Chapter 2242 The Halcyon Plane Of Loot! I

2242 The Halcyon Plane of Loot! I

In the midst of this critical battle, he had gained and continued to gain many things as many of their details still weren't displayed.

Some of these included the details of the Boundaries he had obtained from his enemies, and then others were critical things like his Infinite Forge that had become the Aeonic Forge of Extremity!

<Aeonic Forge of Extremity>:: A Quintessential advancement has occurred that permanently altered the past Infinite Forge to become the Aeonic Forge of Extremity. Loot that was deemed irrelevant to the Quintessential Kainos Emperor was removed with new additions fit for your grandeur and current needs added in. Every 24 Hours, the following Loot will be passively generated in the Aeonic Forge of Extremity that the user can enter to remove or allow to passively accumulate over time: <10,000,000 All Source Enhancers>(100% Chance to Generate), <10,000,000 Shards of Concept Modifiers>(100% Chance to Generate), <100 Aeonic Dew Drops of Life >(100% Chance to Generate), <100 Aeonic Dew Drops of the Soul>(100% Chance to Generate), <250,000,000x Ingots of MANANIUM>(100% Chance to Generate), <250,000,000x Ingots of NULLINIUM>(100% Chance to Generate),<10 Random EPOCH 1 Relics>(100% Chance to Generate), <o Random EPOCH II Relics>(100% Chance to Generate),<1 Random EPOCH III Relic>(50% Chance to Generate), <3x Random Planar Lineages>(50% Chance to Generate), <250,000x Crimson Dimensional Reality Panaceas>(50% Chance to Generate), <1,000x Aeonic Planar Panaceas>(50% Chance to Generate), <1,000x Aeonic Soul Pills>(50% Chance to Generate), <10x Blueprint of the Automaton Boundary Modulator>(50% Chance to Generate), <10,000,000 Golden Boundary Modulators>(50% Chance to Generate), <10,000 Obsidian Boundary Modulators>(25% Chance to Generate), <1 Random EPOCH IV Relic>(10% Chance to Generate),<1x Random Lineage Boundary of Extremity(10% Chance to Generate)...

A vast majority of Loot that wouldn't do much for Noah was removed with a dense amount of new ones added, fantastical things Aeonic Dew Drops of the Soul and Life making their appearance along with the generation of EPOCH Relics daily and even something as fantastical as Aeonic Planar Panaceas as Obsidian Boundary Modulators!

The details of this prompt were ones that Noah favored a great deal, but their results would be shown hours later and not now as his focus returned to what could directly affect the ongoing battle.

Among others, some wondrous ones included the river of blood that the True Emperor of Fate granted.

<Extremely potent Blood of the Existence that birthed the selected Boundary of Fate has been devoured.>

<The potent Blood contains deep accumulations of the selected Boundary as the First and Second Boundary Layers of Fate have been exceeded!>

<Due to the potency of the Blood coming from the maker of the Boundary of Fate and the authority of your Boundary of Blood, the Third Boundary Layer of Fate has been attained!>

After the elevation of the Boundary of Blood to the Crimson Innate Level, Noah could already attain up to two Boundary Layers of a Selected Boundary from the volumes of Blood he devoured. Now, since he devoured the maker of the selected Boundary, he obtained this and more as he added three Boundary Layers of yet another Boundary unto himself, where after the effects of the Boundary of Quintessence were applied...the Concept of Fate actually had 4 Boundary Layers!

Noah felt his Soul cry out in joy as its Refinement by waves of Extremity only continued to increase in rate and potency.

Waves of information about Fate that was recreated with a grandeur of his own to be slightly different from what Hideyoshi had made surged in his mind.

He would closely take a look at Fate, Death, and Karma that he had obtained from the Ancestral Descendant Commanders as even after they were somewhat changed through him, if they didn't match his level...he wasn't averse to sacrificing their Boundary Layers towards his Innate Boundaries!

There was also the Boundary of Dimensions that was newly born which Noah had to marvel about, but his soul was pulled towards the Boundary undergoing the most change right now- the Light of Loot covering everything as it neared an extreme level.

His surging will calmed its torrential waves to focus on Loot alone as his Aeonic Soul was undergoing a baptism due to it!

He focused on the 5th Boundary Layer of Loot first as details of this rose up wondrously.

<The Fifth Boundary Layer of LOOT>:: You already Innately have your multipliers of Increased Loot Quantity and Quality, but you can still have even greater forms of Loot. This Boundary wishes to enhance the Loot under you even further as at no cost and once a day, you can take any singular type of Loot regardless of its quantity and elevate it in Quality by a whole factor- permanently. Any future Loot of this type that you obtain from any sources will take on the form of the elevated Quality it attained through this Boundary. The same type of Loot can only be elevated once as it is not possible to successively elevate the same Loot over and over again daily...


Noah could not help but smile at the ridiculousness of this Boundary Layer, his soul being even more euphoric at what was to come as after being battered and refined multiple times over...


Something gave way.

And Noah felt as if a large weight was freed from his soul- as if it could move with more freedom and clarity than ever before!

What he saw with his soul and will changed as waves of information bloomed in his mind.

<One of your Boundaries has been successfully expanded to the 6th Boundary Layer.>

<Your Soul has undergone a metamorphosis!>

<You have crossed a critical threshold towards Extremity.>

Wondrous waves of power coursed through him as his mind was branded with the details of a single ability.

It was the grandness of the 6th Boundary Layer of Loot!

<The Sixth Boundary Layer of LOOT>:: The Birth of the Halcyon Plane of Loot. This Boundary Layer allows you to enact a type of Planar Aeonic Soul Domain onto your surroundings. The enactment of the Halcyon Plane of Loot allows malleable Stanchions of Loot Light equivalent to your maximum Damage Output to surge under your command in this Planar Domain. Anything touched by your Stanchions of Loot Light is turned into Loot so long as your Maximum Damage Output is not overcome. All things under the Domain are affected, including but not limited to the Fabric of Reality in the surroundings, Relics, Cast Skills, Authorities, Existences...anything and everything that is covered by the Light of Loot. Activation of this ability currently costs a tenth of your Aeonic Soul Values and is capable of remaining active for 1 minute, with this resource cost and active time capable of change in the future...


Majesty showed itself.

A type of majesty that would allow Noah to turn even the very fabric of Reality he stood on into forms of Loot!


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