Chapter 471 - 471 The Smiths Have Arrived (2)

471 The Smiths Have Arrived (2)

Lukas’ face darkened. “Rosy, what did you say? Do you regret marrying me?”

It was a slip of the tongue. Rosy frowned. Then, she turned around and snorted coldly, “We can’t compare to them in anything, home, career, the jewelry, and clothes ... I feel so ashamed! We live like beggars!”

Lukas felt angry as he watched Rosy leave in a huff. ‘Do you love me? Or do you love the diamonds?’

In the main hall.

Dressed in an elegant silver suit, Joseph leaned against the door. Gerry reported to him, “The Smiths have arrived. Ms. Isabella has gone out to welcome them.”


Joseph paused and looked into the distance, “John visited us over earlier. I can tell that Isabella’s stepfather is planning something. Although I know he is not easy to deal with, I did not expect that he is so cunning. If I had known it ... Forget it. Remember to act according to the situation. Don’t let Charlie notice anything strange. If it doesn’t work, I’ll teach Isabella’s stepfather a lesson.”


“Joseph, I heard that my in-laws have arrived?”


Charlie was dressed in a light brown traditional costume. He had a bright smile on his face. “What do you think of my costume? It’s the first time I’ve met Isabella’s family. I feel more nervous than negotiating an important contract! I believe Isabella’s family will also be interesting!”

Joseph teased with a smile, “When you were young, you attracted a lot of girls. Now you’re still charming. You look good in everything.”

“Joseph, why do you begin to flatter me recently? I feel like you did it on purpose. This is not good!” Charlie raised his walking stick and scolded Joseph.

“Didn’t you ask me to learn from Isabella?” Joseph smiled and dodged Charlie’s walking stick. “I found that she is very good at acting cute, so I tried it. It turns out that you really like this.”

Charlie was just about to laugh when William walked in and reported, “Master Wilson, Isabella’s family have arrived.”

Charlie responded and went forward to welcome them. Seeing Charlie waiting at the door, Carl was stunned. He ran over from a distance, “Mr. Charlie! It is a great honor to meet you! Thinking about you, I didn’t sleep well last night!”

Charlie smiled. “So we are in the same mood. I was a little nervous just now.”

“That’s right. Isabella is really lucky to gain your favor. This is our family’s honor!”

Charlie laughed. “You are being modest. My opinion is not important. The most important thing is that they like each other. Isabella is very outstanding and sensible. Joseph is lucky to have Isabella. Isabella can tolerate his bad temper and take care of him. They are a good match.”

“That’s right. Isabella is very good at making others like her! I’ve educated her well since she was a child. Otherwise, how could she get engaged to Joseph?”

Charlie was stunned. Then, he smiled and said, “What do you mean? They will go register tomorrow. According to the law, we will soon be family.”

Hearing this, Rosa turned to look at Isabella as she whispered, “Are you going to register tomorrow? Didn’t you say that you would wait for the wedding?”

“That was my plan. But Charlie had told me that tomorrow would be a good day for registration. It’s best for us to choose a lucky day.”

Isabella smiled bashfully. “I’m getting along well with Joseph. Charlie treats me well, too. There’s no difference between getting married a month earlier or a month later. That’s why I agreed. I wanted to tell you later. You won’t be angry at me, right?”

Rosa shook her head and said, “I can’t help you with anything. How could I be angry with you? I’m just afraid that you would feel inferior because of our family and didn’t dare to tell them your thoughts.”

“That’s not the case.” Isabella hurriedly waved her hand. “Although the Wilson family is rich, they won’t look down upon me. Instead, Charlie treats me well ... Actually...”


“I also want to marry Joseph as soon as possible. I’m afraid that he will fall in love with other women ... Mom, I really like him. He treats me very well too.”

“Isabella, you’ve grown up...”

Rosa looked at Isabella’s happy face. She smiled happily and touched Isabella’s ears. “It’s good that you like each other. I’m really glad that you can say that. I’m not afraid of anything. But I am only worried that you will feel unhappy.”

“Are you Isabella’s mother?”

After Charlie talked with Carl, he turned to Rosa and praised, “No wonder Isabella is so beautiful. It turns out her mother is even prettier.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Mother, come in and have a seat,” Joseph walked over and said. Rosa was very excited. She covered her mouth and said in surprise, “Mr. Charlie...”

“From today onwards, you can call me by my name.”

Joseph smiled gently. There was no trace of sternness or coldness on his face. Instead, he was very respectful. “Since I will be Isabella’s husband, I’m also your son. If you meet any difficulty, please feel free to tell me.”

Joseph bought Rosa a villa, but Rosa did not accept it for the time being. First, John was still in high school. Rosa had to take care of him, so she couldn’t break up with Carl. Then, Rosa had to consider Isabella’s future.

The Smith family and the Wilson family were not of the same social status. If Joseph wanted to buy Rosa’s beauty and youth with his money, Rosa would not accept it. Therefore, she was the opposite of Carl. When Isabella and Joseph just got together, Rosa refused to get any benefits from Joseph. She did not want her daughter to be looked down upon.

Joseph looked so proud and arrogant before. But today he was sweet and considerate.

Joseph must love Isabella very much. He was willing to treat her family as his family.

Therefore, Rosa held Isabella’s hand tightly and was extremely excited. Isabella understood what it was about. She smiled and nodded at Rosa. Then she held Rosa’s hand and took Rosa to the living room.

Joseph was still standing at the door, welcoming Lukas and his wife.