Chapter 867 - 867: Finale: Honey, It's Great To Have You Back

The man pressed a button, and Gabrielle could hear the electric buzz in her walkie-talkie. She was talking to his walkie-talkie!

Gabrielle was so relieved. The man wearing the cape was working for the fairground.

They must be wearing the black cape to shock her. That was what they did. Or it would not be a haunted house.

It wasn't that Gabrielle was afraid of ghosts. She was prepared to see "ghosts" impersonated by men when she came in.

What terrified Gabrielle was meeting bad guys. It was crossing the line when the man dressed in a black cape jumped out from nowhere and grabbed her and wouldn't let her go.

Gabrielle held the walkie-talkie and stepped back to distance herself from the man. It was so dark in the haunted house that she couldn't see the figure of his face, let alone he wore a black cape.


Why did she think this could be a location to strike?

And why did the cape man come closer as she moved back?

"What are you trying to do? I'm warning you do not come closer, or I... I will..."Then Gabrielle felt she touched the cold wall. She couldn't help getting stiff because of horror. Her hands couldn't help shaking.

The electrical buzz on Gabrielle's phone suddenly turned sharp and puncturing because the man came closer. It shocked Gabrielle so much that she dropped it on the ground.

It slapped on the ground, and the noise it made became obnoxiously clear. The off-on button on the walkie-talkie was still on with green light.

"Or what?" The man's voice suddenly came from the walkie-talkie. It overlapped with the black cape man's deep and smooth voice.

It was light and sweet, making Gabrielle want to kiss...

Gabrielle's eyes were wide open. She even had the illusion for a second. His voice...

No. It must be her delusion. This was the haunted house. Was someone trying to prank her?

"Do you miss me?' The guy asked again.

Miss me?

Gabrielle shook her head. She must be missing him so much that she hallucinated.

Gabrielle wouldn't talk. She held the breath in case he breathed too loudly, and the illusion would disappear. Even if she could hear his voice in an illusion, Gabrielle thought it was too much a luxury.

Gabrielle wouldn't take her eyes off the man in the darkness. She was afraid he would go away. If she could, she would charge over to hug him, so he would not disappear.

But the man didn't talk anymore. Gabrielle was anxious.

Gabrielle said with a crying tone, "Can you say something?'

The man smiled, and Gabrielle could hear the vibrating sound from his chest. Even so, Gabrielle would not wake up from her dream.

"What do you want me to say?' The man asked.

"Anything. Anything works."Gabrielle crossed her arms to hug herself. She was afraid she would lose control and cry out.

"Hmmm..." The man deliberately prolonged the words, "You must be dying to hear I am back."

The power of language was incredible.

Gabrielle could react tremendously to only three words, "I am back."This was the buried lava in her heart for three years, which was about to burst out.

Gabrielle took a deep breath and cried.

It was so loud and had a tinge of sorrow that was held back for a long time.


The lights over their head were suddenly turned on. It was so light that Gabrielle's eyes hurt.

But soon, the man blocked the glaring light with his tall figure. His shadow could cover hers.

"Gabrielle, I am back." The man said again with a smooth voice.

Gabrielle's look was blurry because of the tears. But she stared at the man. He had mustaches. But it didn't age him but made him more mature.

His eyes were the same crystal light, and his lips were still thin. He still looked arrogant and frivolous.

Tears fell on the ground.

The tears were rounded up at the corner of Gabrielle's eyes. They couldn't hold any longer and fell.

"J..." Gabrielle could only make one syllable, and her voice was choked, "'re alive?"

"Yes, I am. So I come back."Jackson hugged her and wouldn't let her talk anymore. He sealed her lips off with a kiss. After three years, one kiss was better than a thousand things.

Gabrielle was still crying. Jackson could feel the bitterness on her lips. Gabrielle was kissing as she was crying. Jackson didn't mind. He loved her and her tears.

Gabrielle hugged Jackson's fit waist tightly. There was a faint smell of tobacco on Jackson, and so was his kiss.

Gabrielle suddenly felt someone was staring at them when they were both devoted to the kiss.

Gabrielle shoved Jackson away, and they looked at the corner at the same time.

