Chapter 5403

"My lord, this place should be the core of the Dead Sea Cage, and it is also the birthplace of the Dead Sea Cage. As for why the subordinates are here, it is a bit of a long story."

Soul-eating Nether Worm sighed: "Back then, my subordinates worked under the emperor's command, and they were your personal guards. One day, the emperor and his nine wives were playing games on the bed, and the subordinates lit oil lamps outside the bed to serve..."


Qin Chen broke his bones, frowned and said, "What kind of game do you need someone to light a fuel lamp to serve you?" Soul Eater Psychic Worm shook his head and said, "This subordinate doesn't know. The bed was sealed off, and the subordinates couldn't see inside, but they could hear Mrs. Ninth screaming inside, with a little bit of pain,

There is also a trace of weirdness, maybe the emperor is teaching her to practice kung fu! "

"Practice?" Qin Chen was puzzled, but he didn't ask, but continued to listen. "And the oil cup lit by my subordinates is not an ordinary oil cup. I heard from the emperor that it is refined from the oil of a quasi-emperor powerhouse in the Yangjian Universe Sea. Positive substances can

To make the game last longer. "

Qin Chen: "..."

He vaguely guessed what kind of game the other party was playing.

However, the other party actually refines the fat of a quasi-emperor to make lamp oil. Just by the sound of such a method, one can know the ruthlessness of the Netherworld Emperor. The soul-eating ghost continued: "The Zhundi oil contains an astonishing aura of the yang world. From the eyes of the subordinates at that time, it was like the blazing sun in the yang world. One of the subordinates accidentally knocked over the burning incense oil. Zhan, terrified

The Ninth Madam was 'practicing' inside, and the Ninth Madam was so angry that she rushed out on the spot and wanted to execute her subordinates. "At that time, Mrs. Ninth was sweating all over, wearing very little clothes, her whole body was flushed and hot, and her face was flushed. It seemed that she was frightened by her subordinates to 'practice' and almost went mad... The subordinates knew that they had committed a serious crime. Wrong, in the end it was the emperor who saw that his subordinates followed him

For the sake of many years, he sent his subordinates to come to the Dead Sea cage to make up for his mistakes and save his life. "

Qin Chen: "..."

At this moment, a doubtful voice sounded from the side: "This Dead Sea cage is the place where many prisoners of the underworld are held. How can you make up for your mistakes by coming here?"

But the ancestor of the virtual crocodile had stopped to heal his wounds, and looked over with a frown in doubt. Soul-eating Nether Worm shook his head and said: "The Dead Sea Cage is extremely mysterious. Back then, many great emperors in the underworld wanted to find out the origin of this place, but once they entered the Dead Sea Cage, life and death would be unknown. No one would ever come out alive, so except for some

In addition to the prisoners, people like me who have made big mistakes will also be sent into this place to investigate. If we can find out the origin and truth of the Dead Sea cage, we can make up for our mistakes. ""Actually, apart from me, other great emperors also sent some subordinates to enter at that time, but I will hide my identity as soon as I come in, because almost all the prisoners here are exiled by the emperor of the underworld.

We will be under siege for sure. "

"Did the emperor send a strong man to enter?" Qin Chen's heart moved.

At this moment, he thought of the tomb master of the death god.

The owner of the death tomb has the death sickle, and Wan Gu once said that the death sickle is most likely the standard underworld weapon given to his subordinates by the ten temples of hell - the ghost king's blade.

In other words, is the owner of the tomb of the God of Death under the command of Emperor Yan, one of the Four Great Emperors?

If it is true, it means that many emperors in the underworld have been paying attention to the Dead Sea cage. After so many years, it is unknown whether there are still emperors paying attention.

Thinking of this, Qin Chen was shocked. During this period of time, he has been trying to find a way to get out of the Dead Sea Cage, but he has forgotten the particularity of the Dead Sea Cage. If everything is as he guessed, those great emperor-level powerhouses will not be interested in this place. not eliminated, then

He will definitely send strong men to guard him outside the prison of the Dead Sea. Once he is really freed, he will definitely attract the attention of some top strong men in the underworld.

This must be a way.

"It seems that if you can really get out of trouble, you need to make more preparations, otherwise..."

Qin Chen's face was solemn. He couldn't forget the scene when he was observed by the Emperor of the Underworld after entering the Underworld from the heaven, and he directly slapped his palm into the void. If it wasn't for the Emperor Youming, he would have been blown up on the spot.

"What happened after you entered the Dead Sea cage? Why did you appear here, and why are there so many bones here?"

Qin Chen looked over coldly and continued to ask, this was the key to what he wanted to ask.

