Chapter 3850

Taking advantage of the fierce battle between the two sides, Fade Chen pulled out all the medicines, talismans, and spiritual liquids that could be used from the storage ring, swallowed them frantically, and quickly recovered his strength.

In this way, the time passed by every minute and every second, and an hour passed, and all the eight beasts had fought.

All of them were wounded, and it was obvious that they fought against the four of An Hai with one enemy and four, which was also a huge pressure for them.

"Boy, I can't hold on anymore, are you alright, kid?" The last one was a burly giant rhinoceros.

Relying on its extremely hard skin, it forcibly resisted An Hai's attack, and it has been nearly twenty minutes now. But he couldn't take it anymore, and gaps began to appear on his skin.

Fade Chen looked at the fragments of the spiritual core that were getting dimmer and dimmed in his hands, gritted his teeth, and separated a ball of spiritual liquid again, and flicked it towards the eight beasts, "Seniors, please join hands and help me resist for another half an hour. "

The beasts didn't want to agree at first, but their eyes lit up when they saw the spirit liquid from Chen Fei.

"Since we have achieved this step, let's hold on for another half an hour."

"The kid is generous, I agree."

"We were injured a lot, and those guys won't feel better. Let's join hands together, so don't worry too much."


After a few exchanges, the Eight Great Beasts suddenly gained momentum, and rushed out together, surrounding the four of An Hai.

Seeing this, An Hai's eyes sank, revealing a cold killing intent, staring at the beasts around him, "A group of evil beasts, you are looking for death."


An Hai's momentum was greatly boosted, and his vitality was berserk. The Eight Great Beasts also roared and charged, and the two sides fought into a ball.

Fade Chen looked at the battlefield not far away, and while quickly recovering his strength, he turned his head to look forward to the left side, muttering something in a low voice: "Liu Yun, have you made it over there? This side won't last long .”

Time continued to pass, and the battle continued to rage.

Facing the siege, An Hai seemed to be ruthless. He took out a lot of treasures and exploded the strength of the eight parties to control the level, suppressing the eight beasts.

In less than a quarter of an hour, the Eight Great Beasts could no longer hold on, and their injuries continued to increase. Some ferocious beasts secretly distanced themselves and slowed down their attacks.

Obviously, someone is already secretly planning to find an opportunity to slip.

Fade Chen naturally saw this, and sighed in his heart: "You can't get your sincerity if you buy it with materials!"

However, even though Fade Chen was so emotional, he still knew that he had to let these beasts help him to complete the plan by Liuyun. Only in this way can they have a chance of survival, otherwise, they will all die here.

Therefore, just when a ferocious beast seemed to be unable to hold on, it was about to slip away.

Fade Chen held the fragment of the spirit core, roared, and rushed forward: "Seniors, I'm here."

The moment he rushed up, Fade Chen directly stimulated the energy of the fragments of the spiritual core, which was comparable to the full-strength attack of a seven-party control-level master, directly overwhelming the sky and covering the earth.

Such a majestic and mighty offensive made An Hai stagnate, his movements also paused, and he took a few steps back.

Seeing Fade Chen's posture, those fierce beasts who were planning to run away temporarily suppressed the idea of ​​fleeing and continued to fight.

Fade Chen and the Eight Great Beasts teamed up and hit a climax for a while, suppressing the four of An Hai.

However, under the excellent situation, the pneumoconiosis with a smile on the surface was bitter in his heart, and he almost cried out: "In my prime state, relying on the energy of the fragments of the spiritual core, I forcibly burst out the power of the seven directions to control the realm. With strength, it can last about three minutes at most."

"Now that I am in this situation, I can barely hold on for two minutes, which is already the limit."

"After two minutes, I'm sure I won't be able to hold on anymore. Those beasts, I'm afraid they will turn around and run away by then."


Time passed by second by second, just two minutes, usually not worth mentioning, but at this moment, to Fade Chen, it was extraordinarily precious.

An Hai commanded three shadow guards to stabilize the situation and resist the siege.

He also seemed to have noticed Fade Chen's strangeness, and stared at him firmly. When it was almost two minutes, he saw Fade Chen's body staggering, his eyes lit up, and he shouted: "That kid is going to hold on." Can't hold it anymore, start counterattacking."

In an instant, An Hai rushed up with three shadow guards, and the offensive surged.