Chapter 113

After Story 2. Verdick Jr. (6) – unedited

Leon pretended to get hurt, but Aris’ hitting wasn’t too different from getting hit by cotton. Leon asked her to comfort him who was in pain, holding her pelvis and rubbing her back.

Evan grabbed both of Aris’ wrists as he felt her insides tightened when he said that he was going to lock her up. And he tied her wrists with a buckle. It seemed that Aris liked being tied up as she tightened more than before.

“What, what are you doing?”

Evan winked at Leon, and Leon, noticing it, took the black eye covering from the bedside table and covered her eyes. Her vision was blocked and her body was seized, so Aris focused all her senses on hearing and touch. The problem was that the more she concentrated, the faster she felt pleasure than before.

“It’s, it’s strange. Let go, ung?”

“Aris, didn’t I tell you? This isn’t weird, it’s a good thing.”

“Sister, what am I doing right now?”

Leon rubbed Aris’ nipples with his fingertips and twisted them lightly. It was one of Aris’ favorite acts.


Evan took a peek at the tools Leon had prepared and found a leather strap connecting her thighs and ankles and tied them. As she felt the touch of the leather binding her, more of the love liquid flowed from her entrance. After he was ready, Evan lifted Aris’ bound wrists high and thrust his cock into her. Aris’ body could no longer find freedom at all. But it was very exciting that the Verdick brothers took away that freedom from her.

“Haahk! Ah! Aahh…… ! Ha-uht, uht!”

“Aris, do you know what your vagina is like now?”

“Huuht, huuu…… ah!”

“Every time I stick it in, the juice is pouring out from inside.”

How stimulated she was, she climaxed and felt she was going to spew something out. But she couldn’t get it out because Evan’s cock was blocking it. Her juices came out every time Evan thrusted himself in.

“Huu, good……. good.”

“If Sister likes it, then me too.”

“Me too, Aris.”

The expression of affection between the two was so sweet. The past, where she thought she might be abandoned someday, was overshadowed. Even now, more than ten years later, the two of them were only looking at her. They don’t even want to let go of her, so they’re trying to bind her like this. Rather, she got more excited.

Aris will suffer from them all night as usual, and will be released from her husbands when the morning sun rises and it is time to eat with her sons. It was so tiring but so satisfying.

“I love you.”

“You’ve become brave enough to provoke us here, Aris.”


“Don’t worry, Sister. You can sleep after the sun rises in the morning.”

Aris’ heart trembled at their notice. But she was fine with it. Anyway, Aris didn’t think they would let her go smoothly either. It was clear that soon they would whisper words of love in her ear and drive her into endless pleasure.

“My dear Verdick.”

It was an exaggeration to say that Aris never had a fight or a disagreement while living with them. Occasionally they clashed with each other, and she was jealous that another woman was talking to them, but she was very satisfied with this life. Because Aris has Evanstein Verdick and Leonhardt Verdick, whom she loves, by her side.

º º º

4 years later. Ludena, their daughter, with the same silver-gray hair as Aristasia Verdick, was toddling around the garden. There were many people watching her. These were the noble ladies and their children who attended the tea party held by Aristacia.

“Ludena, which of us do you like best?”


Everyone’s attention was focused on whose name would come out of Ludena’s mouth. At least four people, Evanstein and Leonhardt, Ludwig and Felix were certain.

“I, like Leo!”


The eyes of the four men turned to Leonard. The lips of Leonard’s mother, the Marchioness, rose up. Everyone, unless a fool, would know how much benefit they would receive if they accepted the only daughter of Verdick’s precious daughter as their own family.

But no one knew. To think that Leonard would get beat up by Ludwig under the guise of sparring at the academy and be ignored by Felix for being stupid. And, for some reason, bad things continued to happen to the Marquisate. Then Leonard took a leave of absence from the academy and went down to the manor, but was attacked by a monster and his leg was broken.

The Marquisate and Leonard’s ordeal ended when it was revealed that the ‘Leo’ that Ludena said she liked was actually ‘Leon’.

“…… My daughter is already married. Not only to the two older brothers, but her father as well.”

Aris had a hard time finding men around her with Leon and Evan alone. At that time, the crown prince was very close to her. But now, if the child born to the crown prince were to target Ludena, there were four Verdicks who would prepare for treason at any moment.

What puzzled Aris even more was the reaction of the four men.

“Marriage, is it necessary? Can’t we just keep living here?”

“Anyway, isn’t Verdick the best in terms of power, wealth, and military force?”

Hearing Ludwig and Felix’s insistence, Evan and Leon vigorously nodded. However, Aris wanted her daughter to be loved as well because she was so happy after the marriage. However…… Aris couldn’t help but nod her head when she heard a whisper in her ear as Ludena was a bit bigger.

“My brothers are more handsome than the other boys. I don’t want other people because they are ugly.”

Ludena was surely Aris’ daughter.

So she came to think that Ludena might be loved by her brothers just like Aris. She didn’t know because Ludena is still young. But there was nothing bad to prepare for it. Because she wanted to do everything for the children’s happiness.


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