They saw two kids, one bigger than the other, sitting on the ground, held cheeks with both hands, and looked at them with curiosity.

Gabrielle's son said first, "Richard, why are my mom and dad kissing? Are they hungry? Are they gonna be okay if I give them my lollipops?'

Richard said, "They like kissing better than lollipops. They won't take the candy."

He said, "Hmmm... I want to kiss mom too."

Richard said, "They like kissing better than lollipops. They won't take the candy."

Gabrielle was amused by what her son said. She hit Jackson's chest gently, saying, "It's all your fault."

Jackson stared at their son slightly harshly, "Only I can kiss mommy."

Gabrielle's son didn't know why his father god mad. But he wouldn't admit failure, saying, "Mommy is my mommy. I won't have an old man like my dad."

Gabrielle said, "Richard, can you take him out for a second?"

Gabrielle felt Jackson was about to get violent.

Jackson really changed nothing, Gabrielle wondered, well, he did grow a mustache. So one thing changed.

Richard was an emotionally intelligent kid. Seeing there was gonna be trouble, he took Gabrielle's son and left in a hurry.

"An old man?"Jackson's look changed instantly, "Do I grow old?'

Gabrielle said, "Well, you did grow a mustache." She smiled and felt the studs on his face. When they were kissing, Gabrielle felt the sting. She became more curious, "How did you..."

Jackson knew what Gabrielle was wondering. He held her and stroked her back, saying, "I thought I would die too."

Gabrielle still had feared at the word "die."

"The villagers in the nearby fish village saved my life. The plane crashed in the sea, and my stomach was punctured. I was in a coma for a long time, and then I..."

As Jackson was telling his story, he felt his shirt being pulled up. Then he felt the cold wind. The terrifying scar on his stomach was exposed in the air.

Gabrielle reached out to stroke the ugly scar gently. The pain on her look made one think she was the one who got hurt.

"Does it hurt?"

Jackson shook his head, saying, "It hurts so much more when I couldn't see you. I missed you so much."

"Who taught you to say this?"

Jackson answered, "The villagers in the fish village."

Gabrielle said, "You're not a romantic type."

"Then what type am I, Your Highness?"

Gabrielle couldn't hide her pleasure anymore. She was so thrilled to see Jackson again. She hugged him, saying, "I am your type. Apart from me, who else?"

Jackson looked down at Gabrielle. She was still so lovely and cute. The time didn't leave any marks on her. After three years, she was still so pretty even if she was a mom.

Jackson got lost, looking at Gabrielle. He had so much to thank for that he could hug the woman of his life again.

Gabrielle said, "What? Don't you think I'm your type?'

Jackson pinched her jaw with coarse fingers, saying, "If my wife says so, it is so."

"Wife? I like that. I'm satisfied."

Jackson lowered his head to gently bite her lips, saying, "As your husband, I'm satisfied too."

Gabrielle said, "Honey, it's great to have you back."

Jackson answered, "Honey, it's wonderful you're still here."


Howel's Mansion.

It was seven in the morning. The gauze of the curtains slightly blew as the wind passed. A ray of sunshine came through the window and into the comfortable master bedroom. As time passed, brightness resumed little by little. It was so warm.

On the giant bed, Avery slowly opened her eyes and woke up at the hour she always did. Her eyelashes were so thick. The first sight was Evan's broad shoulders. His muscles were tight and felt powerful under the sun.

Avery slightly coiled up her rosy lips. She held his fit waist with fair hands and didn't let go.

It was not dark anymore outside the window. But Avery had no intention to get up. She was still feeling sleepy. She took one look at the clock on the wall. It was two hours away until the scheduled guests arrived. So she closed her eyes again.

Under the quilt, Avery slid over Evan's abs with tender fingers. She portrayed the hard lines slowly and carefully. She was having so much fun doing it. But she didn't realize Evan was awake until she accidentally touched below his pants.

Evan opened his closely shut eyes and rolled over to get on top of her.

Evan bent over. Avery felt his burning breath on her face. Evan said with a deep and sleepy voice, "What are you trying to do in the morning?"

