Chapter 4100

After dressing her well, he said, "Okay, I'll take you to dinner."

Bai Yiyi originally thought that she would see the Wu family, but after eating the meal, she didn't see the Wu family, not even the old man Wu, so Wu Mochen took her back to the car .

"Where are your parents and grandpa, uh... don't you need to meet me after I leave?" Bai Yiyi couldn't help asking.

"My parents are not at home now. As for the old man, there is no need to see him." Wu Mochen said, this morning, he went to see the old man, just hoping that the old man would stop making his own decisions and not touch Yiyi.

No matter what the future holds for him and Yiyi, he doesn't want her to be bound by the Wu family.

If she is unwilling, then he will not force it.

And as for last night, it was the best memory for him!

The car drove towards Shencheng, Wu Mochen didn't find a driver, but drove it himself.

On the way, Bai Yiyi asked again, "By the way, I was outside the sacrificial hall last night, and I heard the old man say that he wants me to marry you early and have a baby early, as if this way you can feel less uncomfortable. Does it matter?"

Wu Mochen tightened his hand on the steering wheel, "I will tell you slowly in the future."

Can't this be told now? But fortunately, Bai Yiyi is not inquisitive, she just said, "However, the old man is wrong, I am not the kind of person who will be easily seduced, and I will definitely marry you, like you Husband, it's hard to find now, Moonlight says I'm out of shit luck."

Wu Mochen hesitated, "We didn't use contraception last night, we'll go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine later."

"Buy medicine?" Bai Yiyi was taken aback, "Why?"

"You're too young, if you're really pregnant..."

"Then give birth!" She took it for granted, "There are many mothers at my age, and my mother didn't think about getting rid of me when she was pregnant with me."

So if she is really pregnant with a baby, then it will definitely be born!

Wu Mochen pursed his thin lips, and complex emotions flashed in his eyes.

"Don't you like children?" Bai Yiyi asked.

"No, I don't dislike children." He said, even...children...if she really gave birth to their children, it also means that the Gu worm in his body can be cured.