Chapter 349 - Lucien's Flowers 2/2

Angela gently moves the other blue magnolias away, showing two beautiful shiny ones. "Look there."

Marie and Lena's eyes shine again as they pick up those magnolias. Now, Angela and her daughters also have their chosen flowers.​​

On the other side of the flower field, Kylee and Neola are looking for something special. They both feel very close to each other, but well, that is due to the fact that Kylee has a very sociable personality, just like Anne.

However, Neola is generally very reserved as she sometimes thinks of herself as still one of Lucien's troops and not his wives as a princess or queen.

Feelings of inferiority are easily generated by comparison, mainly because some of Lucien's wives are really incredible while others are simpler.

But he loves them all very much and treats them equally with a lot of respect and affection. So Neola wants to find the best possible flower to show Lucien that she also loves and respects him too much.

Walking along the edge of the flower field, Neola and Kylee find a small stream less than a meter wide.

"Oh, this is the end; let's go back and look in the middle of the clearing," Kylee speaks.

Neola prepares to return, but then she sees a flower in the stream, on the water. The ornamental aquatic plant has large round floating green leaves and large cup-shaped, yellow petals and a center made of orange threads.

"A waterlily." Neola thinks aloud while recognizing the flower because she had seen many of these when she lived in the great forest.

Kylee also recognizes the flower and remembers their time in that damn forest. While Neola had to fight wild beasts and accept an outlawed life, she was a sick girl who depended on the care of others.

"Things have changed so fast... not so long ago we..." Kylee comments in a sad tone.

Neola pats Kylee's head before crouching at the edge of the stream and taking the waterlily. "Our past will always be an important part of us, be it good or bad. But we live in the present. And our present is wonderful. Also, although our future looks challenging alongside our husband, I am sure it will be great as every day is alongside him."

"Yep." Kylee smiles as he helps Neola and puts the waterlily in the container.

She has already chosen her flower but continues to walk beside Kylee to help her find something special too. Then they see Lorelai and Rebecca also looking for flowers near them.

"Let's join them." Kylee talks and walks towards the other girls, already praising Neola's beautiful waterlily.

Lorelai and Rebecca smile and praise Neola's flower too. So, she smiles as she joins them. Not all Lucien's wives started out having a good relationship, but inevitably, they became sisters in the heart due to sharing the same love for the same man.

A few seconds after the group has joined, Rebecca finds a flower that catches her attention. The plant has a thick dark green stem and several small flowers around it. What most catches her attention is the color of the petals that resemble rusted red metal.

"What is the name of this flower?" She asks the other girls.

Kylee, Neola, and Lorelai don't know how to answer that question, but Kara approaches them and quickly speaks. "It is a gladiolus. I have seen this plant before but never with this color. It must be a mutation because this place is so mystic."

"Gladiolus..." Rebecca thinks out loud. "I liked this name and Its color."

Without thinking twice, she picks up the rust-colored flower. It is not a very light color, but it is also not very dark, and she likes the balance a lot, in addition to the fact that rust is something present in the daily life of a blacksmith.

The group, now with Kara too, keep looking for more flowers and soon arrive in front of a lot of veronicas. They are long plants with a thick green stem and tiny ball-shaped red petals around it. In addition, the petals are more abundant near the middle of the stem with no petals above, which makes the plant have a spear aspect.

They both choose the most beautiful veronicas from that spot and continue walking through the flower field to help Kara find her special flower.

"What color are you looking for?" Kylee asks Kara.

The cute little maid makes a thoughtful expression. "I like pink. That can also be a light color because I don't want to be a brave warrior who helps hubby make difficult decisions, but just care for our home as an obedient maid."

The other girls don't know what to say, but Angela hears Kara's words and approaches them with a kind expression as always.

"Oh, little Kara, you don't realize how much you help Lucien make important decisions. Thanks to you always keeping our house perfectly clean, his clothes always tidy and scented, our stomachs full of delicious food, Lucien and us always are very comfortable to do anything, and for that, you have my gratitude." Angela talks while she pats Kara's head.

Marie also participates in the conversation while speaking to Kara. "You seem to be a real wife while you do all the housework, and we do the easy and cool part that she is fighting alongside hubby."

Kara is embarrassed by the compliments but quickly smiles at Aria and Jeanne. "I don't do everything alone. Aria and Jeanne, like other girls, are always helping me with the housework and cooking."

"Though I'm so bad at cooking..." Jeanne sighs.

The girls laugh at the 'sad' situation of most of them. But the person who suffers most from the fact that many of them don't cook well despite wanting to cook many 'special dishes' for Lucien is himself. Still, he will always say that the strange dishes that Mia, Marie, Lena, and other girls make are perfect.

