Chapter 5179

Maybe, they didn't die, but most of them were so tired that they fainted, lost their strength, and went down with a fire...


One side is my brother, and the other side is the lives of other brothers and the people of the whole city. From a rational point of view, it is undoubtedly an easy multiple-choice question.

But the reason why people are human is that compared with others, people have feelings.

"I'm also very distressed, but now that the three armies are ready, and the lives of countless people are at stake, Lord Luo, what do you want me to do?"

"The tunnels were dug by the Ant-Man brothers. In other words, they created the strongest counterattacks of our troops. In the end, they died on the offensives created by themselves. It's so ironic, you think I'm not cool ?"


Luo Jin nodded heavily, and patted Han Sanqian on the shoulder: "Therefore, as the old saying goes, the house of the ruthless emperor is the most. Sometimes, it's not that the emperor is ruthless, but that you are in your position and think about your duties. Naturally, So you won’t think too much about feelings, but you should consider the interests of more people.”

Yes, which emperor is not ruthless? Some may indeed be because he is too ruthless and cold-blooded, but some are more forced to helplessness.

Just like when the train starts, there is only one relative of yours on one side, and hundreds of strangers on the other side. How can you choose?

Any choice is wrong, and any choice will be criticized by others, but when a choice must be made, a choice must be made.

"Go and order the troops, keep an eye on the time, and wait as long as you can until Ant-Man's return. If you can't wait, you need to act according to the time. For this matter, I will count it as my order." City Lord Luo said.

The subordinate glanced at Han Sanqian, seeing that Han Sanqian did not refute, so he obediently followed suit.

For City Lord Luo, there are some things that he knows very well how to do.

Han Sanqian let out a sigh of relief, and smiled faintly at City Lord Luo: "Don't worry, City Lord Luo, I can distinguish between the light and the heavy."

"That's why I've secretly supported you from the very beginning. Although you are young, I can see from you your extraordinary ability and that wise and calm mind." Luo Jin smiled lightly: "In other words , I really don’t see the possibility of such a person being unsuccessful.”

"I'm old, and I don't need to compliment anyone. I don't have the habit of complimenting anyone at such an old age. I just have a pair of eyes and experience in seeing people."

Han Sanqian sighed: "People say that only when there is pressure will there be motivation. In fact, sometimes I don't want to be like this, but... Heaven does not fulfill people's wishes. I am not afraid of your jokes. In fact, my original dream was very simple. With my wife, live this life in a normal way. But..."

But sometimes, the simplest happiness, for ordinary people, is just within reach, but for Han Sanqian, it is so far away that it makes people feel scared.

"Although it is said that those who defy the sky can change their fate, in fact, more people are content with the status quo. They also have a lot of unwillingness, but opportunities do not appear in front of everyone, or not everyone can grasp them. Take the opportunity that can make them different." Luo Jin smiled and said, "Thinking about it from another angle, you also take the opportunity that others may not get in a few lifetimes, so, isn't it better?"

Han Sanqian smiled wryly. He had been using this double-faced method to warn others all along, but he didn't expect that at this time today, someone else would use this trick on himself.

Han Sanqian nodded: "You are right. So, there is nothing to complain about, just work hard."

Luo Jin smiled: "Okay, since that's the case, the old man won't bother Mr. Han anymore. You still have some time. Before the action starts, it's best to close your eyes and rest your mind."

After the words fell, Luo Jin left, Han Sanqian obediently followed his advice, and chose to close his eyes and rest for a little time before the final battle.

Soon, half an hour will come in a blink of an eye!

Han Sanqian suddenly opened his eyes. He knew that the final counterattack had begun!