The master of the black prison and the master of the soul domain also stopped to heal their wounds and looked over intently. The soul-eating worm said bitterly: "Because the subject's body is quite special, it can transform into hundreds of millions of worms and sneak into various places, so the subordinate thought that after entering, it would be relatively easy to complete the task assigned by the emperor, but who knows this? dead sea

The cage is far beyond the imagination of the subordinates, and this is simply a purgatory that cannot be left. "Not only me, but all the prisoners who entered this place were frantically looking for a way out, but in the end, this place was surrounded by the endless dead sea, and there was no way to leave. Gradually, some people became crazy, killing each other wantonly,

Many people died, but some continued to search for an exit. ""Everyone knows that the key to the Dead Sea's cage must be in the Dead Sea, but at that time we couldn't enter the depths of the Dead Sea at all. the dead sea

When the tide was weak, he forced his way into this place and discovered the forbidden area here. "

"What, Great Emperor?" The Lord of Hell and the others were all taken aback.

Will the great emperor be imprisoned here? Soul Devourer nodded, "That's a female emperor, I don't know its name, she was the first to break into this place after discovering the forbidden area, and because of her break-in caused killing intent in the Dead Sea greatly weakened, I

All the prisoners who entered this place thought they saw the hope of leaving, and broke into this forbidden place like crazy. "

"What happened next?" The Lord of the Black Prison hurriedly said, "Did the Great Emperor escape from this Dead Sea cage?"

Not only him, but the Ancestor of the Void Crocodile and the Lord of the Soul Realm looked over nervously.

It's about them being able to leave.

On the side, Qin Chen's heart sank faintly.

Because he knew very clearly from the mouth of Emperor Youming that Emperor Shimei had indeed entered this dead sea prison back then.

In other words, the forbidden area of ​​the Dead Sea has already been discovered by the prisoners who were imprisoned here in ancient times, and they even broke into it under the leadership of Emperor Shimei, but...

In Emperor Youming's memory, Emperor Shimei never left the prison after entering the Dead Sea cage. That is to say, Emperor Shimei, who was the first to break into the Dead Sea forbidden area back then, still failed to leave the Dead Sea cage alive.

Then can I still leave?

Qin Chen's heart sank instantly, and it became deeper and deeper. "I don't know if the great emperor escaped or not." Soul Eater Nether Worm shook his head and said, "When I came here, I didn't see that great emperor. There were violent sandstorms everywhere in the world. The breath here Incomparably violent,

Many people went crazy as soon as they entered, fighting like crazy everywhere. We only found out later that after entering here, the spirits would disappear inexplicably. "At that time, many strong men sent by the emperor didn't care about hiding themselves, and they all displayed their top-level treasures. Under the leadership of those quasi-emperor strong men, I escaped here with difficulty and found this one. Mysterious Palace

. ""I thought I had found a way to leave, but who knew that the order in this hall would be greatly suppressed, and the spirit didn't stop disappearing, and even became more powerful, and there was no way back at all. I wait in horror,

I can only frantically look for a way to leave here, but the further I go to the core of this palace, the faster the spirit disappears, and many people died halfway. "

"However, I also discovered that the many lines on the main hall in this palace are some kind of extremely mysterious restriction. As long as you can control this restriction, you will not be suppressed by the power here, and the speed of the disappearance of the soul will also be slowed down." "At that time, everyone was crazily comprehending the restrictions here, and to really master these restrictions, they had to go deep, so some people comprehended the restrictions here like crazy, and some people were trying to find a way to leave here.

At that time, I only mastered some parts and couldn't hold on. When I was about to fall, my subordinates had difficulty returning to this basic hall. ""At that time, all the people here couldn't support it with the passage of time and fell, and the innate secret method of the subordinates was that they could incarnate countless ghost insects, and each ghost insect could become the subordinate's life, and the subordinates could use Many ghosts replace

If you die yourself, as long as the underworld worm does not die, your subordinates will still have a breath. ""Taking this opportunity, the subordinates quickly sealed themselves up, and kept letting the underworld worms die instead of themselves, and also used this to seize the skeleton of a quasi-emperor. Hundreds of millions of years have passed, and the subordinates' restrictions on this hall After being in control, this

The power in the hall does not suppress the subordinates so much, but the soul is still slowly dissipating, and the subordinates can only let themselves fall into a deep sleep to slow down the dissipating time. "Speaking of this, a bit of bitterness emerged in the pupils of the soul-eating ghost insects: "At first, this subordinate thought that he would sleep like this until his soul was shattered.

, It should be that another prisoner broke into this forbidden area. Originally, the subordinate wanted to devour your spirit and soul to heal your injuries, but you also know the result, my lord. "

The audience was silent.

After listening to the dry bones, everyone felt heavy in their hearts.

Although the soul-eating worms came here hundreds of millions of years earlier than them, in fact, the soul-eating worms did not enter the core of this palace back then. I don't know what is at the end of this palace.

The atmosphere on the field was extremely dignified. There was a faint trace of despair in everyone's heart.
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