Chapter 5487: Good or Bad

Chapter 5487: Good or Bad

“How did he construct such a formation? Was that the reason Lord Clan Chief engaged his help?”

The crowd was shocked and confused.

Chu Feng’s formation was shocking because it was constructed out of martial power, and it resonated with this land’s aura. The crowd would have no doubt if he claimed that the formation belonged to this place.

“This must have been the formation young hero Chu Feng grasped in that corridor. He was able to comprehend the formation and even construct it. What incredible learning ability he has!” Long Fulai exclaimed aloud.

“Long Fulai, you’re saying that he grasped this formation from that corridor?” a Totem Dragon Clansmen asked.

Some of them did notice that something was amiss with the corridor, but they weren’t able to decipher what it was.

“We only took so long to get here because young hero Chu Feng was examining the runes on the walls. He must have deciphered it then, but he also mentioned that it’d be best if we don’t have to use it,” Long Fulai said.

“Is that for real?”

“I was also paying attention to the corridor, but I didn’t notice anything at all.”

The crowd reserved some skepticism to Long Fulai’s words.

Just then, the sculptures began to move, but their movements looked a little unusual. It looked like they wanted to awaken but were struggling to do so.


Chu Feng quickly expanded the formation to cover the entire pedestal, creating more formation cores. At the same time, he drew out a formation blueprint and instructed, “All world spiritists who can read this formation blueprint, enter the formation cores and channel your martial power. Remember, you have to channel your martial power and not your spirit power.”

“Do as Chu Feng says!” Long Chengyu roared.

He had also noticed that Chu Feng was struggling to channel the formation alone and needed additional help.


However, the crowd stared at the formation blueprint with deep frowns. Even Long Chengyu and Long Muxi were struggling to comprehend it.

It was much harder to channel a formation with martial power instead of spirit power, but the problem was that they couldn’t even understand the formation blueprint at all.

“What are you hesitating for? Don’t you want the God Taboo Martial Skill?” Chu Feng anxiously turned around and roared at the crowd.

“Brother Chu Feng, it’s not that we don’t want to help you, but we really don’t understand the formation blueprint,” Long Chengyu awkwardly said.

“Chu Feng, I don’t understand it either,” Long Zhizhi added.

“Young hero Chu Feng, I don’t get it too,” Long Fulai chirped in.

More and more people expressed that it was not that they didn’t want to help but that they couldn’t understand the formation blueprint.

“Is that so?”

Chu Feng’s expression turned grim, but he could understand where they were coming from.

The Totem Dragon Clansmen were, by no means, weaklings, but they specialized in martial cultivation rather than world spiritist techniques. While this formation was constructed out of martial power, its theory was based on world spiritist techniques.

Seeing that it was futile to rely on them, Chu Feng’s eyes hardened with determination.

“Gah!” Chu Feng roared.

His body tensed up, as veins popped out from under his skin. Tremendous martial power gushed from his body and swiftly flowed toward the formation.

Many of them thought that his martial power was weak compared to not just Long Chengyu and Long Muxi but many others too, yet it was apparent that the formation was becoming stronger under his channeling.

The eight sculptures opened their eyes and released a beam of light. The beam shot across the sandstorm and dissipated it, opening up the crowd’s field of vision. Soon, the beam fell upon a sphere of light.

Realizing that it had been discovered, the sphere of light immediately fled at an extreme speed. At the same time, the eight sculptures flitted off from their pedestal. Two of them headed straight for the light sphere, whereas the remaining six dispersed in different directions.

The crowd was perplexed.

They thought that the eight sculptures should have charged toward the light sphere to encircle it, but why were six of them flying in different directions? But soon, they realized that the six sculptures were actually getting in position to seal off the light sphere’s path of escape.

While the eight sculptures looked as if they were randomly moving around, their positions actually formed a tight formation that prevented anything from escaping their pursuit. By the time the light sphere realized that something was amiss, it was already too late.

The light sphere tried to struggle, but one of the sculptures firmly held onto it with its hand. All eight sculptures then simultaneously returned to the pedestal. The sculpture that had captured the light sphere opened up its hand, revealing a scroll.

Written on it were the words ‘God Taboo Martial Skill’.

“We succeeded!”

Cheers erupted from the Totem Dragon Clansmen as they celebrated their victory. They had accomplished a great feat that their ancestors failed at!

“Brother Chu Feng, you’re incredible!”

The first thing Long Chengyu did upon grabbing the God Taboo Martial Skill was to rush up to Chu Feng. Long Muxi was already standing beside Chu Feng by then, but her face was grim. Long Chengyu was initially confused by her reaction, but he soon realized what was wrong.