Avery reached out fair hands to hug Evan's arms. Her rich hair was all over the pillow, bringing out the prettiness of her face. She looked like a teenage girl with smiling eyes. She reached out to grab his hair with fingertips.

Evan kissed on the corner of her mouth. At first, it was a gentle pecking. Then he started kissing her mouth and got deeper.

Let us call what happened naturally next "morning exercise."

It was half an hour later after they were done.

They didn't have enough time in the morning. So Evan quit when it was okay. He hugged her with his strong arms for seconds and let her go. Then he took a few tissues from the tissue box on the table.

Avery closed her eyes and lay on the pillow. Her cheek looked rosy. She was still catching her breath. She was awake, but she didn't have much strength.

Evan wiped things off Avery and held her in his arms so they could get intimate again. They were in no rush to get up.

Evan kissed her fair ears and whispered again and again, "I love you."

As they were talking, Evan's look turned again. He stroked her waist with burning hands and slowly rubbed her fair skin with his fingers' tips.

Evan asked, "Shall we have another round?"

Avery shoved him off, saying, "Nope. They're almost here."

Then the maid's voice came from outside the door, "Mr. and Mrs. Howel, Mrs. President, and Miss Gabrielle are here."

Avery glared at Evan in a doting way, "It's all your fault. Get up!'

Then Avery hurried to get up and washed in the bathroom. After she got dressed, she came downstairs in a rush.

Gabrielle wore a sky blue long dress while Jessica wore a lavender dress. They haven't met for a long time. But they still looked pretty. At the same time, they seemed more mature and sophisticated.

Avery hugged Gabrielle and Jessica, respectively. She looked down at Jessica's tummy, saying, "What? Still nothing?'

Jessica lowered her head, shyly, "James wants to have more couple time."

Avery said, "You can carry on after you have a baby."

Jessica said, "It's not the same. I have to give my baby a lot of my time. But I still can't take care of myself, and I feel so immature."

Gabrielle said, "Oh, so you don't want to have kids."

Avery said, "I think James is in a hurry."She looked at the living room. Gabrielle's son was talking to Avery's son about something. Her daughter was focused on watching TV. She completely had no clue what was going on.

Jessica said, "Whatever. He's super busy."

Avery took back her sight from the kids, saying, "Gabrielle, your son is getting more and more handsome."

Gabrielle smiled and said, "Honey, can you come over for a sec?"

He wore a checkered shirt and overalls. He looked like such a gentleman. He came over and greeted Avery, "Aunt Avery, how do you do?"

Avery got down and kissed him on his cheek. Benny Oliver became red in the face, saying, "Aunt, my girlfriend will get jealous."

"Your girlfriend?" Avery smiled. Then Cher Howel came over, and she was angry, "Mommy, Benny just kissed me."

"Hmm...Benny, why do you kiss Cher?" Gabrielle really didn't know what to do. Her son was a playboy.

Benny said seriously, "This is my secret with Cher. I can't tell you."

Cher went back to the living room and got Wilson as her help.

Of the three kids, Benny and Wilson were the same age. Cher was two years older than them.

Benny ran so fast and stopped Cher, saying, "Cher, I'll grow up one day.'

Cher was speechless.

Avery, Gabrielle, and Jessica looked at Benny at the same time out of surprise. And they burst out laughing at the same time.

Gabrielle said, "Avery, Benny is a mature kid. I'm gonna film this and remind him to ask Cher to be his girlfriend. I like her so much."

Avery smiled. Although Benny and Cher were siblings, they weren't biologically connected. After they grew up, Benny might go through a lot of trouble to court Cher since she was very proud.

But who knew what would happen.

As they were chatting and laughing, they came to the round table set in the grass. The sunshine in the morning was warm. Three girls were exchanging conversations over a cup of coffee.

The sunshine formed a warm gold rim on their smiles.

They were talking about the best love.

They said:

James and Jessica had the best love because they became what each other loved the most years later.

Jackson and Gabrielle had the best love because they turned into better persons.

Avery and Evan also had the best love because of passionate and long-term companionship.

So, they went through ups and downs and witnessed all the happiness in the best time of their lives.