Chapter 525 - 525 Are you looking for me, Mr. Husband?

525 Are you looking for me, Mr. Husband?

The after-party started when the bride and groom raised a toast for the guests who attended their wedding and officially commenced the party to celebrate their togetherness.

Han Liang, who was in charge of the arrangements, signaled the manager and asked him to change the mood of the night.

From the formal white lights, the disco lights turned on and the loud party music was playing in the background.

The tables were put away to make more space for everyone to hit the dance floor and enjoy the night.

Han Liang ran to the stage and took the mic and shouted excitedly, “Tonight, I want everyone to be on the dance floor. No one is going back without showcasing your killing moves. LET’S GOO!!”

Jia Fei joined Han Liang in the fun and raised her glass of champagne and shouted, “Woohoo! Let’s Goo!”


“Haha. Let’s Goo!!” Xu Nuan laughed and hooted as she watched Han Liang and Jia Fei pull the guests one by one to the dance floor and force them to dance while everyone cheered on them, making a circle around them.

“Careful! If you feel tired, just let me know. We’ll leave right away. Alright?” Han Zihao said worriedly while placing a hand behind Xu Nuan’s back and preventing her from stumbling on her steps.


Since everyone was so happy and excited, he was worried that she might get carried away with the party mood and would not care about her body.

Xu Nuan was touched by his gentle actions and shook her head and said loudly, “Don’t worry. I will tell you if I feel unwell.”

Even though the music was loud, Han Zihao understood what she was saying and let her enjoy the party, while he was on guard all the time and sticking to her like her shadow to take care of her.

He cannot let his girl go out of sight even for a minute because she always gets into trouble in that short minute.

She is a troublemaker who loves to help others but always invites trouble for herself.


“Grandma, what are you doing? Come and dance!” Han Liang tried to convince Grandmother Han to dance while pulling her to the dance floor.

It would be a shame if Grandmother Han did not dance to celebrate her favorite grandson’s wedding.

“Are you crazy? I am not dancing. Go away!” Grandmother Han said in embarrassment and tried to escape from Han Liang’s grasp.

She isn’t the type to shy away from such fun events and be the mood killer. However, today she was running away from dancing in front of everyone.

“Why are you getting embarrassed? We’re all family here, it’s alright.” He tried.

“What are you doing? Why are you pulling my wife to dance?” Grandfather Han slapped Han Liang’s hand away and scolded him.

Everyone quieted down and was scared to upset the old man. Even the DJ decreased the volume as he was worried that this would lead to big trouble.

However, his next words caused everyone to cheer loudly in excitement.

“I should be the one to dance with her. Come, we’ll do a couple dance.” With this, Grandfather Han held Grandmother Han’s hand and pulled her to the dancing floor.

“You! Have you gone crazy? What are you doing? Are you a kid?” Grandmother Han covered her face in embarrassment at her husband’s sudden boldness.

However, under the influence of everyone and the loud cheers, she hesitated before joining him for a couple dance.

The DJ understood the assignment and changed the music and played a slow-romantic song to fit the vibes.

The crowd went crazy to see the old couple dancing hand-in-hand to a slow-romantic song.

Xu Nuan’s eyes widened in surprise when she heard the song. She covered her mouth in disbelief as it has been years since she heard this song.

She looked around and was shocked when her eyes met with Luo Dan and Jia Fei who had similar astonished reactions.

It was the first-ever slow romantic solo song that Jiang Yue released in her past life as an idol.

Whenever they release an album, they always make sure to add a slow romantic song or a ballad in their album to give all kinds of music experiences to the listeners.

Their music discography in such a short time was so wide that if they play only THE QUEENS songs the whole night, the party will come to an end, but not her songs.

The song that was playing, was part of their first-ever comeback album and was the first solo track that she released in their album.

It has been such a long time since she heard this song, how can she not be happy about it?

Han Zihao noticed Xu Nuan’s shocked reaction and leaned down to whisper in her ears, “Do you like it?”

She looked at him with her widened eyes in surprise and asked, “You prepared this?”

He smiled and said, “I know what music means to you. Moreover, my wifey’s voice is so beautiful, how can we miss your songs on such a day?”

Xu Nuan pursed her lips and her cheeks turned scarlet red when he called her ‘wifey’.

They have been living together for around a year and going to have a baby but still, having him calling her wifey, sounds so intimate and as if she has finally gotten a family of her own that she always wanted.

“Tonight, you will get to hear many of your songs. So be ready to capture all the beautiful moments in your eyes. Alright?”

He winked at her and gently nudged his head against her to wake her up from a daze.

Xu Nuan’s eyes were filled with happy tears as she was touched by his thoughtful arrangements.

The people might not know her real identity as Jiang Yue but her songs are being played at her wedding, it feels like a dream come true.

Her name or body might not belong to her anymore, but her music will forever be her.


After dancing on the dance floor, Han Liang took over the live band and performed a medley of his hit songs to make the night even more magical. He is the top-most male idol in the industry, how can he not perform at his brother’s wedding?

Following him, the members of The Knights also performed their hit comeback song live and hyped up everyone with their youthful and powerful energy.

Jia Fei also joined the girls and performed the collaboration song which she released with them for her debut as the soloist.

The crowd was going crazy as all the top singers were performing with the live band. At this point, it was not a wedding after-party but a high-budget awards ceremony with so many top artists performing live.

The guests were shouting and cheering for the performers. Even though the music stopped, the excitement was still the same and crazy.

After the last performance of the night of Jia Fei and The Knights ended, Han Zihao frowned as he could not find Xu Nuan among the crowd.

A while ago, she was standing next to Grandma Han and was hugging her while enjoying the performance.

Where did she go suddenly? He panicked.

He asked Grandmother Han and others but no one knew where she went suddenly. How can they be so careless and not look after her?

“Bro, where are you going? The party hasn’t ended yet.” Han Liang stopped Han Zihao who was panicking and leaving the party.

Seeing the chaos, the DJ stopped the background music that he was playing when there was no one performing on the stage.

“It’s over for me. I am going to the hotel room. She must have gone back to the room.” Han Zihao said urgently and was about to go to the hotel room to see if Xu Nuan is alright or not. She is almost six months pregnant and the party must have stressed her out.

He was wondering if he should call a doctor to check on her or not.

However, just as he turned his back to return to the hotel room, someone cleared their throat on the mic and called him, ~Ahem~”Are you looking for me, Mr. Husband?”