Chapter 3150 Grimms In Ruin I

"I did it," I said as I stepped out of the broken door. I had collapsed in the small tunnel.

I have already decided on that, in these eight days, I am here. I will not enter another above.

I will just gather the precious plants from the wild and leave. I am far too weak to enter a place like this I need to have a chance of survival; these places did not give me that.

I did not get up, instead, I took out the meal box and begin to eat it.

When I did with it, I took out formation and activated it before sleeping. Inside, I did not get even a moment of rest. Every moment, I needed to be careful, not to mention the blood burn.

It all made me exhausted.

I woke up seven hours later feeling refreshed and recovered.

A lot of things had happened in the past seven hours. My clones had done the initial research on the bubbling soil, and they mixed it around the plants.

All the plants.

There is not a single plant that used soil had rejected it. In just a short time, there are changes in them, and with the passing of time, these changes would be bigger.

I needed things like the soil since the Grimms were in short supply. I would appreciate anything that will increase the speed of their progress.

I got up after minutes and took a last look at the broken door before begin climbing the cave. It is a little deeper than even sovereigns' soul sense didn't reach this deep, with all this suppression.

More than ten minutes later, I reached the end. Collapsing the blocked entrance, before seeing the sun.

It is morning, and I plan to stay here for two more days before going out of this region, and the ruin after.

I had already made a plan of what I was going to do after leaving this ruin.


A few minutes passed, and I was harvesting an herb, when suddenly, I stopped, as I sensed something. It is extremely faint in this dense energy, but it had stopped me.

'It shouldn't be possible,' I said to myself.

I had sensed the energy of Grimms or felt like it was from Grimms. It is extremely faint and disappeared fast.

That, even when I tried to capture it, I got nothing.

I thought about a minute before pushing away those thoughts. Maybe I am missing the bastards so much that I am imagining the stuff.


I resumed harvesting the herbs and continued for more than half an hour. When I stopped again.

This time, my eyes are wide in shock.

I sensed it, and it is much denser. So much that I could sense it clearly and couldn't deny it is a figment of my imagination.

I even took the energy and tested it inside my core, and it is 100% Grimms. The bastards are here.

I immediately stopped what I was doing and moved toward the aura I was sensing. I am reading my every move, while armor changed color, and so is my aura.

My artifact appeared in my hand, in the form of a long sword.

I am feeling scared, but also excited. I am missing these bastards. For years, there was my only focus before we vanquished it all. Now, it had been a decade since I saw one.

A few minutes later, I begin to hear the sounds of battle, and the minute after that, I saw a battle.

Two Primary-III's are fighting; the Black Bear Beastman is fighting against the Werewolf.

They are Mid-Primary-II.

The Grimms hate every life in the universe, but they have the beastmen the most. More than us humans or any other race. They seemed to have an instinctive hate for them.

"Die, you filthy Beastman," roared the Werewolf as it attacked with its claws, while the Bear Beastman could only defend.

The Bear Beastman is good, slightly more powerful than the Grimm itself, but he did not have the experience of fighting against giants like Grimms.

It is why, not only he is defending but also getting injuries. He is already bloodied head to toe and if continued to fight like this, it wouldn't take long for Werewolf to finish it off.

I watched for a few seconds before walking toward the fight.

I did not hide my presence, and my gate is relaxed. They sensed me within a few seconds. As the smile appeared on the Bear Beastman's face, while the Grimm became careful.

As I reached halfway, the Grimms retreated and turned to me.

"Human," he said with a grin. "Grimm," I said back, and a small surprise appeared on its face.

"It seemed like you have fought us, members of heaven race, before," he said, and to that, I smiled. "You guys always have a new name to call yourselves. Why can't you all stick with one," I said as I continued walking toward him.

"They should just stick with spawns of abomination. As they are really the spawns of abomination," said the Black Bear Beastman.

"It is too long. The Grimm is much better," I replied, and it made the werewolf angry.

"It seemed like you are in a good mood, human. Well, it won't take me long to turn it into your nightmare," said the Werewolf angrily and came at me, with his aura blazing.

A faint surprise couldn't help but appear on the black bear beastman.

It is not the power; he had used against him when fighting. I am not surprised. The Grimms are sneaky that way.

It appeared in front of me, with a huge grin on its face.

"Die, you bastard!" It shouted and swung its steely claws at me, filled with thick power.

I saw them coming and swing my sword at it, almost casually that mirth appeared on its face, but a moment later, that turned into a surprise.


Its claws clashed against my sword, and it shook from head to toe while I stayed on my spot, smiling.

"I thought, the strongest Grimm. I had ever faced would be stronger, but you are weak," I said, shaking my head in disappointment. While its eyes blazed in anger.

"You bastard, I will show you how strong I am." it roared, and even a powerful aura rose from it.

It attacked, with a huge phantom clause appearing behind its original claws. By the time its claws reached halfway, those phantom claws had solidified and looked far more dangerous than before.

They came closer and closer to me and just when they were about to strike me; I disappeared.

For a moment, there was confusion, before the alarm appeared and finally, the horror. When it felt the blade touching its chest and piercing through its armor and defensive skill.


My sword pierced through the chest of the Grimms, while it looked at me in horror.

I smiled at its horrified face before it disappeared to my core. Where, after decades, once again the runes will come out and the harvest will happen.

The only regret is that the bastard had no bloodline, only the inheritance.