Chapter 844: OUR LITTLE BOY

Chapter 844: OUR LITTLE BOYMisha had prepared himself for this moment, especially when he was the one who volunteered to be in the delivery room with Kia, but after he saw how much pain the woman was in and how she smelled of blood, he felt himself losing his control little by little.        


The only thing keeping his mind sane now was the fact that Kia was in a vulnerable state and needed him right now, so there was no way he could crumble right now.    

But, of course this was an experience he would never forget. Seeing his woman crying in pain and looking pale, made Misha feel the blood running down his face, but Kia looked strong as she tried her best to follow the instructions that were said.    

Misha felt a strong sense of pride when he saw his woman being so strong and at the same time he also thought about how Kia went through all this alone when she had Mika. She was not in a good condition and was also alone. She had to go through everything alone, that too for the very first time.    

If only he had looked for Kia first and if he hadn't been a jerk, of course Kia wouldn't have had to suffer all those misfortunes.    

In this moment, Misha was experiencing countless emotions at the same time, even more than he had lived through in his entire life.    

There was a feeling of disappointment in himself, anger and fear, but also pride because Kia was so strong in going through all of this alone and also a feeling of love that grew bigger in his heart.    

And when at last they heard the sound of a baby crying, Misha couldn't help but tear up too.    

Damn! He never even thought that he could cry in front of so many people like this, but his tears wouldn't stop falling, his heart was swollen with pride and joy.    

"You did it," Misha said, wiping his tears and Kia's as well. "Thank you so much."    

Misha kissed Kia's forehead while saying how lucky he was to have a woman like her and that he loved her, even the nurses who were there smiled shyly when they heard such declaration of love from Misha Tordoff.    

They knew what the men in the Tordoff family were like, but this time they saw a different side of the family. They were indeed cold to the people around them, but they could be extremely gentle with someone that they cared for the most.    

And right at that moment, a nurse came and brought their baby boy who was still crying after he was cleaned up. His skin was wrinkled and he was crying until his face turned red. The baby was very small, well, normal for a newborn, but Misha thought he would be a little bigger than this.    


And seeing how vulnerable the baby was, he became a bit panicked when he had to hold him. He didn't even dare to touch him, afraid that he would hurt him and handle him wrongly. He wondered how small Mika was when she was born...    

One of the nurses then placed the writhing baby on Kia's chest so she could breastfeed him, which was important for the baby.    

The baby who was still crying then pouted his mouth, but with the help of Kia, he managed to drink some milk.    

It was a beautiful sight to Misha and felt… magical too. He never thought that a sight like this would leave him stunned and speechless, but that was exactly what happened to him.    

Their baby then made a small sound as he drank milk and this moment was captured by one of the sisters with permission from Misha of course.    

He only regretted that he didn't get to go through this phase early in Mika's life and that of course would forever be etched in his mind.    

But, he would not make his regrets eclipse his happiness now.    

"Thank you," Misha whispered softly into Kia's ear.    


Candice and Lexus couldn't stop gushing over the baby. They didn't even let the baby boy be carried by Misha. They even handed him over reluctantly when it was time for nursing.    

Lexus had taken Mika out for a walk when Kia got ready to nurse him, asking the little girl to play.    

Mika looked very happy because she got a younger brother, because this was what she hoped for.    

She smiled brilliantly and looked amazed as she looked at her little brother.        


Grandpa Ramon and Grandma Hailee also came as well as uncle Jayden and aunt Apple. They had bought all sorts of gifts to welcome their new family member and of course they didn't forget Mika, they bought something for the little girl too.    

"Then, what will you name our little son?" Misha asked in the afternoon when their family had returned home and it was a quiet time for them, while Mika was asleep in Misha's lap.    

"Hm… I'm still thinking about that," Kia muttered. "I don't feel like using one of the names we have chosen before," she said sheepishly.    

Misha smiled dotingly at her and then covered Mika's body with a blanket and laid her down on the bed next to Kia's bed. The girl was smiling in her sleep. She looked very happy and laughed happily all day.    

Misha didn't think that he would get happiness from very simple things like this. Having a wife like Kia, having two healthy and happy children, he had no other wishes, because what he received had exceeded all his expectations.    

"Why did you name Mika 'Mika'?" Misha asked offhandedly, as he knelt beside her bed and stroked Kia's head.    

Surprisingly, Kia looked shy when she answered this and this made Misha interested to hear a direct answer from her.    

"Why?" He probed.    

"Hm…" She fiddled with his fingers, as she held his hand. "Mika; Misha and Kia…" she bit her lips and then shrunk into her pillow. "Well, I know it's too cheesy…"    

Misha didn't expect that answer, but his eyes softened. "No, that's beautiful. Should we find an abbreviation similar to that for our little boy?"