Chapter 358 Jenny’s second father 3

Marta and Blanca stood in astonishment as they watched the ethereal woman leave their courtyard by launching herself in the air. Although they would have appreciated had she at least offered a word of thanks, it's not like they put the matter to heart. She was their benefactor's mother after all. 

"Aunty Marta..?" Juttu whispered, making the busty woman looking down at the boy standing in between her boobies. "What? Did she scare you?" She ruffled his head to placate the boy. 

"Not that, aunty. But everyone knows that people can only pass through this village while on their way to the north-western forests. Why did she ask something so common?" 

Juttu's rationale had the two ladies stumped. Now that they thought about it, his words did make a lot of sense. This was common knowledge that people usually only stopped by their village while heading over to the northwestern woodlands. 

Added to that, it was obvious that Ryu's mother was an expert who can fly. How in the world did she not know about where her boy was heading? Marta turned to face her mother, finding her already glancing in her direction. 

"What if she is from a faraway place? I think we are thinking too much about it." Blanca agreed with her daughter's judgment. "Indeed. She was such a sweet woman. I can tell she genuinely cared for her son." Marta pecked her head to show her complete support. 


Jenny had more or less been acclimatized to her new style. Because her legs kept slipping around his thighs, Ryu had changed the position to now arrest both of her legs as well in a lock.

The young maiden was held in a fetal posture where she can simply relax and feel Ryu's massive pike penetrate her recently unsealed slit. Her ability to take the punishment had amazed the other two grown-ups. 

"Is this how ohhh.. you should be treating your new daughter uuughh.. father? You are such a meanie... Aahhh.. hmph.." Jenny occasionally found opportunities to poke fun at the boy drilling her.

"Hehe.. I don't see you complaining about it. Should I assume you like when father fucks you in odd positions?" Ryu got back at her, making sure to hump a little harder just to infuriate the girl locked in his arms. 

"Huh.. aaahhh.. it hurts.." "Oh.. my bad.. I got too excited. It can't be helped.. little Jenny's pussy is too enticing to control my urge to reach deeper into it." Ryu feigned ignorance, looking down at almost two-thirds of his cock finding refuge in the overworked pussy.

Jenny had surprised him with her dexterity. Her hole had constantly grown accustomed to his size. So much so that at times Ryu would feel like her vagina was actively sucking on his cock to gain further access to it. An ability like this was only possessed by a handful of mature women like his mother.

"You are lying.. you just want to take advantage of me.. uuuffhh.." With her feet hanging off the ground and Ryu's strong arms supporting both her thighs and shoulders together, she actually found the arrangement quite tranquil. 

After the agonizing strain on her snatch had subsided, things had gotten relatively peaceful. Now she only need to be prepared for any sporadic jabs from Ryu that threatened to cleave her little canal. His regular jabs were quite a lot appeasing and Jenny can't have enough of them. 

Two pairs of eyes watched the boy and girl banter even in such an adverse situation. "Call me impressed. I don't know how you trained your daughter big sis, but it's working." Cortney described her awe at the pathbreaking performance put on by Jenny.

"I wish it was my training.." Itzel replied in a heavy tone. She had to admit, they severely underestimated the girl. Neither Courtney nor herself were brave enough to philander so coquettishly with Ryu, especially when he was busy pummeling them. 

After a while, instead of the girl asking for a break, it was Ryu who put a stop to their depravity. "Let's stop for now, girl. We can't have you monopolizing even your mother's time." 

Ryu's criticism made Jenny cringe. She did get too habituated to the pleasurable feeling of her young father's dick tracing her vaginal tunnel. "Ahem.. okay." She reluctantly agreed and let the boy bring her down. 

"Itzel.. it's your turn. Get on top of Jenny." Ryu arranged the pair in a '69' position with the young girl's head in between her mother's thighs. Itzel showed no reservations and raised her bottom. 

Ryu dunked his cock in the slick cunt.  Reaching out to grab Itzel by her scalp hair, he yanked her head back harshly. "Tell me who am I, my hoe.." The pain from her scalp was drowned out by the ebullience generated by the penis burrowing its way to the deepest part of her nether regions.

"Aaahh.." Ryu didn't stop until he touch the second entrance inside her first. Itzel cried out but felt a soothing sensation thanks to her daughter's tongue tasting the meeting place of the cock and the vagina. 

"I didn't hear you.." Ryu pulled harder on her hair while giving a long thrust inside the woman. "You.. you are my husband.. yes.. aahhh.. please.." "Please what.." "AAHHHH.." He ended his words with a third jolt, making the woman scream out.

Itzel felt a bolt of current originate from her pelvis regions and pass through her backbone to end up in her brain, electrocuting her. "Keep saying that.. bitch.. keep calling my name.." 

Itzel's eyes rolled back and her tongue followed her instincts to flop out of the confines of her mouth. Courtney who was fondling her breasts from the front saw the changes in the grown woman with her own eyes. 

'Young master Ryu is truly a dangerous opponent for any woman.' Courtney herself had been on the receiving end of Ryu's assault. She can very easily guess what was going on in Itzel's head right now. 

