Chapter 843: FATEFUL NIGHT

Chapter 843: FATEFUL NIGHTKia woke up when she felt a sharp pain in her stomach and this kept her awake. She took the intervals the pain hit her into account, and when the gap shortened considerably, she woke Misha up.        


This wasn't her first pregnancy, therefore, she didn't panic too much and looked quite calm.    

"Misha, Misha…" Kia called and it didn't take long for Misha to wake up. He immediately looked at Kia with a sleepy face, but his eyes were sharp.    

"What is it? Do you want anything?" Misha asked while stroking her cheeks. He carefully removed the strands of hair from Kia's face.    

All this time, when Kia wanted something and she had cravings, Misha would wake up right away and grant her every wish. No matter if it was the middle of the night or when he was at the office, he would make time for his wife.    

And never once did he complain about it.    

"I think it's time," said Kia slowly.    

"It is time?" For a moment, Misha looked confused by what Kia meant, he frowned. It might also be because he just woke up, therefore, his mind still wasn't working properly.    

"I think I am having contractions," Kia finally said, because Misha looked confused.    

It was only when she said that, Misha looked surprised. He immediately got out of bed and looked at Kia, this time he must have really woken up.    

"Okay, wait, I will take the bag and you wear this jacket," Misha said while getting out of bed and grabbing a jacket. He gave the jacket to Kia, while he took a big bag that had been prepared for a moment like this.    

Kia raised her eyebrows when she saw Misha, who was usually very calm and organized, now looked very chaotic and disorganized. He seemed to be doing a lot of things in a very short amount of time, even though he made the room a mess actually.    

"No need to panic," Kia said calmly, but Misha only glared at her fiercely.    


How could he not panic when this was the first time for him to face a situation like this. When Mika was in Kia's stomach and born, he missed all the things entirely. "Why aren't you wearing that jacket yet?"    

Misha, who couldn't wait, immediately approached Kia and put the jacket on her. He then helped her out of bed carefully.    

"Don't worry, we will have enough time," Kia said with a beautiful smile on her face, she looked at the man beside her with a warm smile.    

Only, Misha was too nervous to hear those words, the only thing that was on his mind was how to get them to the hospital quickly, because anything could happen.    

Therefore, seeing how serious Misha was right now, Kia didn't say anything. She let her husband take care of things.    

Hm, actually Kia really liked it when Misha panicked and worried about her like this.    

"Take care of Mika and if she wakes up, immediately bring her to the hospital," Misha said to the maids there and also asked them to bring two large bags that had been prepared to be put into the car, while his attention was focused on Kia alone. "Drive carefully," Misha said warningly as they got into the car.    

Even the driver looked a little nervous when he drove the car.    

"Don't be too fast!" Misha suddenly said with an unhappy voice, when he felt the driver drove a little bit faster.    

"Don't slow down either, when will we get to the hospital?"    

"Don't rush, what if you crash?"    

"Be careful!"    

The driver really didn't know how to drive this car anymore, he looked like he wanted to cry, but he didn't have any tears to shed. Should he push the car instead of driving it?        


In the end, they arrived at the hospital in less than half an hour and Kia was taken care of immediately.    

However, Kia did not immediately enter the delivery room, as she had to wait for an hour before all things were in order and perfect.    

And so during that one hour, Misha sat beside his wife and held her hand.    

"Haven't you told mom and dad yet?" asked Kia. She meant Candice and Lexus of course.    

"I will tell them later," said Misha lightly.    

"Tell them now, so they can come here and accompany you," said Kia. She felt helpless because Misha didn't want to let her go even for a moment.    

Even though she felt very happy for what he did, still, they had to tell them both, because both of them had also been waiting for a moment like this.    

It was only after a while of cajoling Misha that he stepped out for a while and told his parents the news, who promised to come soon.    

By this time, it was almost morning and Kia was starting to feel the intensity of her labor pain increase by the minute.    

And when she was about to enter the delivery room, Candice and Lexus finally arrived at the hospital.    

During the child birth, only one person was allowed to enter the delivery room together with Kia and of course Misha would not miss this opportunity.    

"Everything will be fine sweetheart," said Candice, giving support as the nurses brought her into the room together with Misha.    


The man had never felt more stressed and frustrated than he did right now. Seeing Kia in pain, he wanted to lessen the pain and started coaxing her.    

"Let's just go for the C section," Misha said, because he couldn't see Kia wincing in pain looking all pale.    

"No, it's okay," said Kia. She still managed to smile at her worried husband. "I've given birth before, I know what I'm capable of."    

And it was only after a nurse told Misha that he shouldn't panic because it would affect both mother and child, that he calmed down a bit and supported her from the side, observing every step of the process carefully.