Chapter 522 - 522 Life at risk!

522 Life at risk!

After turning right, Blake and the rest had arrived at what looked like a living quarters. They could see multiple doors and passages that led to other parts of the ruin.

‘What the hell was this place?!’ The more passages Blake saw, the more the bad feeling In his gut increased.

[I feel what you are afraid of is the silence.] The system said.

Since the ruin was very old, and no longer had a power source, the concealment arrays were no longer functioning, thus revealing the inactive traps and arrays in the passages.

The problem was, instead of making the group feel relieved, it had the opposite effect on them.

If all the traps were inactive and in the open, then how have so many people gone missing?!

‘I feel the purpose of the revealed traps is to make us let our guards down, but it also means there is something more dangerous. Maybe the danger might be behind these doors.’ Blake thought as he stared at the doors.

“Everyone stand back, and prepare for combat.” Blake instructed as he approached the first door to the right.

He and the system had performed a scan on the doors, but just like every other thing in the ruin, they had no mana flowing through them, meaning they were just normal doors.


Normally, Blake wouldn’t have bothered opening them since the rooms were unimportant, but his mission was to discover the reason for the disappearance and save those that had gone missing, if possible.

Also, if Blake were able to find a survivor, he would be able to understand what was actually going on in the ruin.

‘This is just the first door, and there is already so much pressure.’ Blake shook his head and walked up to the first door by the right and turned the handle before pushing the door open.


The door swung open revealing an empty room with signs of a battle.

‘Burn marks, damaged walls and ground, and black stains of dried-up blood scattered all across the room.’ Blake thought as he scanned the room.

[The room isn’t dusty, meaning the battle happened recently. The question is, what happened to the winner of the fight?] The system said.

With the few areas covered by blood stains, it was safe to say that it was human blood. This most likely meant that the beast won the fight thus eating the human, but the beast or its corpse was nowhere to be found.

‘There is the option of the human killing the beast and placing it in a dimensional amulet, but the blood splashes, trails, and pools are too small to belong to a beast.’ Blake thought.


While Blake and the system were still trying to deduce all possible outcomes, they all heard clicks coming from the other doors.

‘What the hell is going on?!’ Blake who didn’t step inside the room the entire time turned to the door behind him and saw it opening.

Without thinking twice, Blake activated lightning reinforcement and returned to his team, and saw that all the doors in the passage were opened. Seconds later, beasts and insects of different shapes and sizes began slowly walking out of the rooms.

[They are all King rank beasts!] The system warned Blake as more than 30 King rank beasts simultaneously turned in their direction.

‘No wonder they were getting lost, even Ebony and Ivory can’t take all of them at once!’

“Retreat!” Blake didn’t waste a second more and ordered his team to retreat immediately. Almost instantly, the King rank beasts and insects dashed at them, but something surprising happened.

The beasts behind began fighting each other to get to the humans, while those in front that attacked them were only 3.

Blake released Ebony and Ivory who easily countered their attacks.

‘I knew this was a trap; we need to get out of here and regroup outside…’ Blake was busy thinking about his next course of action but that was when he remembered something.

“The traps!” Blake turned around and screamed to members of his unit but it was already too late.

The moment the doors unlocked and the King rank beasts appeared, there were already some special ops that had plans of running away. They were just waiting for the command to retreat, and when it was given they wasted no time retreating.

With the fear of so many strong beasts consuming their minds, 2 of the ash corps had forgotten about the inactive traps that now had mana flowing through them.

Once they stepped foot into the inactive array, it lit up and warped them at the other end of the passage where most of the beasts were.

In a matter of seconds, they had been turned to shreds by the beasts, and blood splattered all across the passage.

“The passage has been blocked!” Camilla screamed to Blake who was still in front.

“Shit!” Blake cursed as he turned and saw that the passage that they came from was now blocked by a wall.

For the first time in a very long while, Blake felt his life was in serious danger.

Ever since he had gotten Ebony and Ivory, it was only once that Blake had felt his life was in serious danger and that was the attempted assassination at the capital.

At that time he couldn’t escape because he had to save Brian and of course couldn’t easily run from an Angel even with void shift.

In this case, not only could Blake and his team not take on the King rank beasts, but he still had no idea of what they were dealing with.

‘I could warp us back to the entrance but what are the chances that whatever is controlling this place can’t also warp the beasts to us?’ Blake thought before making a decision.

“Follow me!” Blake said as he led the team through the other passage.

It was obvious that whatever was controlling the ruin wanted them to go through this path. So he was going to play along for the time being.