Chapter 1427

"Sugar, I love you so much. Sure enough, only the barbecue you make is the best to eat. Wuwuwuwuwu..." Hua Qingyun ate the delicious barbecue, and felt that he was in a good mood after a day's hunger.

"Don't love me, no result!" Su Tang really admired this food. Although she knew it was a kind of food from the moment I knew it, she was really surprised to find her to eat and drink when she got married.

The key is, Su sugar inexplicably feel that the couple is to rely on her, unexpectedly so impolite to rub.

"Younger martial sister, I want another baked leek!" Think of here, Su sugar heard next to Murong Zhao finished a baked leek, also looking for their own.

"Pei fan'er, close the stall!" As soon as sucang saw these two guys like this, she reached out decisively and ordered directly.

Pei's action is always about to come up and collect. Murong Zhao and Hua Qingyun look at this and quickly protect "what are you doing so stingy?"

"I'm sorry, I'm a businessman. I don't do business at a loss. I'm a bunch of ten Liang silver!" Sucang holds her chest in her hands.

"Yes, it must be in cash!" Pei is also in the side with cavity.

To drive them away and ignore Su Yongnuo's existence is a world of two. Pei says he will never give up.

As a result, they saw Murong Zhao quietly pull out several gold ingots.

Oh, no, the enemy has been prepared. They underestimated the enemy.

"Younger martial sister, do you still have roast leek?" Murong Zhao takes out the money and asks Su Tang.

Pei looked at the two in front of him and seriously considered the feasibility of strangling them.

And Su sugar quietly put away the two gold ingots and called the servants to come over and "barbecue

It's easy to do with money. Pei Xuan looks at Su Tang in despair. She is still the little money girl she knew at that time.

With the servant barbecue, the four of them sat together in the courtyard and ate the barbecue. On the mid day of the month, Pei and Su Tang drove them back to the palace directly.

At the gate of Princess Qinghe's mansion, Su Tang and Pei Xuan look at the back of Murong Zhao and Hua Qingyun riding away and slowly immerse themselves in the dark night.

"Ha ha..." Sucang laughed and shook her head.

When Pei Xuan saw her like this, she also laughed and took her hand to go back to the princess's mansion. It was late at night, Su Yongnuo had already gone back to have a rest. People cleaned up all the things. The lights in the princess's mansion were bright and dark.

Su Tang and Pei Xuan walk in the house hand in hand. In such a quiet night, after the noise of playing, it seems that there are only two of them left in the world. Book every day

"How nice!" After Pei Xiao finished laughing, he sighed that although time has changed, they can still play like this after all. So, it's good.

"Well, they can't smell it next time!" Su Tang touches the gold Yuan Bao in her hand. What she likes is not Jin Yuanbao, but the feeling of being together.

"It's a great marriage, huh!" Pei Xuan remembers how Murong Zhao and Hua Qingyun were together just now, so he curled his mouth and looked at Su Tang. "Sugar, let's get married, OK? Brother, he's only one year older than me. He's married twice. I should be married."

But sucang has not promised, Pei will not give up, continue to grind.

Once again, when he heard about the marriage, Su Tang turned her head and looked at the teenagers around her. She said with a smile, "wait till I'm 18 years old."

What's so urgent about getting married? What's wrong with more years of love? Su Tang doesn't want to get married so early.

Pei Xuan opened his eyes and pulled Su Tang's pitiful "three more years, Tangtang, 16 OK?"

"No way!"

"Seventeen, Tangtang, my classmates are all dads. I'll be 17 years old!"

"No way!"

"Seventeen and a half years old!"


Young teenagers and young girls were gradually flooded by the night, Su Tang continued to say with a smile, "or wait for me to be 20 years old?"

"It's good to be 18. I think 18 is really the best age for you to get married. I'm only 24, and I'm very young. It's perfect!" As soon as I heard that Su Tang said it later, Pei Xuan was very quick.

Su sugar see him like this, also smile, take his arm "go, father!"

"yes, your highness!" Pei Yao heard her address herself like this and answered with a smile.

Young met, cold hearted she met him, so for him and mood ups and downs, now they are only just beginning, the future is long, but they all know that the people around, will always be each other.

Time is long, the future is long, but they all keep their original mind, getting better and better, every day in the future, they will go down together until the moment of death.

Orange cat: meow, why do I eat dog food frequently recently?

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