Chapter 898

Some bloodshot eyes gradually appeared in the eyes of the Nether Master. He really did not expect that this battle could reach such a level, but slowly he also saw Lin Xiu's weakness, which was through this taboo. However, it is impossible to improve one's cultivation for a short period of time. As long as it can be consumed slowly, the final victory still belongs to him.

But since the Lord of the Nether knows Lin Xiu's weaknesses clearly, how could Lin Xiu, the person involved, fail to see them? So in the ensuing battle, it was completely a style of killing one thousand and self-defeating eight hundred, without any regard for the injuries on the body, and it was completely with the intention of burning everything together.

The Lord of the Nether blindly backed down in the battle with Lin Xiu, hoping that Lin Xiu could slowly withdraw from the realm of cultivation promoted by the exercises in a short period of time, then the final victory would still belong to him, but I don't know why in the will of heaven. Under the operation of Lin Xiu, the side effects of taboo exercises are not so obvious on Lin Xiu.

Obviously, the prayers of countless beings in the universe still played a role, and although the will of heaven did not really give birth to wisdom, they would instinctively choose to seek good luck and avoid evil.

As the battle continued, Lin Xiu also found that he became more and more courageous as he fought, as if the side effects of the exercises did not exist on him at all, he also slowly relaxed, so in the next battle, he even used his Many methods with extremely powerful attack power were released, which made the Nether Lord a little bit stretched for a while, and had no time to take care of himself.

The Lord of the Nether had already accumulated serious injuries, and Lin Xiu was as imposing as a rainbow, constantly provoking the Lord of the Nether's bottom line. As for the giant dragons that were constantly biting in the sky, they all died together at this time. The combat power between the two is roughly the same, which is to be expected.

But Lin Xiu was completely jealous at this time. His family knew his own affairs. Although under the favor of the will of heaven, he didn't have to worry about losing his momentum and dying in a short period of time, but the Nether Lord is not a fuel-efficient lamp. In the course of the battle, he was unwilling to face him head-on, but blindly avoided.

Next, in addition to the reversal of the five elements, Lin Xiu also gritted his teeth, and even the way of time and space began to reverse on him. , pushed back one hundred thousand years.

At this moment, Lin Xiu is like an emperor in the void of the universe. Even the will of heaven has turned into substance at this time, wrapping around Lin Xiu like an emperor's robe.

"It's time to end this."

Lin Xiu muttered to himself, at this moment, his aura had reached its peak. Using this method of time-space reversal can make his cultivation reach the strongest in a short period of time, but there are too many sequelae after that. Pushed it down, so he grabbed it with his right hand, and the world seemed to be completely frozen at this moment.

The Nether Lord, who was still holding a cat-and-mouse mentality, suddenly found that he couldn't move at all, his eyes were wide open, and a sense of fear filled his heart.

Slowly arriving in front of the Lord of the Netherworld, Lin Xiu pointed his index finger on the center of his eyebrows, directly sealing off all his power.

All of a sudden, he lost all his cultivation, and the Lord of the Nether world panicked for a while, but then Lin Xiu waved his sleeves again, and time turned back in an instant, and the power of the Lord of the Nether world began to weaken continuously.

Although he was banned by Lin Xiu, he was still able to sense the source of his own strength before, but under the continuous weakening of his cultivation, he soon fell to the early stage of the dominance realm, and he never competed with Lin Xiu again. of the capital.

At this time, Lin Xiu's figure was also shaking, and his complexion also turned golden. The preference of the will of heaven for him is not unlimited after all, but Lin Xiu still gritted his teeth tightly, and still turned towards the forehead of the Nether Lord. Grab it directly.

There was only a loud bang, and the head of the Nether Lord was shattered in an instant. The once ambitious generation of heroes finally fell completely.

At this moment, a shower of flowers suddenly fell in the void of the universe, and all the surviving lives danced there. Even some old people who had been lying on the sickbed seemed to have regained their vitality at this time.

The failure of the Nether Lord this time also led to the return of all the original power of the universe that was swallowed and refined by it at this moment.

However, Lin Xiu's eyes were dimmed, and he fell directly from the mid-air. It was not until Emperor Huanggu and the others came that they found Lin Xiu's figure.

When Lin Xiu woke up again, a thousand years had passed.

Lin Xiu struggled to get up from the bed, his whole body was still in pain, even after thousands of years, the injuries he suffered in that battle still hadn't completely healed.

However, the current situation still makes Lin Xiu a little happy. Although his cultivation base has declined, he still maintains the dominance realm, and because he has great merit to the void of the universe this time, the expected sequelae have not manifested in himself. Presumably, through practice in the future, he can still Constant progress.

Emperor Huanggu and Qingtian ruled them, and felt that Lin Xiu had awakened, so he came here in a hurry, with smiles from the heart on everyone's face.

The catastrophe that plagued the entire void of the universe has finally been completely overcome. Presumably, in the next extremely long period of time, the entire void of the universe will usher in a rare peace.


Immortal Martial Continent, Immortal Martial Pavilion.

Lin Xiu and his two wives strolled casually on the former site of Guiyuanzong, looking at some boys and girls who were constantly practicing, with warm smiles on their faces.

Lin Jie and Lin Rou had also grown into handsome young men and slim young girls at this time.

After Lin Xiu returned to the Xianwu Continent, he personally helped his son get rid of that vitality.

Another ten thousand years have passed, the husband and wife who were still walking freely in the Xianwu Continent were originally eating and drinking casually in a restaurant, but soon the two wives discovered Lin Xiu's change.

I saw a smile from the heart on Lin Xiu's face. After a long time, he opened his eyes and nodded to the two wives.

"In the future, the universe will be empty, and that kind of catastrophe will never happen again."

At that moment just now, Lin Xiu broke through the shackles of life and reached the late stage of the master realm. It can be said that from then on, no one can threaten him in the void of the entire universe.

Hundreds of thousands of years later, Lin Xiu inherited the behest of the ruler of the stars, and continued to promote the concept of benevolence, so that the entire universe gradually became peaceful and friendly.

However, no one will forget the man who has become a legend.

His name is Lin Xiu.

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