Chapter 357 Paula begins her search

"How does it feel to be mounted by your new father, Jenny?" Courtney fondled the young girl and offered her breasts for her to suckle. "It was quite a.. ahhh.. daunting task.. haha.. eehh... Aaaah.." Jenny managed to force out a smile even though the wetness around her eyes was yet to dry off. 

She found solace in swallowing a mouthful of the busty glands, at times chewing on the hard nipples. After some time priestess's daughter grew used to the pain and even began moaning albeit with some labor. 

Itzel had seen her daughter's expression fluctuate from agonizingly stiff to somewhat relaxed and elated. Now that Ryu had actually mated with both of them, she found herself getting much more accommodating to the idea. After all, she would much rather be present while her daughter is being penetrated than let her be alone. 

Happy for Jenny, Itzel took the initiative to reach out to pick her tiny breasts with her lips. Her daughter squirmed in pleasure and Ryu felt her vagina stretch out slightly to provide him with another inch of depth. 

As he was pounding Jenny's narrow cunt, he found Itzel opening her arms and asking for a hug. Smiling widely, he laid on top of Jenny's back and embraced both mother and daughter at once. His hips kept gyrating providing a lecherous sight. 

Jenny noticed Ryu lower his head next to her and start kissing her mother all the while his big dick was still locked in her own vagina. The young girl can not deny that she felt the kiss was hot as fuck. 

For a moment, she herself desired to give it a try. But then recalling the value people attached to a kiss, she realized her mum will never allow it. Thus, for now, Jenny will have to keep herself satisfied with only playing the audience. 

"Ahhnngh.. do you like to do it with mothers and daughters together, brother...mhh.. Ryu?" She asked amidst her groans. "Yes.. mother-daughter pairs are best. Just like you two.. I like familiar yet unfamiliar they act around each other while I am doing them."

Ryu's answer infuriated Itzel but there was nothing she can do with the boy resuming his assault on her lips. "I.. ahh.. don't understand.." Jenny genuinely struggled to understand what he meant. Nevertheless, he wasn't going to waste any more breath on her. 

"Let's just say I like to fuck identical pussies... at once." Saying that Ryu locked his hands behind Jenny's neck and began pounding her with renewed vigor. 

His arms reached out from under her shoulders, this meant the girl was entirely on Ryu's mercy. Sure enough, Jenny was jerked and lifted right off her mother's belly, thanks to his hold around her neck. 

On Ryu's suggestions, Jenny wrapped her legs around his thighs to support her lower body since her feet could not reach the ground once Ryu stood back up. 

Itzel's jaw dropped witnessing her daughter's state. Ryu grinned at her shocked disposition then slowly moved his hips to fuck her girl like a doll. 

"Mom.. aaaaahhh.." A pained cry from Jenny finally woke Itzel from her stupefaction. The shock was evident on her face. Can they fuck in even such a powerful position? 

Showing trust in Jenny's new father, she chose to not put a stop to the act. Nevertheless, as a mother, she can not see her daughter struggle. Offering her lips for Jenny to suck upon, she gingerly caressed her breasts.

Behind Jenny, Ryu focused on pumping the girl with everything he had got. He wasn't vying for any more depth in her, but whatever ground he had gained, he will make sure it was shaped in the form of his organ. 


Back in the village, Marta and Blanca were crouched over their trusty old well with their bottoms pushed out. Their young guest was pounding their asses by taking turns in their backdoors. 

Currently, Juttu was all focused on old Blanca's asshole, ramming himself in without any care in the world. After more than a day of gathering experience by having sex at every opportunity, he had gotten better at holding his erection.

All thanks to his young age, even after cumming thrice already, he was still at the peak of his game. Learning from aunty Marta, he lowered himself on top of granny Blanca's flat back. With his feet held straight, the boy was grabbing onto her hair locks to slide himself on top.

Only coming across it today, this style of fucking had quickly become Juttu's favorite. Add to the thrill of effectively riding Mrs. Blanca, the fact that he can simultaneously treat himself to her anus was an added bonus. 

"This is.. embarrassing.." Blanca was blushing red from the shenanigans Juttu was pulling at her daughter's behest. Somehow when Ryu did such acts with the women, it felt empowering. 

But with Juttu's physical dimensions and his little prick, things were only comical. At this point, Blanca was only involving herself because of the payment. She was truly terrified of being discovered by her other family members.

If anyone came across this funny scene with Juttu gliding on her back, Blanca feared she was going to be the butt of their jokes for a good while.  

"What are you saying? It's such a delight to watch you two.. haha.. just ask Juttu how much he is enjoying this." Marta laughed, not at all worried about maintaining an image like her mother. 

"Yes... I love it.." The boy atop Blanca exclaimed as if concerned that people will miss apprehending his amusement. Gripping her head forcefully, he increased the pace of his slides, proportionally increasing his anal drilling. 

Blanca was at a loss for words, shaking her head at the futility of any argument. Right now she can only hope this shameful indignation ends as soon as possible. 

