Chapter 2243 The Halcyon Plane Of Loot! II

2243 The Halcyon Plane of Loot! II

<Planar Pantheon of the Halcyon Sword>

This was what Theseus had called out as his body that was drawn and strung like a Sword harmonized gloriously, his Soul fervently seeking the thin barrier preventing him from crossing a critical threshold of Extremity!

He could feel his Aeonic Soul squeeze out everything it had and intricately set up the name he wished to represent his Sixth Boundary Layer of the Sword.

It wasn't yet complete, but he sought to complete it today as under a threat of danger he would only feel if he were traversing the Vaults of Extremity- he would overcome it and rise to even greater heights!

Even though he breathed easier after feeling the 4,000 Aeonic Soul Damage Values this being expressed, he still didn't let his guard down as he trusted in his instincts.

The 9 clones before him...still posed a level of danger as he would use this to sharpen himself.

And if it was a greater danger than even he expected...he would dance the line of life and death as at such a juncture, making a breakthrough to an even greater level was much easier.

In the case that his enemy turned out to be overwhelmingly stronger to the extent that Theseus could not fully use the pressure to forge himself, he also would not be averse to retreating!

After all, Life was the most critical thing to beings like him as even if he wasn't able to make a breakthrough here today, he would have many billions more years to so- so long as he was alive.

So the preservation of life was the most critical thing for them as Theseus knew the NOBLESSE not too far from him would do exactly the same if this enemy before them had any more surprises!

So he called upon the Planar Pantheon of the Halcyon Sword as over 95% of it was now covered by his Soul, his control becoming ever greater as all this 959% represented Aeonic Soul Damage Values.

A white gold glint flashed as a Pantheon descended to cover everything.

More often than not, abilities at the 6th Boundary Layer were capable of enacting Boundary Domains around an existence that they could manipulate freely with their souls, where anyone caught in their boundary would find it hard to survive unless they released their own Boundary Domain that was equal in power or even greater.

The Domain that Theseus envisioned...was glorious in both stature and power as above them, the VOID was parted speedily as the tip of a very real titanic sword descended- shining with white gold glory as it extended a golden domain to cover the 9 floating clones of the True Emperor of Quintessence and everything nearby for light years, the only area not affected being the place that the NOBLESSE was erupting with his own shocking move!

The name of the skill that Theseus released was truly straightforward.

A single Sword floated above that supported him while releasing a terrifying sword light, the Domain this sword released being supported by pillars of sword light that stood anchored in space, forming into the beautiful shape of a Pantheon that trapped his enemies within as if they were birds in a cage.

Swathes of white gold blade lights filled with Aeonic Soul Damage Values surged forward as at this moment, Theseus closed his eyes.

He became attuned as he spread his Will out to every single sword light under his Pantheon, intent on fully finishing this move as he could feel...the 6th Boundary Layer was infinitely close!

His soul cried out with fanaticism as torrential tendrils of white gold sword light snaked out towards all 9 clones of the True Emperor of Quintessence!


To Desiderius and Theseus, it mattered not how many clones there were when facing their enemy.

Their abilities affected vast areas as if the enemies were weak, all would fall with time.

Desiderius released a similar Domain type attack as for him, taking his Boundary to the 6th Layer was only a matter of time- not effort.

For someone as old as him to have been feeling a threat in the very same Planes of the being he was waiting to seraped at his mind as he accelerated the time required to reach that stage!

He remembered where he came from.

He remembered holding the bodies of his brethren after they were drained of their very Aspects of Existence, and his vow as he was lucky enough to trace one of them who retreated towards their original home across the Planar Palisades of Extremity!

He was patient.

He was calculating.

He had already crippled a portion of their power with his actions, and he just needed to complete everything as he released the shackles on his Soul!


His Aeonic Soul moved freely as he felt the Sixth Boundary that was close to him this whole time.

And he cast as he sought to ascertain the full extent of the anomaly before him!

<Planar Void of Gehenna>.


His body seemed like the source of countless singularities as even darker waves of Obsidian light erupted out, overlapping with the <Planar Pantheon of the Halcyon Sword> without conflict as the darkness sought to devour the clones of the True Emperor!

The waves of Obsidian light stemming from his body were an amalgamation of multiple Boundaries with the VOID being at the very core, the scenes of tendrils of obsidian light in the form of Emperors of the Gehenna Plane erupting from him as they roared out with power.

The horned heads of Revenants.


Hell Dragonians.


Hell Phoenixes!

Tendrils of roaring Obsidian heads of Beasts of Gehenna formed from pure VOID roared out as they formed into terrifyingly radiant and thick pillars of black light that tore towards the clones of the True Emperor of Quintessence!

It showed a glorious scene of two beings at the utter peak of their power directing their attacks towards a single one.

Towards an entity that had yet to even lay his feet on the sands of the Vaults of Extremity!

An existence that had yet to taste the vast stretches of NULLITY that were wider than countless Planes of Existence!

Amidst the enacted Planar domains of two terrifyingly powerful existences, the Elysium Dimensional Chassis of this existence spoke out with exceeding calm.

<Halcyon Plane of Loot.>


A glint of gold flashed.

And then....utter madness descended!