“Chu Feng, what’s wrong?”

Chu Feng’s muscles were torn, and he was bleeding from his seven apertures. His eyes were still staring firmly in the direction where the sculptures had captured the light sphere earlier, but he had already lost consciousness…

“He was already at his limit, but he gritted his teeth and forced himself to accomplish this feat,” Long Muxi said.

Long Zhizhi and the others heard those words and quickly headed over to Chu Feng’s side. It was only then that they realized what kind of price Chu Feng had to pay in order to channel the formation.

Long Chengyu hurriedly took out a pill to treat Chu Feng’s injuries.

On the other hand, Long Muxi looked at the crowd beneath and bellowed, “The lot of you still have the cheek to celebrate? What have you contributed to obtaining the God Taboo Martial Skill?”

Her words were so sharp that the celebrating juniors immediately fell silent. The crowd turned their eyes toward the pedestal, and it was only then that they noticed the awful state Chu Feng was in.

“We are proud Totem Dragon Clansmen, but our pride is built on the empire our ancestors built for us. What rights do you have to put on airs and look down on others?” Long Muxi pointed her finger at Chu Feng. “Remember this! The one who obtained the God Taboo Martial Skill today is a cultivator from the Eastern Region whom you looked down on! He did it with his own strength without relying on any of our help!”

Long Muxi was so infuriated because she knew that she didn’t think that these people were worthy of his sacrifice. Yet, he still did it anyway, and that only further angered her when she saw them celebrating.

After berating the crowd, Long Muxi returned to Chu Feng’s side and took out a brilliant golden pill. The dragon silhouette surfaced above the pill.

The crowd was stunned to see the pill. They knew how valuable it was, but none of them tried to stop Long Muxi when she fed it to him. They knew that Chu Feng was worthy of having that pill.

“I told you earlier that we could only watch helplessly by the side while Chu Feng breached the formation, but you refused to believe my words. Is this enough proof for you?” Long Zhizhi also spoke with contemptuous eyes.

Many juniors lowered their heads in shame.

They didn’t think that Chu Feng was so capable as to single-handedly clear the stage when there were other prodigies like Long Zhizhi present. However, they had no choice but to believe her after they had been put in the same situation just a moment ago.


A huge spirit formation gate appeared.

Long Chengyu and the others knew that it was time to return. They stepped through the spirit formation gate and were transported back to the Totem Dragon Clan’s main hall.

The Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the other elders were waiting for them.

“Chengyu, did you succeed?”

The elders could hardly contain their excitement when they saw Long Chengyu stepping out of the spirit formation gate with a scroll carrying the words ‘God Taboo Martial Skill’. This was a huge event for their Totem Dragon Clan, as they had accomplished something their ancestors had failed at.

In contrast, there was hardly anyone who noticed Chu Feng. Those who noticed him chose not to pay him any heed. After all, what did an outsider count as compared to their clan’s honor?

“I have already said that our current generation of juniors is the strongest ever!” The grand elder burst into hearty laughter.

“Grand elder, we have succeeded in our mission, but I am ashamed to say that it has nothing to do with us,” Long Chengyu said.

The hall immediately fell silent as the elders noticed that something was amiss.

“Chengyu, what do you mean by that?” the grand elder asked with a frown.

“It’s Chu Feng’s own feat.” Long Chengyu glanced at the unconscious Chu Feng, who was being carried by Long Fulai.

“You must be pulling our legs. How could it be him…”

The grand elder unhesitatingly refuted Long Chengyu’s words, but his face stiffened up when he noticed the embarrassed looks on the juniors’ faces. From this, he could tell that Long Chengyu was not lying to him despite it sounding utterly inconceivable.

“What happened, Chengyu?” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“Long Zhizhi, you explain it to them,” Long Chengyu instructed.

“Elders, Chu Feng was indeed the one who helped us obtain the God Taboo Martial Skill,” Long Zhizhi stepped forward and explained the situation.

Complicated looks could be seen on the elders’ faces after learning of the happenings in the God Taboo Battlefield. While this didn’t change the fact that they had obtained the God Taboo Martial Skill, they were hardly as happy as they were earlier.

How could they be when this momentous feat had almost nothing to do with their juniors?

It was not to say that their juniors didn’t contribute, but Chu Feng was the one who cleared the hardest trial and turned things around at the crucial moment. The God Taboo Battlefield should have been a chance for their juniors to shine, but they ended up as bystanders.

The elders looked at Chu Feng with conflicted expressions. They didn’t know whether this was a good thing for their Totem Dragon Clan or not.