What Qin Xiuyu hates most and loves most in his life is the same person. This person is his father Qin Mu. This man gave him life and intelligence, taught him to grow up, and then He left the company to him and took his mommy to travel around the world!

He has never seen such a shameless father. He has regarded him as an annoying little rival since he was a child. He thinks all day about how to get rid of him. When he was eight years old, he threw him to the military camp in the capital for two years, which gives him the chance to become a man. Of course, the two years in the capital also made him grow up a lot, but it doesn't mean that he would appreciate him, because he hindered him A chance for him and mommy to be coquettish!

Yes, Qin Xiuyu doesn't know whether it's called Oedipus complex or not. Maybe it's because his father didn't allow him to get too close to his mother. On the contrary, he had a rebellious mentality since he was a child. Anyway, he was very fond of his mother. It was not until later that his mother gave birth to a pair of twins that he passed the favor on to his sister and became a full sister.

When Qin Xiuyu was ten years old, he had a pair of twin brothers and sisters. Of course, in his eyes, there was only one sister. As for the ghost of his brother, he didn't care at all, OK? In particular, the younger brother also has a face that looks like Daddy, that is, his own, which makes him even less interested in his younger brother. After all, who would like a person who looks similar to himself?

Qin Xiuyu's 18-year-old coming of age ceremony, his father finally showed great kindness, took his mother from the other end of the earth to celebrate for him, and also took a look at the two little guys in the family who almost regarded Qin Xiuyu as their father.

"Husband, do you think we are too much to Xiuyu? He is still so young, you give GLB to him, he has to work hard Yuchen holds his head and looks at his son in a black suit and bow tie in the distance. He feels a sense of melancholy. "Our sons are so old, and we are old too..."

Of course, if people hear Su Yuchen's words, they will definitely hate her. Look at her face, which is more tender than ten years ago. People who don't know will firmly believe that she must have been given hyaluronic acid. Otherwise, these women are all in their 40s and 30s. They have no traces left by the age. This is just the opposite growth, OK?

"Mommy..." Qin Xiuyu immediately saw the mummy in the crowd. He quickly walked up to Yuchen and gave mummy a French hug. If it wasn't for daddy's staring at him, he would never have let go.

"My son is so handsome." Yuchen, with love in her eyes, reaches out to tidy her son's bow tie. I really don't know how she was born. This gene is too good. At the age of 18, she has become so handsome. If she grows up, she will definitely become the target of those golden ladies.

However, Yuchen thinks too much about this. Qin Xiuyu, who has already got a master's degree at the age of 18 and is the CEO of GLB, has long been the target of Jiangcheng's golden ladies. Even in Beijing and France, the golden ladies have come to Jiangcheng, and the charm of the young master of the Qin family can be seen.

"Mummy, you can stay in Jiangcheng a little longer this time. I want to help them hold a party for their 10th birthday next month." Qin Xiuyu said, also meaning to have a look at their own eyes angry daddy, this is no provocation.

Sure enough, his words immediately let mummy promise down, Su Yuchen repeatedly nodded: "well, we stay a little longer this time, just to accompany you more, and your grandparents."

"But wife, aren't you going to the south pole to see the aurora?" Qin Mu gave a voice to remind.

"The aurora is there, not in a hurry. "Yuchen waved her hand with a look of indifference. In her eyes, of course, her son is more important.

Getting his wife's answer, Qin boss glared at his son. Qin Xiuyu also took advantage of mummy's indifference and gave his father a proud look. He knew that in mummy's heart, he and the two little guys were still very important.

Qin Xiuyu didn't stay long. After talking with mummy for a while, she continued to entertain the guests.

At this time, Qin boss began to express dissatisfaction to his wife: "you see you, when you see your son, you don't put me in your heart."

That what Boss Qin, is it really good for you to be coquettish? Can you consider the psychological endurance of the masses? Is this painting style changing too fast?

"We don't have much time to stay at home in a year. We've been running around all these years. It's time to come back and accompany our children." Yuchen is full of guilt when he talks about these things. "At that time, you were seriously injured. I stayed with you in France for several years. I regret that I didn't take part in Xiuyu's growth. Now the two kids are ten years old, and I don't want to miss their growth any more."

A few years ago, Qin Mu suffered an accident. He was seriously injured and paralyzed in bed for half a year. At that time, Yuchen put everything down and only devoted himself to accompany him to encourage him. Later, his body gradually recovered, and she accompanied her to France for treatment and rehabilitation. It took him a whole year to finally recover. Later, their husband and wife cherished each other more and more Time, most of the year is all over the world.

Qin Xiuyu, his son, was 13 years old. When he came back from the capital, Qin Mu took his son with him and taught him about the company. After his accident, he handed over the company to his son. Everyone said that he was too brave. A 15-year-old boy could not be able to run a company at all, but Qin Mu only said easily that even if his son really defeated the company And he can afford the tuition.No one thought that Qin Xiuyu was a born businessman. Qin Mu even thought that in time, his son would be better than him. Qin Xiuyu managed GLB well, and Qin Mu and Yuchen began to travel around the world. In Yuchen's world, Qin Mu was obviously more important. But now when she came back to Jiangcheng, she was surprised to see that her son had grown up After what, so for the two little guys, she didn't want to miss it again.

Qin Mu sighed secretly, knowing that his son had hit his mother's weakness this time. I'm afraid he can't persuade her. In Qin Mu's opinion, everyone has his own life. After five years old, they can start to decide what they like and want. Now both of them are ten years old, and they don't need daddy and mommy to accompany them for a long time.

But the daughter-in-law is the eldest. Since she wants to stay, Qin Mu can only agree. However, he also silently records the account on his eldest son, telling him to have nothing to do with his father!