Chapter 7974

Although ghost face adults on the surface, showing a pair of green glass leaves extremely disgusted with the appearance.

But in fact, his heart, already used to her existence!

It's like this one.

Although Ye Qingli met his requirements.

But if he doesn't want Ye Qingli to stay by his side, he can also think of 10000 reasons.

But he did not.

Obviously, in his subconscious, he also thinks that ye Qingli is the most suitable person to follow him!

You know, in the past three years, there has never been a woman who can make Guimian adults so close.

Even, including the saints

Think of all the rumors that have been hidden in Tianxing mountain.

Du Yun suddenly had a cold war.

Get rid of this rebellious idea from your mind.

The saint, but their supreme leader, must not be profane.

Even if you just think about it, you can't!

"It's not too late. Let's act now."

Ye Qingli said eagerly.


You haughty cold indifferent way.

He looked back at Du Yun and Jiang Danqiu and hesitated.

"Next move, you two..."

Jiang Danqiu quickly stood out.

Just now, she has lost a lot of points in front of Guimian adults.

Now, we must find a way to earn some face.

"Lord Guimian, I ask you to be the commander of the follow-up operation. As the director of the Intelligence Battalion, I am sure that I will be able to kill all the people as you arranged!"

"My sister, too, will do her best to help me."

"Jiang protecting the Dharma?"

Ye Qingli smiles.

"How do I feel that Jiang's Dharma protector is not suitable for conducting follow-up actions?"

"Ye Qingli!"

Jiang Danqiu said angrily.

"Don't push your foot!"

"I'll discuss with Guimian about the arrangement of this action. When did you interrupt?"

"I'm just making my own suggestions."

Ye Qingli shrugs.

"If it's just you, it's OK, but there's your sister."

"Don't forget that the commander of the follow-up must work closely with me."

"If you and the second Miss Jiang are behind the action, the commander, I'm not afraid to guarantee that there will be any problems in the cooperation."


Jiang Danqiu only thinks that seven tricks make smoke.

This is the contempt and humiliation of red fruit!

"Little girl!"

She sneered.

"You know what you're talking about?"

She is clearly challenging her authority as a protector!

"All right."

Just when Jiang Danqiu was furious, and his eyes were about to turn into cockfighting eyes.

The voice of Jun Aohan has come.

"The follow-up is under the direction of Du Yun," he said unquestionably

"This is the ultimate decision of my Lord!"

"All right, move!"

With that, he dodged and went straight into the woods.

The speed of his movements left only a shadow in the eyes of all.

Even, it doesn't mean to wait for ye Qingli behind

Looking at their backs, Jiang Danqiu's eyes flashed a cruel smile.

Little bitch!

Do you think that if you can follow the ghost face adult, you will succeed?

Not to mention how dangerous the trip is, it's just the unpredictable nature of Guimian adults.

If you dare to coquet in front of him, or seduce him.

Absolutely will die very miserably!