Chapter 348 - Lucien's Flowers 1/2

While Lucien has a great time with his new 'sword,' his wives walk through the forest searching for a specific field of flowers.

The place has rare flowers due to the strange atmosphere around the Lake of Tears, and almost nobody goes there for fear of the Ghost Lady.​​

"Has hubby found the gems yet?" Marie thinks out loud. "He usually does everything very quickly..."

"He can do many important things slowly. Sometimes very slowly..." Maggie comments with a flushed expression.

"Hehehe..." The other girls giggles while also blushing.

'You have no idea what they're talking about, right? You just let him use the tongue on you...' Envy provokes Amelia mentally.

Amelia snorts as she gets upset. 'Shut the f.u.c.k up!'

'Oh, are you upset? Look around; these women are probably carrying his children, but what about you? If you don't take what you want, we will be wasting our potential.' Envy explains.

Amelia looks at Lucien's wives, talking and laughing. She really feels that they don't are jealous of her as much as at first because while they have all the love that Lucien can give them, she is still limiting herself and depending only on the energy of his pats and not generating energy beside him as she wants.

"I can... I can really do it..." Amelia mumbles as she thinks to herself.

'So do it.' Envy speaks.

"I go!" Amelia exclaims. "I'm going to have his children!!"

"..." Lucien's wives stop when they hear Amelia exclaim in a loud tone. They look at her with confused expressions.

"..." Amelia realizes that the girls can't understand why she said that because she was talking to Envy mentally, so she gets embarrassed.

But the girls actually understand Amelia's situation. Any of them is sure that even if they were Lucien's sisters, they would still fall in love with him.

Angela smiles gently while tapping Amelia's shoulder. "Of course you can."

Amelia smiles and hugs Angela. Despite feeling jealous of everyone around Lucien, she also likes his wives and feels like in a lovely family with them.

Then the group continues talking and laughing through the forest.

After walking another hundred meters, they arrive at the edge of the flower field. The place is a big clearing in the middle of the forest.

"Wow!" Some girls comment together while they are all impressed by the beautiful field of flowers. The place seems to have more than three hundred square meters of infinite varieties of flowers, also of different shapes and sizes.

"I feel a powerful magical aura here..." Ghilanna comments while her nature affinity allows her to notice the flowers' aura.

Ghalenna, beside her daughter, makes a curious expression. She also has a nice nature affinity and is the strongest follower of Eve today, but she can't feel anything special coming from the flowers.

Well, that is the difference between the potential of Pride and L.u.s.t energies. While the first gives power quickly, the second improves all forms of the person to gain real power.

"It looks like someone nurtured this soil with magic seeds." Envy comments as she checks the flowers closest to the edge of the clearing.

"Magic seeds?" Kara asks while she is interested in improving the purple world plants to produce better meals for Lucien and the girls.

Envy quickly explains. "They are items used to plant special trees in a specific soil, making it richer and more likely to improve anything else planted on the site afterward. They are very rare because they are only taken from legendary trees that you only have in a few medium and superior worlds."

"Why would anyone plant such treasures here?" Cassidy thinks out loud while the other girls have the same question in mind.

Envy shrugs. "I have no idea."

"Maybe whoever did this wanted this to be a special place." Anne comments.

"But so close to the Lake of Tears... Does this have anything to do with the Ghost Lady?" Elsie makes a thoughtful expression.

While some girls reflect on the subject, others start looking for the perfect flower for the offering among those beautiful flowers in the clearing.

Jeanne walks among several light-colored flowers, which do not attract her attention. Although she generally does not show interest in giving her opinion on serious matters, she wants to be more present in Lucien's life, not just as one of his beautiful wives, but as someone that he can always trust on.

That's why she keeps looking for a flower with a darker color, but not so dark, because she likes to be an obedient wife, too.

After a few minutes, she finds a solid pink flower with a long stem and green leaves. "A beautiful tulip..."

That color resembles her hair, but also Eve's hair. Jeanne now understands that Lucien's reason for being interested in her was because of the similarity between her hair.

But Jeanne is not sad. She can feel Lucien's feelings for her through their connection. [He chose me as his wife, so I have nothing to worry about!]

Jeanne's eyes shine with expectation as she gently removes the tulip from the ground along with a significant amount of earth and puts it in a wood container designed to keep the flowers alive until the ceremony time.

Aria, beside Jeanne, claps, and smiles. "A beautiful flower with a solid color. Certainly hubby will like it."

"I hope so." Jeanne smiles too. Being in Lucien's group of wives is a perfect dream. She is very loved by her lover and has a kind family who also loves her.

The best part is that she doesn't have to deal with her spoiled nephew. Also, Jeanne is already preparing for when she has children with Lucien; she doesn't let him spoil them so much that they will become bad people.

On the other side of Aria, Ella also finds a flower that catches her eye.

"Oh, what do we have here?" Ella asks as she opens her way among large green leaves.

Aria can see a golden sparkle reflecting in her daughter's eyes even at night while Ella pushes the green leaves away, showing two beautiful golden sunflowers.

"Superb!" Both mother and daughter harpy exclaim with the same sparkle in their eyes.

"They are a couple, so I think they were waiting for you both." Jeanne comments while holding her tulip fondly.

