There may be too many restrictions on the writing of this book.

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One is the transition from the earth age to the interstellar age.

In my original writing plan, the earth age will experience a large-scale war reshuffle, the establishment of power groups in various regions, and then the earth will form a community of destiny, and then take this as a starting point to open the interstellar age.

At that time, I was in a mess. I had to cut off a lot of plots that I had already conceived, and began to scratch the scalp. There was no plot relay, so we had to skip the earth war era and rush into the interstellar age, so there was Chen Mo's capture

The other is the plot of the virus crisis.

In order to write some plots, I went through the events of 2002-03, and I read a lot of stories and news carefully. But I don't want to. Last year

When I wrote this crisis plot at that time, I conceived many mindless plots in the western world in order to be cool. But I didn't dare to write freely. I didn't dare to describe their brainless operation strategy. I didn't dare to write too specifically. I was afraid of being scolded or resented. The plot was brainless and mentally retarded, so I kept writing.

But last year, their strategies, scenarios and data told me that I was too conservative. I abandoned the cool point, all become reality, reality is more brainless than the novel.

Back to business!

This book contains a lot of my personal ideas about the future world of science and technology.

I'd like to talk about two common ideas which are different from other people's ideas.

For example: the holographic projection of the MoBa game League, the holographic map larger than the football field, the hot blood on the scene is comparable to the world cup, and even replace the world cup position.

For example: War a era, air World Cup football match.

These two ideas make me feel very interesting and most impressive. I don't rule out that I will use them in other books in the future. There are many similar ideas.

There are a lot of details in the book. Sometimes, in order to write a detail, I would read the materials for two hours and read a lot of materials. For example, when I wrote the name of the British Prime Minister, it was regarded as a prediction. I read a lot of news, but he still didn't come up.

For another example, when the virus plot, some coping strategies, are carefully look at the real data, not scribble.

There are a lot of very small details.

Generally speaking, although there are some regrets and flaws in this book, I am really writing with my heart.

Finally, the update of this book, I solemnly say to you: sorry! You don't have to forgive me.

This book is over. The new book is still in preparation. It's still science fiction. We should meet soon.

Thank you for your support!

Your support is the reason why I keep writing. Thank you!