Chapter 5404

However, Qin Chen suddenly raised his head and looked towards the end of the endless hall.

"You said earlier that as long as you master the restrictions in this hall, you will not be oppressed by this hall, and you will not even be swallowed by the soul of this place, right?"

Qin Chen looked at the soul-devouring worm.

He had to leave here, so Qin Chen would not let go of any possibility.


Soul Eater nodded, "However, it is too difficult to control the restrictions here, and the subordinates are also considered to be extremely talented, but it took hundreds of millions of years to only master some of the restrictions here. The pressure under it is not that great."

Soul Eater Netherworm said bitterly: "It is impossible to leave by controlling the restriction here."

The lord of the black prison and the others also showed despair, and they didn't even report hope at all.

According to the narration of the soul-eating worm, how many strong people broke into this place in ancient times? Just by looking at the countless corpses here, you can get a glimpse. If the restriction here is so easy to control, then there must still be people who have left this Dead Sea cage and returned to the underworld.

But the result is that no one has ever heard of anyone getting out alive.

It can be seen that this is impossible at all.

"You just have to show it." Qin Chen said in a deep voice.

"Oh well."

After hearing the words, the soul-eating ghost worm stopped talking nonsense, and his whole body stretched out suddenly.


Immediately, a huge ghost worm with a radius of a thousand feet appeared between the heavens and the earth. There are countless pupils on this ghost worm, densely packed, making people creepy. Each eye looks small, but once it looks at it, the mind instantly becomes It's like being stuck in an endless abyss, unable to extricate yourself.

This is the soul-devouring eye. Ordinary ghost cultivators take a look at it and their soul will be devoured, turning into a walking dead without a soul.

The pupils of the soul-devouring ghost worm suddenly burst into light, and suddenly shot out invisible waves in all directions of the hall.

Buzz buzz!

When these invisible rays of light touched the walls of the surrounding halls, one after another amazing secret lines suddenly lit up in the world. Each of these secret lines burst into dazzling light, and an aura that made everyone's heart palpitate exploded crazily. rolled out.


Under such a breath, the masters of the three restricted areas, the master of the black prison, the ancestor of the virtual crocodile, and the master of the soul realm, couldn't bear it for a while, and knelt down with a bang, their spirits were strongly suppressed, as if looking directly at the scorching sun, wanting to It's normal to break directly.


The weakest ancestor of the virtual crocodile let out a painful absorption, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat.

These secret lines are so strong that their souls feel like they are going to burst just by looking at them, and they can't bear it, let alone comprehend it.


On the side, Qin Chen was also shocked by this terrifying secret pattern breath, the power of the Nine Star God Emperor Art in his body instinctively began to function, and a terrifying totem power suddenly appeared on top of his head.

Ancient emperor totem!


Feeling the powerful power, the god emperor totem appeared independently, wanting to compete with it.

In an instant, the power of the secret lines collided with the power of the god emperor totem above Qin Chen's head crazily, and the two terrifying forces exploded, kak kak kak, Qin Chen felt the power of the god emperor totem above his head The force made a crackling sound, trembling constantly, as if it was about to shatter at any time.


Qin Chen was shocked.

Although his current cultivation level is not high, his God Emperor Totem is the evolution of the Nine Star God Emperor Art. It comes from the ancient emperor elders of the Void and Tidal Sea Ancient Clan in the Heaven Realm.

Moreover, when Emperor Youming saw the ancient emperor, he once said something, that is, the senior ancient emperor has reached the end of the road of cultivation, and has even faintly taken that step.

Although Qin Chen doesn't know what the end of the so-called practice road is or what that step is, in Qin Chen's view, the strength of the ancient emperor's senior is definitely far above the four great emperors of the underworld, and it is very likely that he has reached the end of the road. The end of the imperial realm.

But now, the power of the god emperor's totem above his head is actually no match for the power of the secret pattern emerging around the hall in terms of aura. How does this secret pattern exist?

And when Qin Chen was shocked, the soul-eating worms and the master of the black prison all around looked at Qin Chen in amazement, because at the moment when the power of the god emperor's totem appeared on Qin Chen's head, the power of the surrounding secret lines seemed to be As if being aroused, it flowed towards Qin Chen like flowing water, and was suppressed suddenly.


The secret lines all over the sky are like bright starlight, strands of which are continuously falling down, suppressing Qin Chen.

If someone looks over the endless sky of this hall, they can see that there are countless dense starlights all over the entire hall. These starlights are constantly circulating, all of which are concentrated on Qin Chen. Just a small amount of power.

"not good!"

The soul-eating worm was shocked when he saw this. Such a terrifying secret pattern was crazily suppressed, not to mention the triple detachment, even the quasi-emperor powerhouse could not resist. Back then, he saw a quasi-emperor comprehending the secret pattern in the depths of the palace. At that time, because he couldn't bear it, he was backlashed by the power of the secret pattern, and his physical body exploded on the spot.

