Chapter 5178



"Notify all brothers immediately, stay put, and do not act without my order."


Right now, it's just a matter of closing the door, and Han Sanqian can naturally understand that some brothers are ready to move at this time.

However, the more this happened, the more Han Sanqian knew that they needed to hold their breath.

A moment later, Scar came back.

"Leader, everyone is already in place according to the previous deployment. When shall we act?"

"About half an hour."

"Half an hour? Is it too late?"

Han Sanqian frowned: "What do you mean?"

"We only need an hour, but half of it will be lost. I'm worried that the effect will not be good."

Han Sanqian rolled his eyes at Scar. In terms of IQ, Scar was indeed far behind Haijin and Huya.

In fact, it takes one hour. It's not that Han Sanqian needs another hour to prepare for battle or do anything else. This hour is actually only one hour.

It has two effects. One is that doing such a thing will make the enemy relax their vigilance. After all, from their point of view, if they are still begging to delay time at this time, then they must be poor soldiers. It was a helpless move.

Then, they will naturally relax their vigilance, and don't care too much, or go too far to prepare for anything.

Second, give them a certain amount of preparation time.

And in the process of preparation, it was actually Han Sanqian's best chance to make a move.

This is an act of paralysis.

As for the choice of half an hour later, it is actually the best time.

For Han Sanqian, there is no better time than this.

At the beginning of the hour, they had just returned, and the troops must be in the process of mobilization and preparation, and they were in the active stage, so it was not the best time.

On the other hand, at the end of the hour, the enemy army is ready to send troops to attack Han Sanqian and others, and they are still in the active stage, so it is not the best time.

Among them, it is a waiting time for the opponent to wait to send troops after the preparation is completed, and it is also the best time for Paralysis to gather with them. At that time, lighting the fire is naturally the best opportunity.

After listening to Han Sanqian's explanation, Scar touched his head and nodded. .

He wasn't surprised, but curious that everyone had the same head, why did he feel that his head was really only one, while others had countless heads? !

"Go down and get ready, I want to sing a show." Han Sanqian ordered with a smile.

Scar admitted that he was stupid when he went down, even though...although he really wanted to ask Han Sanqian what kind of drama you sang, but he felt that he had asked enough questions, and he was really embarrassed to ask down.

Therefore, the only thing he can do now is to obediently follow what Han Sanqian said.

Han Sanqian glanced at the sky and smiled: "Now, there is only one last thing left."

"Go and inform the Lord Luo, and deliver what I want."


The subordinate left, and within a moment, Luo Jin rushed over with a few servants.

"Lord Luo, are you ready for what I want?"

"According to your request, all the oil in Yetian City has been moved under the city wall."

During this period of time, Luo Jinjun, according to Han Sanqian's instructions, recycled all kinds of oil from every household at a high price.

No matter it is for food or for daily use, as long as it is oil, don't let it go.

"Go and deliver all the oil to the underground entrance." Han Sanqian ordered his subordinates.

"Yes, ally."

The subordinate took the lead and went down with a group of people.

"Mr. Han, the time is coming. Your Ant-Man troops have not withdrawn yet. If you put oil into the underground passage, once it is ignited, there will be no grass in the passage." Luo Jin reminded.

To ignite trees and ensure absolute success, it is very necessary to have combustion aids.

But if none of the Ant-Man in the passage came out, their bodies or corpses would also be destined to become part of the fire if the fire went on.

In fact, this is what Han Sanqian is worried about...

Ant-Man is not moving at all...