Kidnapped Dragons by Yuzu
4.7 /5

A certain story of a regressor, that became the guardian of baby dragons.

The Great Storyteller by 임한백
3.7 /5

Read latest Chapters at Wuxia World . Site OnlyYun Woo is the youngest author in history to enter the literature world. His debut work was a m...

Cuddle by Dragon Love
5 /5

One day, when I went to my lover’s house, the lover was developing love with my best friend man. The hero, Toya, is betrayed by a lover and a friend and come...

The Promise Sealed with Our Lips by Guan Gai Man Jing Hua
4.55 /5

When we met for the first time in our first year of high school, he saw my contempt, but silently continued to clean;In our second ...

Morning, the Heir by Moon 月儿
3.85 /5

A handsome man was hit and lost his memory for dangerous driving of Lin Xiaomi. Since the day, the man just hung on in her house and refused to clear out. Also, from that day on, the only goal of Lin ...

Let's Grow Old Together When You've Matured by A Smile that Crushes Mornings
3.8 /5

Thanks‘Is he gay?’‘Impossible, I’ll prove it!’And so begins the romantic tale of Ji Xiaonian, a first-year student in Ning University who had been spoiled...

If You Put a Leash on Villain by 탕
4.55 /5

Eclette the assassin was born with the ability to see the future.As a child, she was driven by this ability as a witch and sold to the s*ave marketThen she is taken by Kiries, the head of the vicious ...

Oscar by 김빠
3.2 /5