Chapter 1315 Two Options Left.

1315 Two Options Left.

Felix was too rational to give up on this opportunity to do a big loyal gesture to the tenants by keeping their bloodlines...Though, this didn't mean that he was loving the predicament he was put in.

"I don't know, void immunity is a must while lightning-quick reflexes helped me get an edge in battles and also during potion making."

Felix seemed distressed as the choice wasn't easy to make in the slightest.

"You should consider my bloodline too." Carbuncle volunteered himself with a lazy tone, "You aren't making the best out of my ultimate ability as it doesn't fit with your fighting style in the slightest."


Felix wanted to retort but he found out that he was absolutely right.

While Crystallization Beam was an amazing ultimate ability on its own since it could crystalize solid, liquid, and even gasses to a desired gemstone, it didn't fit his new fighting style.

After all, why bother to crystalize something when you could just absolutely demolish it?

But, in the hands of Carbuncle, he could crystalize entire planets and even stars and manipulate them!!

"But, if I choose your bloodline, I will be losing root gemstone and a much more considerable strength reduction than what was calculated."

Felix wasn't too convinced yet as it felt like he would be losing too much.

If he wasn't certain that his gemstone manipulation would remain, he wouldn't have bothered to consider this option.

After all, gemstone manipulation was related to his gemstone affinity and not the bloodline itself.

"Well, bestowing life upon your golems isn't too useful at your current stage." Asna shrugged her shoulders, "Though the strength reduction can be a problem."

"A big problem." Lady Sphinx said, "You might even not make it to 900K as you will possibly lose 100k overall strength boost at once."

As the fifth bloodline used, it sure boosted Felix's strength by quite a significant amount when considering the overall enhancement.

The overall enhancement referred to new limitations Felix's body possessed after the replacement, which enabled him to get even stronger.

If it was as simple as removing the known base increase, there wouldn't be much of a problem.

"Even if you aren't using crystallization often, there will be a day when you will need it. I always told you to cherish those ultimate abilities as you won't be able to create one unless you invested hundreds of millions of your time." Thor declared with a convinced tone, "The best decision is clearly to replace my bloodline."

"Master?" Felix was taken aback.

"Don't look at me that way." Thor chuckled, "You have etched nothing but a mere passive that you can easily master on your own in the next centuries if you put your mind to it...It's not even an advanced ability."

Thor had a point here as Lightning Quick Reflexes passive was amazing alright when Felix first learned it.

But now that his reflexes and thinking process was getting closer to a deity level, even if he used it, it wouldn't give him too much of an edge due to his reaction speed already nearing its limit.

After all, anything beyond the limit meant having the ability to predict the future instead of reacting to the present.

As for using it for potions concoction? His normal reaction speed already enabled him to be faster than the dark reaction speed in every concoction process.

"But, if I replaced your bloodline, I will be losing your mutation as well."

Felix sought to keep this mutation in the first place, which was one of the major reasons why he had chosen this passive instead of lightning transmutation.

"My mutation is amazing if you are purely a lightning elementalist since you will be able to absorb your own attacks and use them as fuel again, but that's clearly far from the case with you." Thor reasoned with a faint smile.

Felix's tongue was caught again as he realized that he had indeed stopped relying on it lately because he always had better options to handle his enemies.

Felix would never make it harder for him just to use an 'ability' or a 'mutation'.

"It still feels weird to replace Thor's bloodline as he is your master." Asna was on Felix's side in this matter.

She had no problems with replacing Carbuncle or Khaos' bloodlines since they weren't really that close to Felix or participated as much in his development.

Khaos was literally nonexistent while Carbuncle simply couldn't be bothered as he was always stoned.

"How about Khaos' bloodline?" Asna suggested, "I think you can afford to lose your void immunity at the moment since you have destruction immunity, void suit, and other alternatives to protect yourself from void energy."

"True." Felix soon frowned, "But, it will be a painful experience if I ever entered a void realm without my suit."

Felix had already tested if his destruction immunity could protect him from void energy and other harmful substances in the UVR.

He did so by removing his void immunity. The results were pretty interesting as he found out that the void energy could not destroy his body, but the pain of the process remained.

It was like void energy was trying to disintegrate him and reach total destruction of his body, but his immunity was actively stopping it.

In other words, it wasn't really an immunity to void energy but it was enough to let him remain alive.

"I suggest that you drop this choice." Lady Sphinx said before Felix could make a decision.

"Hmm, why?"

"During my research, I have found out that it's possible to replace void immunity with a void domain without having nasty side effects like the last time." Lady Sphinx shared, "Since a void domain makes anything inside of it utterly destroyed in the blink of an eye just like a destruction domain, it means that your destruction immunity will act the same as void immunity when you activate it. In other words, there is no need to have both void immunity and void domain together, which made the original problem get solved much easier."

Originally, Lady Sphinx had given up on adding a void domain in Felix's arsenal before he reached origin realm since nothing she did work.

However, with the destruction immunity being added to the mix and three centuries of researching and perfecting Felix's

1% human bloodline, she found out that it was more than possible to replace an etched ability with another as long as they belonged to the same bloodline!

This was something that even the cultivation system owners had absolutely no idea if it was possible!

"So, you are telling him that he needs to keep his void immunity so it can be replaced later on with void domain?" Asna asked for confirmation.

Lady Sphinx nodded.

"Void domain...It's been really a long while." Felix could not help but get somewhat excited at the news.

Others might easily forget how dominant the void domain was but Felix never forgot a single moment when he had it!

It was simply one of the scariest abilities in the universe and even when he used it at a low level in its weakened state, he terrorized his enemies!

Now, there was finally a real chance of it coming back and Felix would be foolish to give up on it!

Soon, his stimulation returned to rock bottom after he realized that only two potential choices remained...Thor's Bloodline and Carbuncle's Bloodline.

When Lady Sphinx noticed that Felix was having trouble making a decision, she shared, "There is no need to rush in your decision as you won't be replacing your bloodline anytime soon."

"You are right." Felix relaxed his tense shoulders, planning to leave this problem to his future self.

After all, even if he wanted to replace his bloodline right now, he couldn't do it because of one person...Lord Shiva!

As long as Lord Shiva wasn't convinced that Felix was worthy to receive his destruction manipulation, he wouldn't hand it to him.

This meant Felix would be forced to et ceterah destruction immunity instead of his powerful ultimate ability.

Felix had no intentions of losing out on destruction manipulation.

'He wants the same thing as me, the death of those beings.'

Felix narrowed his eyes in focus as he eyed Lord Shiva who was sunbathing in front of his house with sunglasses on.

'If this means I have to go the extra mile to show him my worthiness, then so be it."