But then, in the midst of the blue magnolias, she finds a pink one and quickly thinks of Kara.

"Kara, come here!" Lena calls her.

The little maid approaches Lena and sees the beautiful pink magnolia. It is very similar to the bright blue magnolias, but its center is made of light pink, almost white, and the edges are made of solid pink, yet the whole flower shines beautifully.

"Loved it!" Kara smiles as she is enchanted by the pink magnolia. That flower has the light color that she wants to demonstrate her passive personality, but it also has a solid pink to show her full support to Lucien and not just depend on him unilaterally.

Meanwhile, Anne and Elsie are looking for their flowers together in another part of the clearing while also talking.

Elsie tells everything about how it was the first time with Lucien, just as Anne has told her many other things. Both are really like good sisters.

Then they arrive in front of a beautiful tree with pink flowers. This is the only tree in the middle of the clearing; a solitary sakura tree.

While Anne is interested in sakura flowers, what catches Elsie's attention are small bell-shaped flowers on the tree trunk.

Anne starts looking for the most beautiful sakura flower and with the darkest pink color possible as Elsie reaches the flowers on the tree's trunk.

Elsie is really delighted with the beautiful violet bells and takes a whole bunch of them by a stem, taking several small violet bells as her chosen flower. The color is darker than light, but so is Elsie's personality, very active and brave.

Anne climbs atop the sakura tree to find the biggest and most beautiful sakura flower. She takes one that has petals of different flowers, some solid pink, others magenta, and even some purple.

Both Anne and Eslie's flowers have that mystic glow of most of the flowers in that clearing.

In another area of the clearing, Oya and Ko are also looking for their special flower. But both mother and daughter tigresses are not sure how to choose it. They are fierce tigresses and don't really like plants in general.

They are more eager to catch the feather of a rare bird. It's not easy for a tiger to catch an agile bird, but the challenge makes them excited, mainly because it will be a gift for Lucien.

Still, at some point, some flower among so many incredible ones would catch Oya and Ko's attention.

Not because of the appearance, but because of the smell is how the tigresses find a group of white and red flowers.

Of medium size, those flowers have no leaves and only large petals that appear to be white, but there are several parts in blood red. In fact, those red spots look like some liquid that ran from the center of the flower, which is totally dark red.

Oya and Ko don't know, but they are attracted by the wild aura and bloody smell of that plant called Bloody Hibiscus, a plant that only grows near a place where many people had horrible deaths, in this case, the unlucky victims of the Ghost Lady.

Well, he is not a pacifist; on the contrary, he is a bloodthirsty demon on the battlefield and will certainly appreciate the look of those bloody flowers.

Cassidy and Mia smile as they see Oya and Ko choose similar flowers.

"It seems that mothers and daughters tend to think the same way." Mia comments.

"And Lucien loves mother and daughter stuff..." Cassidy responds with a smile on her face.

Mia blushes as she remembers the kind of mother and daughter stuff Lucien likes. "Let's find beautiful flowers that match."

"Mm." Cassidy agrees and keeps looking for flowers with Mia.

In less than a minute, they find beautiful big purple flowers. That purple quickly reminds them of Lucien's demonic energy because when he uses it a lot, it is possible to see that same purple glow on his body.

"They look like Anemones, but I've never seen ones with such a shade of purple," Cassidy comments while crouching to check those flowers.

"I really like that shade of purple. Also, these flowers are beautiful." Mia comments while she is already looking for the two most beautiful Anemones among them all.

She and Ghilanna use their nature affinity to find the perfect flower, not in appearance but in aura.

After searching for several minutes since they arrived at that flower field, Ghilanna feels something special. An incredible nature aura, coming from the most northern part of the field, that is, from the furthest part of the Lake of Tears.

Mother and daughter go in that direction and find a beautiful and lonely emerald green flower. Just seeing that flower, Ghilanna already feels that it is her chosen one, but she starts analyzing the flower to understand more about it.

"It looks like a lily..." Ghilanna comments.

"An emerald lily... only such a flower would be worthy of an elven princess," Ghalenna comments with a smile on her face.

But Ghilanna doesn't like that comment. She shakes her head. "But I am not an elven princess, not anymore."

Ghalenna quickly nods. "Yes, yes, you can be anything you want."

"I'm already what I want to be, which is Lucien's wife," Ghilanna speaks with a satisfied and proud expression.

"I see," Ghalenna speaks as she looks up, then she notices something shiny moving in the sky. "Is that a shooting star?"


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