The marriage of the only grandson of the master of the medeburis family is also an important event in France. Business elites, political dignitaries and famous stars have appeared one after another, which is like a huge red carpet. Both entertainment headlines and hot news are almost occupied by this century's wedding, especially the grandson who is the favorite of the master of the medeburis family It's a common woman, just like the story of Prince and Cinderella, which makes the wedding very eye-catching.

Everyone envies the bride. She has captured the most outstanding third generation of the rich and powerful modbury family. However, when Qin Mu's figure appears in front of the public, everyone is not only envious of Yuchen, but also fiercely envious. However, she has long been used to this kind of vision. In Qin Mu's words, "thick skinned" is the most important thing We need to improve our survival skills.

"Beautiful..." Qin Mu helps Yuchen put on a diamond necklace and looks at his bride with a smile.

Although the two have already obtained the certificate, in his heart, only holding a wedding can really become a husband and wife. He hopes to declare his ownership in this way.

This woman, it's his, no one's allowed near.

"Are my parents here?" Yuchen has always been a big hearted girl. Besides, she and Qin Mu have already obtained the certificate. She even has children and has lived in the castle for a while. She has a good relationship with Qin Mu's grandfather, so there is no nervous mood at all. The only worry is that her parents haven't arrived yet?

"It's all here. It's already on the way. Ling Ling and the people from mubo's sect are going to pick it up together. Don't be nervous." Qin Mu's lip color is a little white, he also said that she is nervous, it is clearly that he is nervous.

Of course, Yuchen will never expose her husband, otherwise she will not want to sleep well tonight.

It was originally agreed that the wedding would be held in Jiangcheng. However, because of the changes in France, they decided to hold the wedding here first. It took too long for them to go through the normal visa procedure. Qin Murao went through some abnormal procedures and chartered a plane for the Su family to come together.

Of course, the happiest one is suling. She was originally in France. Yuchen wanted to see her when she settled down here. Unexpectedly, many accidents happened one after another, which delayed her trip to see her. However, it was very convenient for suling to come here for the wedding. Knowing that she had arranged for the school, she rushed to find her sister and brother-in-law. The result was very good When I got to the castle, my whole face was stiff. I stood at the door for a long time without moving. Finally I knew that the girl was weak.

Su's father and mother scolded Qin Mu and Yuchen on the phone, to the effect that their wedding decision was too hasty. How could the wedding arranged in such a short time be good? They regard Yuchen as the apple of their eyes, and naturally hope that she can get married in a beautiful way.

The wedding was held in the castle. Yuchen didn't feel much after living here for a while, but almost all the people who came here for the first time were shocked by the castle they had deliberately dressed up. Especially when Su's parents saw the castle, they were stunned for a long time, and then they sighed that the French were so romantic that they even borrowed the castle to get married.

Of course, Su Lingmei paper kindly told them that this ancient castle is owned by Qin Mu's grandfather. It is said that Qin Mu has a castle like this in other places, but because it's far away from here, they haven't seen it all the time. Su's parents suddenly feel worried. Other people are afraid that their daughter will marry too low, but they worry that their daughter will marry too well. Before that, there was a capital The Qin family, and then the French medeburis family, can we have a good life?

However, the envy or jealousy of others is not important to Su Yuchen. For her, the most important thing is the man in front of her. The love in his eyes is telling him that he has never changed and will not change.

When they say "I do", countless love balloons are raised in the open space in front of the castle. The jet plane draws the words "forever love" in the air. Everything is so perfect. The flash of the media keeps flashing towards the newcomers, but they only have each other in their eyes.

"Lose the flower ball..." It's definitely a show that makes the whole audience excited. It's also a big topic to get the flowers from the luckiest women in the world.

However, Su Yuchen never plays cards according to common sense. She waves to some place in the crowd. Her little flower boy Xu Xiaoyan runs out. She leans over the little guy's ear and says a few words. The little guy nods his head with a smile, takes the bouquet and jumps to the crowd.

That direction It's the direction of promise. He stuffed the flowers into his mother's hand, and then said to Qu Yang in the tone of a little adult: "Uncle Qu, aunt Yuchen said that she has helped everything she can, and the rest is up to you."

In a moment of promise, Qu Yang, however, chuckles. In front of everyone, he takes out a box from his pocket, kneels down on one knee, opens it and raises it to her.

His voice is low, but full of magnetism: "I'm not as good as Qin Mu, but there's one thing I won't lose to her, good to the woman I like, I won't lose to anyone."

"Qu Yang..." Promise bite lip, suddenly some at a loss, she really did not expect Qu Yang will have such a move."So, will you agree to my proposal?" Qu Yang raised the corner of his mouth, took out the diamond ring, reached out to her, motioned her to put her hand in his palm, and asked him to help her put on the ring.

This man, a man with so much heart, promised to stretch out his hand. When she came back, there was already a diamond ring on her finger. He held her in his arms for a circle, and thought of thunderous applause around. Then everyone found that the leading role was gone, and the bride and groom left so many guests and ran away?

At this time, Yuchen is sitting in Qin Mu's racing car.

"Where are we going?" Yuchen is worried about her son who is still in the castle. "Lele hasn't nursed yet..."

"Today is our wedding. Can you forget your son for a while?" The bridegroom expresses dissatisfaction. The girl talks about her son all day long, and even remembers his son at their wedding. Qin Mu increasingly thinks that when his son is older, he has to find a way to get rid of him, so that he is the only one in his wife's heart.

This way, they drove for more than an hour, and finally arrived at the place where Qin Mu was going.

This is the place where they met for the first time. At that time, Yuchen was still immersed in lovelorn. She heard that there was a beautiful castle in a small town in France, where there was a wishing pool. There were many legends about it, so she went there alone and found it.

That day, on the edge of the wishing pool, she met Qin Mu.

"You never told me what you wanted that day." Qin Mu led her into the castle. They stood on the edge of the wishing pool again. When he saw her smile, he asked, "has your wish come true?"

Yuchen looked at him: "well, it's come true."

She hopes to forget the past, have a new beginning, and meet someone who really loves her.

All these wishes have come true. The legend of wishing pool is true.

"Let's go..." Qin Mu leads Yuchen to the castle.

"I've heard that this castle is privately owned. Isn't it good for us to rush in like this?" Yuchen frowns and always feels strange.

"Yes, it's private." Qin Mu looked at her and said, "I bought this place."

“……” Even though it's supposed to be a very emotional time here, Yuchen can't help rolling his eyes. This black sheep is enough!

"This castle is our token of affection, so I'll give it to you as our wedding gift." Qin Mu said, then raised the corner of his mouth, the smile in his eyes seemed to overflow light.

The castle as a token of love, which probably only Qin boss can do!

"I want to cry." Yuchen can't help but stand on tiptoe, hook his neck and hold him hard.

This man is really annoying. She always does these touching things. She feels that she loves him more and more. What should she do?

"If it's tears of happiness, I allow you to cry." Qin Mu stepped back slightly, leaned over to her lips and gently gave her a deep kiss.

It turns out that the legend of wishing pool is true:

everyone will get happiness. If you haven't got it yet, wait patiently. You have to believe that it will come.

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