Chapter 1230: Similarity with the System

Chapter 1230: Similarity with the System

Once Nimue calmed down, she started to examine Shiro's new body. Just like Shiro, she noticed that Shiro was now practically indistinguishable from the rest of the world.

Jumping into the mana realm, Nimue understood immediately that she no longer needed to worry about the realm collapsing due to the fact that it was constantly being reinforced by both creation and destruction. In other words, she could now slack off inside the realm without worrying.

{What else do you think changed with that?} Nimue asked curiously as Shiro shrugged.

'I'm not sure. I've been trying to pull up the system interface but it's just been saying 'under maintenance.'" Shiro shook her head. She wanted to see if her class and race had changed now that she reconstructed her body but she couldn't see her stats nor could she get into contact with the administrators.

It was definitely strange but Shiro guessed that they were probably trying to figure out what's going on with her body. Though another possible answer was that they're on the side of creation.

Shrugging her shoulders, she decided to test out the capabilities of her body some more.

Waving her hand, she conjured up a wave of nanobots. However, seeing the giant swarm, Shiro couldn't help but blink her eyes in surprise.

All she wanted to do was make a small wave but instead she conjured a tsunami.

However, thinking about it for a moment, Shiro understood what had happened.

Due to the way she designed her new core, whenever she used one energy such as destruction to create nanobots, creation would fight back to maintain the balance. Thus this swarm was created from both creation and destruction.

"Hmm… I think I'll need to be careful of how much mana I use now. Since no matter the spell, the cost will be doubled. Though, the effectiveness will also be doubled." Shiro muttered.

{So you basically lost the ability to hold back?} Nimue asked as dread filled her heart. Thinking back to the area where Shiro essentially eradicated mana to the point it couldn't be repaired, she couldn't help but shudder. After all, Shiro was now much stronger and her spells now have double the efficiency? Yeah, if she tries the laser again Nimue wouldn't be surprised if it destroyed the world.

"Seems like it… If I stack all of my berserk skills, my awakenings, throne world and everything else, I wonder… How much power I can muster." Shiro said as her lips slowly curled into a grin.

Shrugging her shoulders, she'll leave the experimenting for later. After all, she wanted to find Lyrica right now.

Closing her eyes, she sent out her senses and realised the world has become much clearer. With her new connection to creation energy, she could sense everything that harboured creation energy within them.

It was essentially turning on x-ray to see the whole world. She could see everything and anything. Flicking her finger, the satellites surged with energy as Shiro activated Error's power and tried to find signs of Lyrica.

Compared to before, she no longer had a headache or side effects while digesting all of this information. It flowed naturally and she could memorise everything. Subconsciously sorting the codes into categories and filtering them into her library of knowledge, Shiro picked out the codes that had connections to Lyrica.

Watching Shiro do all of this, Nimue couldn't help but wonder what kind of being Shiro was now. She could see everything that happens in the world and sort out the information. She could see their history using error and even modify them.

While the term god was used loosely due to the fact that 'Gods' were powerful beings in this world, perhaps Shiro was nearing the realm of true god. While they couldn't say she was all powerful, she was certainly reaching the standard of all knowing.

{The way she holds the information. I suppose one could say she's similar to the system.} Nimue thought to herself.


'Hm? What is it?'

{What do you think of your current abilities? You can give out skills using your nanobots, you can give certain classes and even retain information in a library. Don't you think it reminds you of the system?} Nimue asked as Shiro thought about it and nodded her head.

'I suppose you are right. With how the system is designed, it's natural that my abilities will look similar. I'm basically a human computer. Plus, Error's power is now part of me so being able to deconstruct the world into basic code and numbers, it's obvious that I'll start resembling a mini system. If I knew who made the system and the hierarchy around it, I'll be easier for me to figure things out.' Shiro shrugged.

'However, I've tried to use Error to read the system before but it hasn't worked. With admins and different levels of restrictions, it's hard to gain the full picture.'

{Is that so… Since I was thinking, if you're becoming similar to the system, do you think you can cancel events? Such as the new age. What if you could remove the roles bestowed on the Queens and Empresses. The gods even.} Nimue asked as she had countless questions regarding Shiro's new power.

'Hmm…' Thinking about it, Shiro opened her mouth.

'I think if I can find a way to modify the code of the system, I could potentially bypass a lot of restrictions. However, you need to remember that we don't know who made this thing. The power of the system is beyond our comprehension right now. Where does it get all this power? The skills? The records of history and so on. The source of the system is something hidden by a veil and honestly, I'm not sure if we're ready to see the other side just yet.'

It was based on a hunch of hers and her sixth sense was rarely wrong. She understood that trying to find the source of the system was a task that she wasn't ready for just yet.

{I see, in that case then fair enough.} Nimue nodded her head. If someone as reckless as Shiro didn't think they were ready then whatever was on the other side was not to be trifled with.

Watching Shiro filter through all of the information available to her, Nimue found herself with nothing to do. After being busy with helping Shiro maintain her body all this time, she now had more free time than she was used to.

Laying down on one of the islands, Nimue glanced up at the ceiling of the mana realm and closed her eyes for a nap. If there was nothing to do she might as well get some sleep in and enjoy the break.

Meanwhile, Shiro continued to filter through the information from the codes. Reading everything that had been happening in this world, Shiro couldn't help but smile softly.

While it was limited to certain key events for now, it was enough to give her an idea.

Lyrica appeared in this world around the same time that world's balance started to tip in destruction's favour. Without much knowledge on what was happening, Lyrica tried her best to help out and worked closely with creation variants of their friends in this world. Including Shiro. C.

They were surprised at first and it was hard to convince them to accept her help due to her identity. After all, why would they trust someone from the side of destruction? The side that was causing this disaster to befall their world.

It took almost a year before Lyrica could persuade them since they were too weak to kill her and hardly listened. Lyrica spent most of that time avoiding the party. But once she got their trust, sorting out the safe houses became much easier. With her knowledge of what Asharia is like, Lyrica provided ideas and explanations on certain contraptions and items while Aarim would get her mages to invent similar objects for use.

Of course, Lyrica couldn't stop the fact that they were dying from mana corruption. Even if her identity was special due to her connection to Samsara.

In recent years, Lyrica had been sorting out provisions for each safe house and finding ways to potentially revert or reduce the influence of destruction on this world. She was one of the main reasons as to why this world hasn't completely been destroyed yet.

However, there was another who had a similar goal. But her goal was… extreme. She was the one who 'invented' the puppets. A way to preserve the soul without being affected by destruction. An amalgamation of creation energy.

But strangely enough, the codes for her seem incomplete? Like a puzzle that was missing the key pieces. Her existence was an anomaly in the world's code.

'I'll probably figure it out later when I talk to Shiro. C with Lyrica.' Shiro thought to herself.

Ignoring the anomaly for now, she tracked down Lyrica's current location. Unsurprisingly, she was at the biggest safehouse located in this world, the new capital and the last wall of defence.

The safehouse of Yurei is where she'd find Lyrica.