Chapter 10626

At this moment, he felt that he was a complete sinner.

"Li Mo, are you okay?"

Qu Shang noticed that Li Mo's state was very wrong and couldn't help asking.

Even when he said he would shut up before, his expression was not so ugly.

Li Mo waved his hand and looked at the surging natural graben river below. Suddenly, he had the impulse to jump down himself.

People in the divine world and the demon world have been guarding by the natural moat river and want to wait for their return. They just see that the breath exploding below is more and more amazing. When they want to explore with their spiritual power, they find that a strong prohibition has directly prevented their spiritual power.

Standing above, they couldn't notice any movement below. They could only see the changes in the river.

Although the natural graben river has existed for a long time, everyone's understanding in this regard is almost blank, because all the practitioners who have gone in have not come out alive, and they have not brought back any useful information at all.

Over time, no one has ever tried this again.

However, everyone knows that the calm natural moat must be very terrible. There may be a terrible behemoth, but no one dares to explore it again.

However, who could have thought that the goddess and the devil emperor jumped down like this. The most important thing is that they don't know what happened and even led to such a thing.

As a month passed, the people saw that the natural moat became smaller and smaller, and finally disappeared completely. They still didn't see the emergence of the demon emperor and goddess, and everyone's heart gradually sank.

Emperor Shengge went back to the devil's palace. This result was the last thing she wanted to accept.

At the beginning, they couldn't see Beichen and yunjue, which made them fall into reincarnation. They thought they could change everything. Who ever thought that the same thing happened again.

The people in the divine world are also in a very bad mood. They just see the same situation in the demon world. Although they feel bad, they can't say more.

After all, there is no way now.


When Baili red makeup, Emperor Beichen, Mo yunjue and the heavenly daughter stood on the ground of the demon world together, the four people looked at each other and smiled, and a happy smile appeared on their faces.

"Sister, this trip really scared me to death." The heavenly daughter smiled happily and couldn't stop, "fortunately, the result is good, and... I should congratulate you now."

Previously, watching that scene, she already knew that red makeup was pregnant, and how great the divine fetus was.

There is no stronger child in the world than red makeup.

Baili red makeup hugged the heavenly daughter, and her eyebrows and eyes were full of emotion, "thank you, sister."

She didn't expect to see tiannv and yunjue at the bottom of the natural moat. When she saw them at that time, her heart was full of amazement, but she was more moved.

When they jumped down, they must have the idea of abandoning everything. In other words, they risked their lives to save them.

"What else can sisters talk about?" Tiannv looked at the outstanding temperament in front of her. The whole person was wearing a hundred Li red makeup with the breath of God, and her eyebrows and eyes were full of exclamation.

"I really didn't expect you to come to this step. If parents see it, they will be very happy."

At the beginning, the God bone only appeared in the father's body and did not become a real God. Now red makeup seems to have crossed this step. It is no longer the former demigod, but the real God.