"Husband.. ahhhhh... Husband.. ggghh... Ahhh..." Itzel was totally mesmerized by the boy, howling just like he had wanted her to. "Yes.. what should I do..? Tell me.." 

*Paahh* Ryu let the woman taste his first slap to her face. The heat in Itzel's cunt had grown to such an extent that the face slap rattled her. "Hit.. hit.. me again.." 

*Paghh* Another slap landed squarely on Itzel's other cheek, disorienting her for a good while. The priestess of the village was neither totally intoxicated nor totally alert. She was in some kind of limbo. 

Hence, the fact that she was craving the humiliating slaps to her face was very shameful for her. In her mind, she still can't believe how easily Ryu influenced her with his cock. It's like a switch was flipped in her mind, giving way to a beastly Itzel she had never come across. 

"I want to hear you howl like an animal in heat.. Itzel.. Are you listening to me?" Ruu had leaned over her to utter those words directly in her ears. At this point the boy had picked up a rhythm inside of her, forcing Itzel to do whatever he asked of her. 

She had to do what Ryu asked, simply because the boy might break the established rhythm if he wanted. And Itzel can't have that. She turned her head to look at the boy's face right over her shoulder.  

"I will.. mhhg.. but.. first.. kiss me.. ahhh.." Ryu didn't deny her request, trading kisses with the woman while his hips continued to jerk in her. 

Itzel knew she had tried to flirt with a storm. Now she can only wait to be destroyed by it. Ryu had introduced his tongue into her mouth and eager beauty found herself greedily sucking on it. 

She can't have enough of this erotic sweetness. Something inside of Itzel was broken. It felt like she can't live if she was separated from the boy. 

"Muuughh.. mughhh.." Ryu grinned in his mind, feeling his mouth dry up because Itzel had started feeding on his saliva. Suddenly, he jerked his head back, much to her horror. 

"You need to serve your husband well if you want me to feed you." Itzel resorted to a set of puppy eyes, but it didn't help her case. He playfully whacked her face once again, however, did not resume his kiss. 

"It's time you began howling, wifey." After ending their kiss, Ryu fetched the leash that he had earlier introduced Itzel to. He grabbed hold of it and coiled it around her neck a few times, before tugging on it. 

*Whap* Together with pulling onto her leash, Ryu spanked Itzel's bottom signaling her to begin her act. Although the Itzel encased in her own mind vehemently protested the idea of animalistic howling, the Itzel who was bearing it the burnt of Ryu's humps ignored her pleas. 

"Huuuwww.. hoowww..." With those heavy grunts, the sane Itzel had completely lost out to her horny counterpart. There was no salvation for her anymore. She had truly been turned into Ryu's bitch. 

"Hoowll.. Whooowww.." "Awesome.. haha.." Ryu showed his appreciation by beating down on her ass cheeks. Itzel's insides were rapidly convulsing around his dick, signifying her approaching release.

Stationed right under her mama, Jenny was still trying to figure out how exactly her brave mother submitted this fast to the bully. She should have at the very least pretended to put up a fight. 

Jenny was too young to tell it, but Itzel was not only facing Ryu. Rather she was facing a three-fold attack where her daughter was sucking on her clitoris, her husband was ramming his long dick right into her uterus and Courtney was attending to her quirky nipples. Any woman would find it hard to survive such a level of offense.

Unable to come to a meaningful conclusion, Jenny chose to put the gears of her mind on halt. Listening to her mother's howls made her lose her semblance. Hopefully, Ryu was not going to make such demands of her. 

The next twenty minutes were extremely difficult for Itzel. Ryu was deliberately delaying her orgasm, choosing to slow down his jabs significantly whenever the woman indicated her readiness to cum.

After the same events happened thrice, Itzel was driven mad. Such was her ailment, she glared murderously at the boy. In response, Ryu will calmly offer his lips to her and that will pacify the woman for some time. Then the same process will begin again.

At the end of it all, Itzel was left distraught. She had no sensation in her limbs as she slumped down on top of Jenny with not an ounce of energy in her body. 

Nevertheless, Ryu was not done with her. He separated Itzel's buttocks and gradually forced his firm cock inside the other hole. "Uuuggghh.." A passed-out Itzel struggled.

In spite of that, Ryu didn't stop. Owing to her previous anal training, he didn't find it exceedingly hard to penetrate her anus. He was very patient with the woman, letting her adjust before pushing himself further deep into the deep tunnel. 

Jenny watched enthusiastically as the big veiny dick of her father violated the end of her mother's digestive tract. Being a kind girl and a diligent daughter, she made sure to start rimming her mother such that Ryu can gain easier access. 

Before long the long hose had impaled Itzel's tight rectum. Ryu kneaded the hefty bottoms and jerked his waist to fuck the tight asshole, sending his girthy cock drilling through the converging muscle walls. 

"Time to swallow my balls.. girl." Jenney heard the command and got into position to fill her oral cavity with the large na of her father. It was not a smooth ride, considering she had to extend her jaws to the limit to finally swallow both testicles at once. 

After a praise, Ryu resumed banging Itzel's ass. Right on top of Jenny's head, she witnessed the long shaft convulse in rapid succession, delivering its thick hot payload deep inside her mother's bowels.