Alas.. Marta was intent on not letting Juttu cum just yet. "Take a break.. boy. And lay down.." She said that, but at the same time the busty woman got to her feet and carried the boy up in her arms from her mother's smooth back. 

Next, she placed him on the wet plaster on the ground. "Give him a quick suck, mom." Marta was happy to command her mother at her whims. After spending time alone with Ryu, she was filled with newfound confidence. This poised her to start exerting her authority more and more over Blanca.

Seeing her mother follows through with her directions without any skepticism filled Marta with a great deal of contentment. Once satisfied with the blowjob Blanca provided to the kid, she lowered her ass cheeks over the boy.

Juttu saw the pink vagina greedily chomp down on his cock. "Ughgh.." Seeing the young lad groan under her, Marta picked his hands and layered them over her twin mountains. 

Her tits were simply too big to hold onto a shape. Their sheer size meant gravity itself shaped her boobs in the most suitable mold. Juttu was simply enamored by the squishy meat jugs, kneading them unfettered. 

"Can you hold my weight?" Marta waited for confirmation from the kid and then placed her hands on his chest. Observing Juttu wasn't crushed under her, she let herself rest completely on top of the young boy. 

Horny to her core, Marta took on a cowgirl position and rode the boy by grinding her impaled pore over him. "What do you feel about this position?" 

"It's amazing.." Came the quick reply from the earnest boy who was busy blending her tits. In her arousal, Marta was gripping the small rod inside of her with unmatched ferocity.

Not to mention the cowgirl position allowed the busty woman to exert additional control over her vaginal muscles. Juttu can judge Mrs. Marta's excitement just from the fact that her trusty nipples had shed their shyness and were ready to expose themselves contrary to their earlier inverted condition.

While Marta brought the boy over to the heavens by her wavy motions atop him, Juttu relished on the nipples that were practically hanging over his face. 

"What are you staring at, mom? Lick my asshole.." Marta chided the old woman for being a mute spectator. Rolling her eyes, Blanca reluctantly moved over to place her head between the undulating ass cheeks of her daughter. 

Although she wasn't inclined to try new things, she was forced to lap over the gaping hole with her tongue. Thanks to Juttu penetrating their backdoors for quite sometime earlier, the rim of Marta's anus was not overly stringent. This allowed the old woman to poke her tongue through it.

Marta crushed her boobs in aggravation, her riding posture becoming much more aggressive. "Aaahhh... Shhitt.." She cursed loudly. Proceeding to pinch her nipples, she found herself tethering at the edge of a proper release. 

At the same time, while the trio was engaged in their erotic threesome, a pair of black pupils were trained on them. "I wasted a lot of time babysitting that man." The woman hovering in the skies above sighed in frustration.

She still lacked much of her memories about the events that took place in her life before her fall. Despite that, meeting Sophia had convinced her about her past life. 

Still unsure about her further plans, she shook her head then began descending. In a short while, her figure began morphing along with her face. Along with that, her hair took on a burning red hue. 

Coincidentally, she landed in the most active courtyard out of all. "Hello there.." Needless to say, Marta and her partners were too busy to random stare up at the sky. As such, they simply missed the arrival of the heavenly being. 

Paula's words triggered the three persons below to stand up in fright. Seeing the mortals huddled together like a bunch of ranch animals, she smirked her lips. 

"Don't worry.. I am not here to hurt you." Blanca and Marta had ran until they had their backs against the boundary wall of their property. Both of them still held onto Juttu who was obviously the most scared out of all. 

The woman in front of them was floating in the air, how strange was that? Terror was definitely the first reaction to the unknown. Seeing the two human women were too afraid to even release a breath, Paula made sure to land on the ground first. 

With her hands held up, she tried comforting them. Paula from a month back would have readily resorted to violence to get what she wanted, but not anymore. 

"I just need some directions from you guys. You see, my son had been traveling somewhere close by. He left the town with his master." Without wasting any time, Paula directly came to the point. 

Their reactions to her account told her she was on the right track. "You.. you are young master Ryu's mother?" Marta was the first to engage the stranger. 

"Yes.. yes.." Paula chuckled lightly, seeing the humans were not so scared of her anymore. Her small laughter was aimed to further put them at ease. "He is my boy indeed." 

Marta and Blanca visibly relaxed, now in awe of the personality. With her long wavy red hair flowing in the wind paired with her extremely gorgeous visage influenced their minds to believe the lady was probably speaking the truth. 

Ryu did deserve to have such a grand person to call his mother, it only made sense. The naked mother-daughter pair took a few steps toward the redhead, showing their increased trust in her. 

"Please tell us how we can be of help, miss." Blanca offered. "Yes, young master Ryu is this village's benefactor. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way." 

Pressed between two pairs of breasts, Juttu felt his breath stolen away by the woman who called herself brother Ryu's mother. Just like the ladies, he too felt only this woman can justify the tag of brother Ryu's mom.

"Not much. You see a few things happened and I need to fetch my boy back. I knew he came in this direction but don't know where he went from here." Paula had a blooming smile on her face. "Can you two tell which direction he left?"