Chapter 1451 - Chapter 1451: Stirring Up Trouble

Chapter 1451: Stirring Up Trouble

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Candice opened the door unhappily, only to see Edward outside.

“I really don’t want to deal with those old fogeys,” Edward said bluntly. Were they not his courtiers? How did he think those loyal to him would feel if they heard him say that?

“I’m sleepy. Let’s take an afternoon nap together.” Edward squatted down, picked Candice horizontally, and pressed her onto the bed.

Candice was speechless.

“Paige is still here.” She hit Edward’s chest.

“So what do you think I will do?” Edward asked her.

Candice was stunned.

“You have such perverted thoughts now.” Edward pressed his lips against hers tightly,.

‘F*ck, who was the perverted one now?’

Candice pushed Edward away.

“Aren’t you going to take an afternoon nap? Hurry up and sleep.” Candice was exasperated.

With that, Edward calmed down and hugged Candice tightly in his arms, as if he liked her scent. It did not take long before he fell asleep. He probably had the habit of taking afternoon naps.

Candice did not want to sleep at first, but eventually, the sleepiness got to her. When she woke up halfway, she felt a small thing moving and crawling beside her like a cicada.

She opened her eyes and saw Paige crawling over her body with all her might, trying to sleep between her and Edward. However, Edward was hugging her too tightly, and Paige could not fit in at all.

Candice could not help but laugh when she saw Paige’s expression, so she moved her body a little. Finally, Paige fell into the space between the two of them. Having been satisfied, she fell asleep peacefully.

Sometimes, she really envied how easily satisfied children were. If they were ziven candv, thev would think that the whole world was sweet.

With that, she turned over to face Paige and fell asleep again.

They were supposed to nap for one or two hours, but the family slept until dinner time. If not for the servants at home waking them up, they might have slept until tomorrow morning.

They washed up briefly before they showed up in the living room together.

By then, everyone else in the Nicholsons’ courtyard had left. After lunch, some people hung out for a while before leaving, while others left after lunch. In short, only the Nicholsons were left at night.

Edward, Candice, and Paige sat at the dining table.

“I never realized you could sleep so much back then and didn’t expect you to sleep for so long,” Chloe deliberately said.

It looked like she was just trying to liven up the atmosphere.

Candice glanced at her and said, “I fell asleep with Edward.”

Chloe’s expression darkened a little. It was clear that she thought Candice was showing off.

“Edward has a lot of work to do every day, and it’s hard for him to have free time. He should rest more,” Wyatt quickly said.

“Edward does work hard. I often see him on the news having to go to all parts of the country and even overseas. Just thinking about it makes me tired,” Chloe said with concern. “Edward, I’ll get you some pumpkin soup.”

“No need.” Edward rejected her directly.

Her rejection of Chloe was obvious. It made Chloe, who had already stood up, feel a little embarrassed.

She quickly said, “In that case, I’ll get a bowl for you, Sister. After all, you have to take good care of Edward.”

Candice smiled in response.

She could not reject Chloe. It was fine if Edward did not like Chloe because Wyatt and Claire, especially, would not dare to say anything even if they were angry. However, if she did not show Chloe any respect, they would probably think she was a bad person.

Seeing that Candice did not refuse, Chloe eagerly scooped a bowl of soup and handed it to Candice. Just as Candice was about to take it, Chloe lost her balance. Just like that, the boiling soup landed on Chloe’s hands.

Instantly, she screamed, “Ah!”

Candice was surprised. She knew that Chloe must be up to no good for taking the initiative to express her goodwill, so she was prepared for Chloe to pour the soup on her hands. Unexpectedly, Chloe did it on herself instead… What was she trying to say?

“What’s wrong?” Claire’s face turned pale.

She quickly went over to take a look at Chloe.

“It hurts.” Chloe was in so much pain that tears were streaming down her face.

“Quickly rinse it with cold water and call a private doctor over to take a look at Second Young Lady immediately,” Wyatt ordered.

The hall suddenly became chaotic..