Chapter 5488: The Prophesied Child

Chapter 5488: The Prophesied Child


The spirit formation gate suddenly wavered, and more people were flung out from within. These people were all unconscious, and they were inflicted with severe injuries.

“Big sister!” Long Chenglu exclaimed.

These were the group of people under Long Fengfeng’s command. They had entered the fourth gate together with Long Chenglu but had failed to clear the trial. It was a relief that they were alive, but their pitiful conditions showed just how dangerous the God Taboo Battlefield was.

This further highlighted just how formidable Chu Feng was.

The elders of the Totem Dragon Clan felt humiliated.

“Lord Clan Chief.”

A few of them turned their sights to the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief.

“I’ll handle this. You may take your leave for now,” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief replied.

The juniors quickly carried the casualties off to be treated, and the others took their leave too. Long Chengyu had planned to accompany Long Muxi to have Chu Feng treated, but the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief stopped him.

“Chengyu, you stay behind.”

Soon, the only ones left in the hall were the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and Long Chengyu.

“Chengyu, how did you become acquainted with Chu Feng?” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“It’s a bit embarrassing to talk about that.” Long Chengyu scratched his head with an awkward smile before sharing the details of their first meeting.

“I didn’t think that he would have saved your life. Is that the only reason you have such a high opinion of him?” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“He was willing to save my life despite not knowing who I was, which goes to show that he’s a kind person at heart. As for his capabilities, his feats at Painter Mountain are enough to show that he harnesses great potential within him. His following accomplishments continuously raised my evaluation of him. I thought that it would be utterly foolish of me to not get on good terms with him now,” Long Chengyu said.

“You have grown a lot, Chengyu,” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Well, I guess I should thank Xianhai Shaoyu for smacking some sense into me. I learned that the world is much larger than I thought.” Long Chengyu chuckled.

“Did you meet him in the Nine Heavens’ Zenith?” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“I did. He didn’t hold a grudge against me for past events. We had a pleasant conversation,” Long Chengyu said.

“It’d be good news if you could get on close terms with Xianhai Shaoyu. There is no doubt that child will achieve great things in the future,” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Xianhai Shaoyu is a good person, but he doesn’t seem to have any close friends. It won’t be easy to befriend him,” Long Chengyu said.

“We’ll just leave it to fate. What’s more important right now is for you to befriend Chu Feng,” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Father, it looks like you have a high opinion of Chu Feng too.” Long Chengyu was delighted to see that his father was acknowledging Chu Feng too.

“His performance thus far has been nothing short of impressive. I was planning to look for him before returning to the clan, but who could have thought that my children would have brought him right here? This must be a blessing from heaven. We must not let this fortuitous encounter go to waste,” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Father, do you know something about Chu Feng that we aren’t aware of?”

Long Chengyu was astounded to hear those words, especially since it suggested that his father had heard of Chu Feng even before this. He couldn’t think of anything Chu Feng had done that would catch his father’s attention.

“You should have heard by now the reason I headed to the Seven Realms Galaxy,” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“It’s something related to God’s Era, right?” Long Chengyu asked.

“That’s right. A spirit formation gate related to God’s Era has appeared. The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master, the Immortal Sea Fish Clan’s Clan Chief, the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect’s Sectmaster, and the Divine Body Heavenly Mansion’s Mansion Master immediately rushed over. The five of us worked together to open the spirit formation gate, and we acquired a few things from within,” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Father, what did you obtain?” Long Chengyu anxiously asked.

It was common knowledge that the arrival of God’s Era would shake the established power balance in the world of cultivation. This was an opportunity for existing powerhouses to rise a step further up the ranks, which was why they were particularly concerned about this.

“The Seven Realm Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master obtained the most important item, though the rest of us aren’t too sure what it is. The Immortal Fish Sea Clan’s Clan Chief also acquired something as well. I was incompetent and ended up returning with empty hands,” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said with a bitter smile.

“Father, you shouldn’t say that. Luck plays a huge role in such stuff. You shouldn’t reproach yourself,” Long Chengyu consoled him.

“However, it wasn’t a wasted trip. I saw something reminiscent of a prophecy. I suspect that this prophecy might be more important than the other treasures.”

The face of the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief suddenly turned severe.

“Father, what kind of prophecy is it?” Long Chengyu anxiously asked.

“It was a sight of the future. A man wielding a blood-red sword towered over the world of cultivation, trampling on the other powerhouses. All powers were given two choices—either submit to him or be massacred. I couldn’t see his face or hear his voice, but I could tell that he’s from the Ancestral Martial Galaxy’s Ancestral Martial Starfield.” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Father, are you telling me that someone from the Ancestral Martial Galaxy will eventually rule over the world of cultivation?” Long Chengyu asked.

“That’s what I saw in the prophecy,” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Does the Ancestral Martial Galaxy have someone as strong as that?” Long Chengyu found it hard to believe.

His father had once told him that the Eastern Region wasn’t as simple as it seemed, but he didn’t think they were strong enough to pose a threat to them. It was hard for him to imagine that someone from the Ancestral Martial Galaxy would become powerful enough to force the other powerhouses to submit and unite the world of cultivation.

It sounded awfully far-fetched.

“I can’t be certain, but I have a strong feeling that the man I saw was a junior,” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

Long Chengyu widened his eyes. “Father, you suspect that the person you saw in the prophecy is Chu Feng?”

“Supposing that the prophecy is true, do you think that there are any other juniors from the Ancestral Martial Galaxy, aside from Chu Feng, who could pull off something like that?” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“That explains why you wanted to look for Chu Feng. He is the prophesied one!” Long Chengyu exclaimed.

He found it hard to accept this even though he had long known that Chu Feng was no ordinary junior. It would take him some time to come to terms with this. Please visit ????????????e????????????noѵℯƖ. c????m