"I also think so," Ella comments as she gently takes the two sunflowers off the ground. Aria quickly helps her daughter to separate the sunflowers into two containers, one for each one of them.

Although the color of the sunflowers is golden, they're bright and not very light, which shows that they are kind and obedient wives at home but also brave warriors in combat. Also, the mother and daughter harpy pair wants to demonstrate how brilliant their love for Lucien is, like those sunflowers, which shine even at night.

"The flowers here are really magical," Ella comments while she and other girls gaze at her golden sunflower.

"But this is a dangerous place... People who get too close to the Lake of Tears don't usually come back home." Elsie comments, trying to make a mysterious tone as if telling a scary story.

Still, the girls can't help but laugh, imagining Ghost Lady's encounter with Lucien.

"It will be good if the Ghost Lady doesn't join the family..." Mia comments while looking for a flower.

"Indeed!" The other girls comment while laughing.

Less than a minute later, Maggie finds several similar flowers that catch her eye. Those flowers have tiny red circles in the middle and many small red petals with a yellow border around them, creating a ball of petals.

Looking at the intense red of the petals adorned with small bright yellow stripes around them, Maggie remembers the flames of her fire magic and is sure that Lucien will also think like her.

Maggie doesn't think twice before taking the most beautiful of those flowers and placing it in the container with a little soil.

"Nice Fire Marigold you got!" Elsie gives Maggie a thumb up.

[Fire Marigold... I really like this one!] Maggie thinks to herself, satisfied with the color and appearance of that flower.

There are so many rare flowers in that clearing that it is difficult for girls to choose one. Few of them have already found a special flower while the others continue to look for the best among the best.

Scarlett, like Maggie, looks for a red flower, but she doesn't like the Marigolds and keeps looking until she finds a lonely flower, totally scarlet red, very similar to her hair and fur.

"Carnation..." Scarlett thinks aloud while recognizing that flower because there was one in her grandmother's house where she lived when she was very young. Her grandmother said that the Carnation is Scarlett's mom's favorite flower.

Perhaps that flower would bring painful memories to Scarlett before, but now she just feels good knowing that her brother is fine and her mother has been avenged.

There is no way for her to choose another flower after seeing the beautiful scarlet carnation. She takes that flower to give Lucien a blessing that her mother would give them if she were alive.

At the same time, Astrid also finds a beautiful lonely flower. That flower looks like a simple orchid, but Its brown petals are strangely sharp-pointed. Also, in the center of it, there is a part of the flower that looks like a stinger.

Astrid smiles while swinging her tail. The pointed petals of that brown orchid resemble her bat-wings, and the stinger in the center reminds her of her own manticore stinger, which has developed harder and more sharpened as she gets stronger.

She takes the orchid off the ground and feels that the plant is very resistant and a little scary. Also, the not extremely dark color pleases her very much. "Perfect!"

Every time one girl finds a flower of their like, the other girls get happy too. Yet, Amelia and Envy can't help but get more and more eager because they want to find the best flower to please Lucien more than anyone else.

The girls who already found the special flower understood that it was the flower that chose them due to their special feelings, but Amelia and Envy see it as a game, one that they have to win, and quickly.

"I found you!" Lena exclaims as she notices a beautiful blue flower shining in the middle of other flowers of that type, but only that one shines more than the others with a perfect solid lapis blue.

Lena quickly approaches the flower but does not realize that Marie had also noticed that flower and also went towards it.


"AH!" Both sisters get surprised when they hit their foreheads as they bend down to pick up the bright blue flower.

"I saw it first!" Both speak at the same time.

The other girls stop to watch the dispute between Maria and Lena while Angela shakes her head.

"Everyone heard me talking when I found it," Lena argues as she looks at Kylee, asking for help.

"But I started moving toward it before you. I was just further away." Marie looks at Anne, also looking for a witness.

But Kylee and Anne don't say anything because even though they know that Lucien finds the sisters' competition between Marie and Lena's healthy, they, like his other wives, don't want to get involved in that dispute now because this is a very special moment for them.

Before Lena and Marie say anything else, Angela speaks in a firm but still gentle tone. "Do not fight!"

"Mom!!" Marie and Lena pout.

Angela sighs. "Lucien would be sad to see you fighting right now. There are so many of those blue flowers so just take another one."

Lena and Marie bow their heads while they regret fighting so much. They know that Lucien doesn't like them to fight.

"But..." Marie sadly whispers as she looks at that blue flower.

"This is the brightest one..." Lena whispers too.

Angela looks at that flower and is surprised as it is lovely. "This is really a fantastic magnolia. This blue glow looks so mystic... also, this shade of blue is perfect..."

Lena and Marie smile as they see Angela's impressed expression on realizing why they wanted that flower so badly.

Then the sisters look at each other while thinking the same thing again.

"It's your, mom." Both Marie and Lena take a step back.

Angela smiles. "Oh, I won't refuse then."

She bends down in front of the magnolia spot and gently removes that special one. But then, as she bows, Angela realizes that there are two other bright magnolias hidden in the middle of that natural flower bed.

"We are so lucky." She comments while the blue glow of the magnolias blends perfectly with the glow of her eyes and hair.


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