Chapter 112

After Story 2. Verdick Jr. (5) – unedited

Leon turned Aris’s body over. With only Aris’ hips held high, he put his cock into her lower hole. Aris grabbed Evan’s pillar with both freed hands, bobbed her head, and licked it. However, Evan, who felt that that was not enough, pushed his back more deeply, thrusting from time to time.

Leon watched the whole scene. Aris bites Evan’s cock even though she can’t breathe properly. The special anal beads that enter her anal. Leon thrusts his cock into her vagina in one stroke.

“Ha, haahk…… !”

Aris jolted, showing that she had reached a light peak. Unable to be satisfied with just this, Leon grabbed the handle of the anal bead he had pushed into her anal and pushed it inward while rolling it round and round. As the bumps on the inner side reached new places besides those they had reached before, he made Aris suffer in pleasure. Leon continued to move without letting go of the anal beads while thrusting shallowly.

“Sister, your inside is very tight. Do you like it?”

“Did you use the aphrodisiac again this time?”

“No. It was just a lubricant. Sister feels it as much as an aphrodisiac.”

Leon let go of the handle of the anal beads and leaned forward, pushing his cock deeper. Then the tip of the handle touched Leon’s pubic bone. Leon bent down so that it could touch completely. Then he grabbed her by the waist and began to thrust hard.

Aris seemed to lose her mind just with the anal beads stimulating her insides, but when Leon’s cock filled her vagina and was inserted deep enough that it made a loud sound, she went crazy.

Thinking of the last time she had been held by the brothers every night, she could have gotten used to the pleasure, but her body, far from getting used to the pleasure, has become more sensitive. She felt the climax dozens of times throughout the night.

Eventually Aris got her first climax tonight as Leon continued to hit the walls of her womb and stimulate her anal with the beads. The strength went through her whole body and it seemed like she was about to convulse. But it was only the muscles inside her that trembled in a spasm. It squeezed Leon’s penis as it thrashed randomly.

Leon reached her climax, grabbed the pelvis of the unconscious Aris, and hit her harder, driving her into pleasure. Aris squeezed Leon’s pillar, feeling her climax coming without rest, and finally Leon finished inside her before Evan.

“Kugh…… ! Sister Aris.”

Leon finished right in front of the entrance of her womb, where he had been pressing hard. Aris had thrown everything into the pleasure that she couldn’t even feel his seeds flowing into her. It was just her first climax, but the brother’s night hadn’t even started yet.

While Leon finished inside her, Evan that was being caressed by her, was full of thirst instead of pleasure. He could have grabbed her head and pounded roughly as if her mouth was her lower hole. But her tiny mouth couldn’t even hold half of his pillar inside, so he didn’t feel thirsty anyway.

Evan pulled himself out of her mouth so that Aris could breathe.

“Haahk, haahk!”

As expected, a rough breath flowed from Aris’ mouth. The old Evan would have looked at her pitifully, but he knew now that Aris was not satisfied with these mere pleasures. So he grabbed the handle of the bead stuck in her anal from Leon’s side and slowly pulled it out. Aris liked it when it was pulled out at once, but she was also weak if it was pulled out slowly while feeling the movements of the anal beads one by one.

“Shh, it’s okay.”

“Haauuhhkk…… !”

“There’s only one space left, should I put it back?”

“…… should we?”

Being sullen with Aris, who had only been doing things up with Leon, Evan followed Leon’s words. Aris accepted it again, puckering at the anal beads that came rushing in again. Evan’s patience was strong so he slowly inserted the anal beads all the way in, then slowly pulled them out as he twirled them. Finally, the last part came out with a pong! sound.

Evan stood up on his knees and picked Aris up and held him in his arms as if he was going to take her away from Leon. She lay helplessly in his arms. Evan spread Aris’ legs, who liked to fall asleep, passed out after soaking in the pleasure all night. Evan’s cock slid between her legs. Evan slid inside her vagina where Leon’s seeds were pouring.

“Ah-uht! E, Evan.”

“Yes, Aris.”

Evan lifted her waist. Her limp body slowly descended, and since Evan’s pillar was pointing upward, it was only natural that it would stab deeper than before.

“Ha-ugh! Uht! Le, Leon? Leon.”

Leon’s pillar was still standing tall while watching the woman he loved being held by his brother. When the woman he loved called his name, Leon immediately raised his body and buried his lips in the nape of her neck.

“I love you, sister.”

“Me too, Leon.”

Aris opened the hole by inserting her fingers between her hips. Leon smiled at the gesture that clearly meant to put Leon’s in, and drove his cock into the hole where the beads had been inserted a moment ago.

“Aris, I love you too.”

“I love you too, Evan.”

Aris felt indescribable satisfaction as the two cocks filled their respective holes. Moreover, this time, unlike a moment ago, Leon behind her rubbed her clitoris while coveting Aris’ lips, and Evan in front of her held her breasts in his hands and pinched the nipples while his lips were rubbing the nape of her neck.

“We will be together for the rest of our lives.”


“If you try to escape, I’ll tie Sister up so that you can’t escape anywhere.”

“I’ll make a cage for you in the depths of the Duke’s residence.”

“…… who is running away? Evan and Leon, don’t even think about running away. I’m going to catch you with everything as Duchess Verdick, even if it’s on foot.”

The two men laughed happily.

Then Leon asked her to come and catch him as he said that he would run away tomorrow or so, and he was hit on the back by Aris. If it was Evan, he wouldn’t know, but if it was Leon, it would be difficult even if she released all the knights of the Duchy.

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