Chapter 1183: Douluo, happy reunion (finale)

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Douluo star.

Star Luo City is a modern metropolis named after the Star Luo Continent tens of thousands of years ago. It is also one of the top ten cities on Douluo Planet. The ranking is always in the fourth or fifth place.

Looking down from the sky, all kinds of tall buildings make the city look like a steel forest. But the city does not look cold and hard, because all the buildings are connected by various vegetation, which brings a thriving life to the whole city.

This is a fifty-three-story apartment building.

Room 3805 in the apartment building is not big, only about 100 square meters, including a living room of 20 square meters and three barely enough small bedrooms. The only bright spot is the large balcony that connects the living room with all the rooms.

Standing on the balcony on the 38th floor and looking far away, one can see the skyline in the distance, and at night, one can even see the lights of thousands of families in Star Luo City.

In apartment 3805, the male owner was sitting on the plain fabric sofa in the living room, watching TV boredly. In the open kitchen on one side, the beautiful hostess is cooking in an apron.

Dinner is very simple, a stewed chicken wings, a stir-fried vegetables, and a soup. This family has always implemented the eating habit of never wasting. Every meal should be eaten clean, without waste or leftovers. In the opinion of the host, this is the best way.

"Honey, it's time to eat. Go call your son." The hostess said with a smile.

"Okay!" The male owner stood up with a smile and walked to the second bedroom inside. This is their son's room. The six-year-old son is doing his homework.

They also have a daughter, much older than their son, who doesn't come back often.

"Zhan Ji, it's time to eat." The master knocked on his son's door.

"Here comes Dad." The crisp child's voice sounded.

The door opened, and a handsome little boy rushed out excitedly.

"Mom, do you want to eat chicken wings today? I want to eat several."

"Well, come on..."

The hostess came out of the kitchen with a plate containing chicken wings, but at the next moment, she seemed to feel something, her pretty face suddenly turned pale, and even the plate in her hand slipped instantly.

The male host moved very quickly, almost catching the falling plate like lightning.

"Wu Tong, what's wrong?" He asked in surprise. But at this moment, he seemed to feel something, and his eyes froze instantly.

The hostess' eyes turned red instantly, "They're back, they, they're finally back. They're finally back! Wow..."

She threw herself into the arms of the hostess and burst into tears.

"Mom, what's wrong with you, Mom? Why are you crying? Who's back?" The little boy had already run over, threw himself on his mother, and looked at her nervously.

The male host said softly: "It's your grandpa and grandma who are coming back. Do you still remember that your mother told you about the origin of your name? Your grandma was ill before, and we all hoped that she would recover, so we named you Zhanji. "

The hostess raised her head, with tears in her eyes constantly overflowing, she shouted to the host: "Quickly, call Yingying back quickly, quickly... our family, our family can finally be reunited."

The host looked at his son beside him, "What about Zhanji? Do you want him to go with him?"

The hostess nodded lightly, "Go ahead, and just seal his memory later."

"it is good!"

With a wave of the host's hand, a golden light suddenly appeared, engulfing the family of three, and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

The outside of the huge palace is radiant, and the spirit of the fairy spirit with faint colored halos is lingering.

A man and a woman have been waiting here early.

The man was wearing a pale gold robe, but there was a circle of purple light behind his head, exuding a powerful aura.

The woman was wearing a long silver dress, and there was a circle of green halo behind her head, shining brightly.

The breaths from their bodies were clearly opposite, but they stood together and held hands, appearing extremely harmonious.

The body of the man in the golden robe has been trembling slightly, and the woman in the long silver skirt has been comforting him silently.

At this moment, a golden light suddenly shone, and three figures appeared beside them.

The man and woman turned to look at the same time, and it was the family of three in apartment 3805 in Xingluo City who came.

The little boy looked at the fantasy world around him in surprise, just like in a cartoon, and his face was full of curiosity for a while.

The man in the golden robe saw the hostess and hostess, and rushed to greet them, but his voice was trembling.

"Sister, brother-in-law."

The hostess's eyes were still red, and she hugged him, "They are back, Dad, Mom, they are finally back, finally back! Dad found Mom, this, this is really great! Where is Xuanyu? "

The woman in the long silver dress said softly: "He has been notified, and he and Xiuxiu should be arriving soon. Is this Zhan Ji?" She looked at the little boy.

The hostess nodded and said to the little boy, "Uncle, aunt."

The little boy looked curiously at the handsome man in the golden robe in front of him, and then looked at the halo behind their heads, "Hi uncle, hello aunt, I am Huo Zhanji. What is the halo?"

The man in the golden robe had already recovered a little bit of emotion at this time. Hearing this, he smiled and said, "That is the position of our god. Your aunt is the **** of life, and I am the **** of destruction."

"God? Is there really a God?"

The man in the golden robe said: "Of course there is! So are your father and mother. Sister, you and brother-in-law are really good enough. Why do you have to let Zhan Ji live an ordinary life?"

The male host said helplessly: "It's your sister who wants to live the life of ordinary people. She said that only in this way can good children be raised. Well, look, when you and Xuanyu grew up, you lived in ordinary people's lives. Did it grow up?"

At this moment, two rays of light flashed almost one after another, and three more figures appeared.

"Dad, Mom, what's wrong with calling us here so urgently?" A young couple appeared in front of the man in the gold robe and the woman in the silver dress.

"That's right! Why did you suddenly call us back?" In another light and shadow, a charming girl came out, "I'm training with my teacher."

The hostess took a deep breath and said, "Grandpa and grandma are coming back."

The man in the golden robe murmured: "Our family is finally reunited, finally reunited!"

Yes, the family is finally reuniting.

The hostess is Tang Wutong, the butterfly god, and the host is Huo Yuhao, the **** of emotions.

The later girl was their daughter Dai Ying, and they brought their son Huo Zhanji who grew up in the world.

The man in the golden robe is Tang Wulin, the God of Destruction, and the woman in the silver dress is Gu Yuena, the God of Life. The young couple were their son and daughter-in-law, Dragon God Tang Xuanyu and his wife Bai Xiuxiu.



Meteor-like light flew from the distant sky, and wherever it passed, the spirit of the fairy rushed.

"Dad—, Mom—"

In that golden light and shadow, two figures gradually appeared, revealing the tearful smiles of Tang San and Xiao Wu.

Their family, finally, reunited—

(End of the book)


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