Chapter 897

Lin Xiu is at all costs, hoping to use the power of the reversal of the five elements to make a breakthrough in his strength in a short period of time, so as to fight against the Nether Lord.

At this moment, Lord Qingtian no longer has the strength to fight again, while the aura of Lord Nether is still constantly strengthening.

In the sky, one-third of the stars have already fallen at this moment. The Nether Lord, who is as imposing as a rainbow, feels that he has never been as powerful as he is now. Even if the Star Lord is reborn, he may not necessarily be his opponent.

However, even at this moment, the Nether Lord still felt it, and a depressive aura lingered around him. After he glanced at Lin Xiu, his face slowly became terrified again. No matter what, he had to kill Lin Xiu directly. , so as not to appear any demon moths.

Moreover, the current Lin Xiu has already posed a certain threat to him. For some reason, the Nether Lord always feels a little uneasy in his heart.

The aura on Lin Xiu's body was finally raised to the extreme. He shook his spirits and came to the Lord of the Netherworld. Without talking nonsense, he just punched him.

At this moment, Lin Xiu's temperament is already the first step to reach the mid-term peak of the dominance realm. Although the taboo technique he created will have a great impact in the future, he doesn't care about it now. If the Lord of the Nether cannot be dealt with directly, no matter what happens in the future, the life in the entire void universe will be completely lost.

The Lord of the Nether did not speak. Now is the peak moment of his life. After coming to Lin Xiu, he let out a breath of turbid air, and then eighteen black dragons coiled around his body.

These eighteen black dragons are all transformed by the hunted stars, and each black dragon alone is comparable to the powerhouse who dominates the realm.

Under the control of the Lord of the Netherworld, all the black dragons attacked Lin Xiu. They bared their teeth and claws, and the scales on their bodies were extremely hard. A strong man at the peak of the Venerable Realm could not leave even the slightest trace on them.

But Lin Xiu's eyes flashed, and then he raised his head to the sky and let out a long roar. Eighteen golden dragons also appeared behind him, and he did not give in to the Nether Lord.

The trauma caused to Lin Xiu by the reversal this time is irreversible, so he must take advantage of the present and be dealt with directly by the Nether Lord in a short time. The golden dragon and black dragon on his body are biting each other, and even the Nether Lord They all felt very surprised.

He can have the current realm of cultivation. In addition to being a strong man who has reached the middle stage of the domination realm, what is more important is to kill many major events in one fell swoop. After obtaining the luck of these big worlds, the momentum To be able to be so majestic, but it is really surprising that Lin Xiu was able to fight against him just by relying on a single skill.

"You Ming, you have caused too many killings, today I will act for the heavens!"

Lin Xiu's pupils also suddenly turned into gold. After performing this technique, the luck of the entire universe also directly diffused towards Lin Xiu.

The Nether Lord wanted to destroy the void of the universe, that's why he caused such a big slaughter, but Lin Xiu was the complete opposite, he was on the side of protecting the void of the universe.

So at this moment, Lin Xiu's aura was even stronger than that of the Nether Lord.

Qing Tianzhu, who was lying motionless on the ground, suddenly had a strange look in his beautiful eyes.

Originally, she thought that the overall situation was settled this time, but no matter what, the void of the universe might be doomed.

However, Lin Xiu's sudden outburst gave Master Qingtian another glimmer of hope.

More than 30 giant dragons were biting non-stop above the sky, and the blood left on their bodies, after dripping on the ground, directly blasted out deep pits one after another.

Lin Xiu and the Lord of the Nether both took a step forward at this time. They looked at the opponent in their fate, and they didn't dare to be distracted at all at this time. The two had fought tens of thousands of times in an instant.

In the aftermath of the fight between these two, even a strong man at the peak of the Venerable Realm, if he accidentally steps into it, it is very likely that it will be turned into flying ash in an instant.

The figures of the two are also constantly flickering, from one big world to another big world. Many mountains, rivers and lands along the way completely disappeared in the confrontation between the two.

Although Lin Xiu has been doing his best to protect other ordinary creatures, the Lord of the Nether has no scruples, so unconsciously, even though Lin Xiu's aura is stronger, the injuries he suffered are Heavier than Nether Lord.

The Lord of the Nether did not give up this opportunity, he was going to kill Lin Xiu directly in one go, and the fish showed it again in front of Lin Xiu, but in an instant, those creatures were like black spots, It flew towards the open mouth of the Nether Lord.

"How about Lin Xiu? During the battle, I can constantly replenish my strength, but you can only be consumed. Why can you fight me!"

The extremely cold voice of the Lord of the Nether resounded in every corner of the void of the universe. At this moment, all the surviving creatures were kneeling on their knees, and at the same time they were praying non-stop with their hands clasped together.

At this point, almost all the creatures in the void of the universe have learned of this war. If the Nether Lord wins, then everyone will die without a place to bury them. With the hope of survival, these people can only It was silently praying that Lin Xiu could defeat the Nether Lord.

Although the individual power of each creature is almost negligible, when this majestic thought power takes shape, it still affects the operation of the laws of heaven little by little.

Lin Xiu, who was seriously injured, was favored by the will of heaven. During the battle with the Nether Lord, whenever he was seriously injured, some treasures of heaven and earth would suddenly appear around him to make him recover quickly.

At this time, the stars in the sky were also divided into two camps. One side was constantly devoured and refined by the Nether Lord, while the starlight from the other side shrouded Lin Xiu's body, which was enough to shake the heavens and the earth.

Gradually, the Nether Lord became a little flustered.

Originally, he was full of confidence, thinking that Lin Xiu could not be his opponent at all.

But as the battle progressed, he found that things had gradually deviated from his imagination.

Under the operation of the will of heaven, Lin Xiu's momentum became stronger and stronger, and finally slowly reversed the situation between the two sides in the ensuing battle, and the Nether Lord began to fall into the disadvantage bit by bit.

Although he has achieved such an achievement, Lin Xiu is not proud, because he knows that the current Nether Lord is far from exhausted!