Chapter 1229: New Core

Chapter 1229: New Core

The shape of the core was unlike anything she had seen before. When she first met Shiro, the core was essentially a ball with a singular type of energy rotating within. The destruction mana that composes Shiro's entire body.

However, there were now two energies fighting for dominance. Creation and destruction. Due to how powerful Shiro's destruction mana was, she had to gather the creation mana from the world itself. In order to attain the balance she wanted, she had to fight against the mana of this world and come to a draw.

'Nimue you don't need to worry.' Shiro said suddenly as Nimue jumped slightly and glanced back.

Seeing Shiro standing there without a worry, Nimue felt panic rising.

{Wait what about your body??? Why isn't your focus out there?!} Nimue shouted. Quickly preparing to heal Shiro's body, she realised that there was nothing wrong?


'Just watch.' Shiro grinned.

Taking a deep breath, Shiro narrowed her eyes and started to compress her mana realm. Watching the walls of the realm wail in pain, Nimue wondered what Shiro was planning.


A suddenly crack appeared within the realm, causing Shiro to cough up a bit of blood.

{Your mana is going rampant!}

'Trust me! It's fine!' Shiro shouted out as she compressed the realm further.

Furrowing her brows, Nimue could see how serious Shiro was right now. The focus in her eyes, she had a goal she wanted to reach. She knew the path and she knew the difficulties.

Knowing everything about Shiro, Nimue trusted her.

{You want me to help you break the realm right?} Nimue said as Shiro nodded.

{You could've just told me. As someone who's been helping you maintain stability, who do you think knows more about this place?} Nimue asked as she raised one hand up and clenched it in a fist.


In an instant, hundreds of cracks formed around the realm like a pane of glass shattering.

{Only I know how fragile your realm truly is and where the weak point is to cause it all to tumble down.} Nimue chuckled as Shiro smiled back before turning pale.

With her realm now unstable, she was akin to a nuclear bomb that could blow up at any moment.

'Say Nimue, remember how I haven't caused you to flip out in a while?' Shiro laughed softly.

{What's that supposed to mean? You make me flip out plenty already.} Nimue clicked her tongue and crossed her arms in front of her in annoyance.

'You might want to look outside.'

Narrowing her eyes in suspicion, Nimue glanced out and froze up.

Around Shiro, there was an array of densely packed magic circles. However, that wasn't what surprised it. It was the fact that the magic circles were a small hologram of what's being drawn over the skies of this world.

Using her satellites as anchor points, Shiro had encased this world in a giant magic array. With how many runes were being drawn simultaneously, Nimue could see the array blocking out the sky in a blanket of golden runes.

'I was worried about being discovered. But if they sensed me everywhere in the world, they wouldn't know where I am, would they?' Shiro grinned as she slammed her hand down.

Activating the whole array, Nimue watched in horror as the entire world's mana supply was being siphoned towards the sky.

{!"&*£^"*&^$$£&^"&^ SHIRO YOU M*THERF*CKER ARE YOU ACTUALLY TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF!} Nimue screamed out as she hurried to stop the flow.

However, it was akin to fighting against an ocean of mana. There was nothing she could do.


Hearing an ominous crack, Nimue glanced at Shiro and saw her body cracking apart and disintegrating.

'See you in a bit.' Shiro smiled. Before Nimue could react, Shiro's entire body shattered into dust and she was nowhere to be seen.

Before she could even say anything, she felt lethargic as the mana in the entire world was drained to 0 before replenishing.

Clutching her head, Nimue glanced up at the sky. Her heartbeat increasing rapidly as she didn't know what to do. The array that was proof of Shiro's work slowly faded with the replenishing mana levels.


Elsewhere, a group of people looked at the sky with a serious expression. They could feel the sheer scale of this spell and the potential destruction it could cause if it was an attack.

"Should we be concerned about this?" One of them asked as they turned towards a green haired elf who only gave it a brief glance and chuckled.

"You don't have to worry about it. You'll get used to it." She smiled fondly. Remembering the good old times.

"You mean get used to the stuff you pull?"

"My stunts will look childish compared to what Shiro can do." Lyrica replied while making her way back inside the building.

'She's finally here. I wonder how she's going to react when she sees me again.' She chuckled with a soft blush on her face. After arriving in this world, Lyrica had spent much longer than she had initially expected.

When she first changed class to Empress of Samsara, she could still be called a budding flower. Her beauty held signs of youth like a gentle wind. But now, she was in full bloom.

Biting her lip, Lyrica tried to hide her signs of excitement but failed. Seeing Lyrica gain a bounce in her steps that was never there before, soft laughs and a wide smile on her face, her companions looked at each other before turning back to Lyrica.

'She's excited.' They all thought simultaneously.


Floating in the sky, Shiro was currently in spirit form as her mortal body had disintegrated. Usually, this would mean that you died. However, it was the opposite for her. She had broken her body on purpose so that she could rebuild it from the ground up with the new core as the foundation.

Nimue is unable to see her right now but it's fine since she'll create her new body now.

Looking at the core in her hand, Shiro's lips curled up into a grin.

The moment she shattered her body, she gathered all of the destruction mana within her and drained the world of creation mana to create the new core.

Shaped like a m?bius strip, both creation and destruction mana are weaved together into a mixture of gold and purple strands that formed the body of the core. If she was to use creation mana, destruction would fight back causing motion within the core and generating extra power and vice versa.

If creation pushed, destruction would pull. If destruction pushed, creation will pull. The delicate tug of war had been established with no winner and the balance wouldn't be tipped. Naturally, she still needed to be careful of how much of each energy she absorbs but it has become much easier to control.

Snapping her finger, mana started to branch out from the core and rebuilt her mana realm. Compared to before, it has become much harder for her realm to collapse even with Nimue's knowledge. If she wanted to rebuild her body again, it would be much harder to accomplish.

'Maybe I should take advantage of this chance.' Shiro thought to herself as she could change her natural appearance however she wanted. She could make herself taller, change her natural hair colour and so on.

In the end, she decided to stay with her current appearance. After all, this is the appearance that her friends and family were familiar with. Plus, if she changed her physical specs too much, her fighting power would take a hit since it'll take a while to get used to the changes.

Habits are hard to change after all.

As she watched her body being formed in front of her, Shiro could see that the flesh and bones were now many times stronger than before. Due to the new core, mana is constantly circulating at a high speed within her body.

If she had to describe it, it'll be like seeing a spinning disk but it was in fact two blades that would knock everything aside or cut it apart if it came into contact. Her body now had a natural barrier that was resistant to mana. Of course, that also means only strong healing spells can affect her. Weak spells would just bounce off this barrier.

But with Silvia's capabilities, her spell should take effect.

Snapping her finger, Shiro finalised the creation of her body. As her soul and body fused together, Shiro could sense a new form of power surging within her. The world now felt familiar to her as though she could use all the mana as she willed.

However, seeing as how Nimue didn't notice that she was back, Shiro tilted her head to the side before tapping her shoulder.

{AHHH!} Crying out in shock, Nimue punched towards Shiro's direction out of surprise.

Raising her hand, Shiro blocked the punch with ease as Nimue paused before tears welled up in her eyes.

{Dumbass! At least tell me if you were going to destroy your body!} Nimue cried out as she punched Shiro a few times. Naturally they were soft as Shiro apologised and waited for Nimue to calm down.

While waiting for Nimue to calm down, Shiro discovered an interesting boon with her new body.

Her aura was now indistinguishable from the world. Unless you were looking at her, you wouldn't realise she was there through mana sense.