Chapter 524 - 524 Good-looking old man

524 Good-looking old man

While Xu Nuan returned to her hotel room to change out of her wedding dress, Han Zihao was holding a glass of white champagne and stopping by everyone’s table to greet them.

Although, before she went to change her dress, they took the blessings of the elders of the family, however, as the host of the party, he still needed to greet everyone personally.

Generally, the couple greets the guests together, however, he does not want to stress Xu Nuan who is already exhausted because of such formal matters, and decided to greet the guests himself while she went to change into another dress.

This way after she comes back, she will not need to stand for long to greet the guests and they will be able to enjoy the remaining night without worrying about anything.

After greeting Grandfather Gu and Gu Zhang, Han Zihao went to greet Grandfather Jiang who was sitting at the same table as his family. While his other family members were away attending to other guests, Han Zihao offered a drink to Grandfather Jiang and said, “Grandfather, I am glad you came.”

Rather than addressing him as Mr. Jiang, he called him Grandfather because after getting married, Jiang Yue’s family is his family as well.

“Despite all the difficulties, you still made the time to attend the wedding. Xu Nuan must be so happy to see you.” He said.

He was grateful that the old man attended the wedding ceremony, despite being busy with court affairs and many things to deal with. After the revelation of Jiang Ru and Jiang Yahui’s dark secrets in front of the world, the Jiang Corporation was caught up in a complicated situation and had many things to deal with.

Not only that, the old man had to visit the police station frequently to fulfill the legal formalities. In such a short time, he has grown older and many wrinkles have appeared on his face while his hair became white.


Despite so many troubles, he made the time to attend the wedding and prepared so many gifts for the couple.

Earlier, when Xu Nuan was walking down the aisle, he noticed her beaming smile when she spotted Grandfather Jiang among the crowd. After her parents passed away, he is the only family member she could rely on and addresses him as her family.

Although she could not walk down the aisle along with him, she was still happy that he attended their wedding and before the big event in her life, all of their misunderstandings between them were sorted out.

“Are you thanking me for attending my granddaughter’s wedding? Young man, aren’t you taking my generosity for granted? She might have married you, but she is still my dearest granddaughter. Don’t you dare treat her badly, otherwise!” Grandfather Jiang glared at him and warned him while patting him on his shoulders.

Han Zihao chuckled and shook his head, ” I can never dare to do that. However, can I come to you if she bullies me? As you can see my family will always take her side.” He joked while sighing helplessly.

“Haha! Well, you can come if you want to get scolded by me.” The old man let out a throaty laugh.

While Han Zihao and Grandfather Jiang were laughing while chatting happily, Lin Ran who was watching them from afar frowned and scoffed to see them bonding like a family, “He married our daughter but why does it feel like he is treating Mr. Jiang, more like his in-law?”

“Did you see the way they’re laughing? He is spending more time talking to him than he did with our family.” She said while nudging her husband and forcing him to see the way Han Zihao was treating others.

“He did not even greet me properly. Forget about me, he didn’t call you Father, yet he was addressing that old man as Grandfather with ease. I can see that he has no respect for our family. Hmph! I shouldn’t have come to this wedding.” She folded her hands in front of her chest and felt annoyed at the way Han Zihao and his family were treating them.

They’re the bride’s family yet they were being treated as outsiders. It was all because of Xu Nuan, she must have said something unpleasant about them to their in-laws that they’re treating them like that.

“Oh, Shut up. Aren’t you tired of spouting so much nonsense?” Gu Zhang who was silent all this while burst out at her.

Lin Ran wasn’t saying anything wrong. However, unlike her, he was aware that the day they chose to believe in Xingren, they already lost Xu Nuan as their daughter.

They should be glad that she invited them to their wedding. Because of the way they treated her in the past and discriminated against her, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she hadn’t invited them to her wedding.

Even Xingren, who used to treat Xu Nuan badly in the past, learned her lesson and decided to change for the better. When would his wife change her thinking and step out of her small-thinking bubble?

Lin Ran was shocked when her husband shouted at her. However, noticing Grandfather Gu’s cold eyes, she pursed her lips and stopped speaking. She was aware that if she uttered another word, it would be the limit of Grandfather Gu’s patience and it wouldn’t be good for her reputation to get scolded by him in front of all the guests.


After Xu Nuan returned to the party after changing into her after-party dress, she joined Han Zihao to raise a toast and greet the guests. While everyone was drinking champagne, she was the only one who was drinking juice.

She pouted and stared at their champagne glasses in a daze. It has been a long time since she took a sip of wine, and forgot about the beer.

Han Zihao noticed her longing gaze and bent down to whisper in her ears, “Don’t worry. It is not a good quality champagne. It’s a cheap one.” He said.

Xu Nuan pursed her lips and glared at him. “Stop lying. Do you think I am a fool?” She asked in annoyance.

Is he taking her for a child to lie to her like this? Does he think that if he lies to her, she will not want to take a sip of the wine anymore?

She was already controlling her urge to drink, yet he was making such remarks which are making her angrier than making her feel better.

“How can you be a fool? I am the fool, fool in love with you.” He commented shamelessly while smiling.


Xu Nuan grimaced and was speechless at his greasy comment. She thought she married a heartthrob but he turns out to be a greasy old man. Well, at least he is good-looking!