How can he stop my lord?

"This... my lord's death won't affect me, right? I just woke up!"

Soul Eater Psychic Worm was terrified in his heart, if Qin Chen was implicated in his death by this secret pattern suppression, then he would be too wronged.


In the center of the hall, the totem of the god emperor above Qin Chen's head made a fragile tearing sound. Terrifying power surged down, like billions of stars pressing down on Qin Chen. His legs were bent, obviously unable to bear it.

"No, how can I kneel down here? If I don't leave this place, Sisi will definitely be in danger. I absolutely can't kneel down here."

There was a silent roar in Qin Chen's heart, and the totem of the emperor on his head was about to explode.



In Qin Chen's soul sea, a terrifying thunder light bloomed, it was the dark thunder of the underworld that ruled the evolution of the divine thunder.


The endless thunder light lingered all over Qin Chen, as if he had turned into a god of thunder and lightning.


Countless secret patterns retreated suddenly like flowing water, as if they were extremely afraid of the dark thunder on Qin Chen's body.

But the next moment, buzzing, the whole hall vibrated, and in an instant, all the passages around were lit up with dazzling secret patterns, and countless rays of light swept in like a tide, pouring into the hall where Qin Chen was.

The secret pattern of this palace hall seemed to be provoked, flickering violently, it was like calling people to resist again.

If someone stares down at the sky above the huge palace outside the desert at this moment, they can see that the two long and narrow giants that look like palaces are actually shining with dazzling light, as if they were activated in an instant.

Secret lines lit up everywhere in the entire giant, and streams of starlight quickly gathered and rushed towards the hall where Qin Chen was.

However, before these countless streamers gathered, the dark thunder of the ruling on Qin Chen's body suddenly surged out as if he had been provoked.


A ray of azure blue thunder flashed and burst out of the dark thunder of the underworld on Qin Chen's body.

It was the origin of the God of Judgment Thunder in Qin Chen's body.


When this blue thunder light suddenly appeared, ghost cultivators such as Soul Eater Psychic Worm only felt severe pain in their eyes and pupils, and their whole body was burned violently. There was a strong sense of pain in their bodies, as if they were about to be turned into ashes on the spot, and they breathed freely. All of a sudden, the internal organs seemed to be burning, and the spiritual consciousness that permeated the outside was burnt into nothingness in an instant.


The God of Judgment turned into an arc of lightning, pouring directly into the endless stream of secret patterns.

The stone was shocked.

Like a thunder stone falling into the water, it exploded with a bang. Under the breath of the Judgment God Thunder, the secret lines all over the sky retreated in panic one by one, just like the tide ebbing, coming and going back at a much faster speed than before When I went back, it disappeared completely in the blink of an eye.

The surrounding area calmed down for an instant, as if nothing had happened.

There are only one after another secret lines flashing, but at this moment these secret lines no longer pose the slightest threat to Qin Chen, and without the suppression of the secret line breath, Qin Chen can finally concentrate on looking at these secret lines.

"Hey, these secret lines are so weird, it doesn't seem like the power of the underworld, but like..."

With just one glance, Qin Chen's pupils shrank suddenly, showing horror.

Today, he controls the totem of the god emperor, comprehends the origin of the Great Universe Sea Miekong, absorbs the origin of the Nether Emperor, perceives the power of the abyss, and experiences the power of the Empress Mingyue in Sisi's body. More than 1,600 of the 3,000 avenues of the underworld.

It can be said that although Qin Chen's realm is not high today, he is extremely familiar with the power of the underworld and the cosmic sea, but Qin Chen can tell at a glance that these secret lines are not like the power of the underworld at all, but rather like the power of the underworld. Some kind of power in the world.

Isn't this palace hall a thing of the underworld?

Qin Chen's heart skipped a beat.


Suddenly, as if thinking of something, Qin Chen's heart moved.

Emperor Youming once said that according to ancient legends, this dead sea cage was left behind by a cosmic sea magnate who fought with the god of the underworld. In this way, this giant in the palace, could it be that cosmic sea magnate back then? Can you stay?

In this way, everything can be explained.

It's no wonder why these underworld ghost cultivators such as Soul Eater Pluto can't control the secret patterns here. This is the power of the universe sea. How can these ghost cultivators of the underworld completely control their perception?


And just when Qin Chen's mind was agitated, Qin Chen suddenly lowered his head.

The mysterious Rusty Sword suddenly appeared in front of him, trembling slightly.


As if magnets were attracting each other, the mysterious rust sword was strongly attracted at this moment.

"This palace giant has some kind of connection with the mysterious Rusty Sword."

Qin Chen suddenly looked into the depths of the hall.
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