, all teeming with advanced AI drones and elite starfighter pilots.

If this wasn't enough to showcase the seriousness of the SGAlliance, there were seven planet destroyer weapons at the very back of the formations!

Each planet destroyer was going to be sent to a different realm and show those demons the true might of the alliance!

"This's going to be fun." Felix commentated with a faint smile as he watched the march while chewing popcorn.