Chapter 470 - 470 The Smiths Have Arrived (1)

470 The Smiths Have Arrived (1)

“Isabella, the Wilson Manor is marvelous!”

Rosa looked around in surprise, “It’s more beautiful than all the gardens I’ve seen. People who live here must feel very happy...”

Rosa smiled as she sized up Isabella. “But you’re the most beautiful girl in the world today! Your clothes look fabulous. How can there be such beautiful clothes?”

Isabella happily circled around and showed her skirt. “This is just an ordinary dress. I will change into a pink dress at the formal ceremony. Joseph asked the designer to specially make it for me. It’s covered in flowers. That one is fabulous!”

“That’s great.”

Rosy was following behind Rosa. She heard Isabella and Rosa’s conversation. Rosy glanced at Isabella’s dress and rolled her eyes.

Next to them, Carl looked up and straightened his tie. He said arrogantly, “Rosa, please. The whole world will soon know that we are in-laws with the Wilson family. The Wilson Manor will be ours. We can come whenever we want!”

Rosa whispered, “How can you say so? This will be Isabella’s home, not ours.”

“We’ve raised her for so many years and spent so much money on her. Shouldn’t she pay us back?” Carl said angrily, “Ignorant woman. I hope Isabella is not as stupid as you. Otherwise, she will be kicked out of the Wilson family sooner or later!”


Rosa looked down sadly. She did not agree with Carl’s words, but she didn’t dare to refute them. Many years of domestic violence from Carl had changed her totally. Whenever Rosa was beaten or scolded, she did not dare to resist.

Rosa put on an embarrassed and guilty look, while Carl was being unreasonable. Isabella tilted her head and remembered the evidence of the explosion that she had submitted to the lawyer a few days ago. The lawyer said that he had sorted it out. Isabella could file a lawsuit and ruin Carl’s reputation at any time.

If so, Isabella wondered if Carl could be as arrogant as he was now. When he was found guilty and sent to prison, how would he face his family?

Carl was still cursing Rosa in a low and fierce voice. Isabella did not want Charlie to hear it. She stepped forward and held Rosa’s arm as she said sweetly, “Mom, let me take you to the front. There is a greenhouse and a fountain over there. By the way, there are many animals here. We all call that place a zoo!”

John followed behind Rosa and said, “Mom, be careful. There are lions here.”

“Lions?” Rosa understood what Isabella meant. She did not want to embarrass Isabella, so she kept a distance from Carl.

Isabella introduced, “Look, the red roses on the roadside are all fresh.”

“They’re all fresh? Heavens, so many roses!”

“They’re from the garden. The workers would pick them up two days in advance and store them. They started to set them up in the early morning today, so you can see them everywhere. They smell so good!”

Isabella happily showed Rosa around. Behind them, Lukas got off the car and scanned the entire garden. Then, he fixed his eyes on Isabella’s happy face. He put on a meaningful look.

Rosy sighed.

Lukas came back to his senses. He held her waist and placed his hand on her flat belly. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

“Yes, I feel uncomfortable.”

Rosy sneered, “My ill-bred sister’s engagement ceremony is ten times better than mine. How can I feel comfortable?”

Lukas was stunned. “Why do you care about this?”

“The Wilson Manor is famous throughout the entire world. It is even more beautiful than the famous scenic areas. Now that I see it with my own eyes ... Just the front yard is bigger than a garden ... Who would have thought that Isabella was about to become the hostess here? What a bitch! She has always been good at pretending and pleasing men since she was young. She is just like her mother. I wonder how she seduced Joseph...”

Lukas stopped Rosy. “Rosy! Today is Isabella’s engagement! There are servants everywhere. Watch your tongue!”

“So what if they hear it? I’m telling the truth.”

Rosy looked at Lukas strangely. “My dear, don’t you think that compared to this manor, our small home is nothing but a humble flat?”

Lukas’s face darkened. “Rosy, although our apartment can’t compare to the Wilson Manor, it is still one of the most luxurious residential areas in Peace City. Many people struggle to live in this place. How can you call it a humble flat?”

Rosy said disdainfully, “Alright. Do you see the 10-carat emerald diamond ring on Isabella’s hand? So luxurious. But what did you give me?”

Lukas rubbed Rosy’s shoulder helplessly. “Baby, don’t keep your eyes on those things, okay? When I got engaged to you, I’m very poor. I could only earn some money by acting. At that time, I had to save money for our future, so I could only buy you a small one. When my business gets on the right track, I will give you a lot more.”

“Damn it! How long do I still have to wait?”

Rosy stomped her feet angrily. “Bad things happened to your family, and you were almost disabled. But I didn’t mind that at all. I took care of you and married you. You promised me that you would take back the Shaw Group and provide me with a luxurious life. Why haven’t you taken it back yet? Where is my luxurious life?”

Lukas explained, “I have gotten the investment, but taking the company back is a big project. I need more time.”

“Then during this period of time, do you want me and our child to be looked down upon?”

Rosy clenched her fists and looked very angry. “You were supposed to win this year’s Best Actor award. At the very least, you should get a few endorsements and earn some money. But you were taken photos in bed with Miles. I am really disappointed in you, Lukas! Marrying you might have been a mistake. I feel so embarrassed now. Isabella is much smarter than me.”